The Sneaky Book for Girls

The Sneaky Book for Girls ($10): How you lived without it is beyond us. Don't wait another minute to find out how to construct weapons from everyday objects, detect counterfeit currency, turn milk into plastic and much, much more. This fun book, which contains dozens of science projects, survival tricks,... [More]


Warm Milk & Honey Massage Oil

Mmmm...drift off to the soundest sleep of your life with Warm Milk & Honey Massage Oil ($16). Super soothing aromatherapy oil is deliciously scented with comforting cinnamon, calming clove, and sleep inducing milk and honey. Your other half not so into massage? No worries. You can still get the sleep... [More]


Hidden Door

The President has one, and so did Young Frankenstein. And let's not forget Batman! Align yourself with such elite characters and hook up with some much needed peace and quiet, with your very own Hidden Door ($2,000 and up). Each is built exactly to your specifications, including wood type, size,... [More]


Shadow Shields

Prevent the always dreadful undereye mess that comes with applying liquid liner, lash extensions, dark shadow and more, with Shadow Shields ($17 for 50). These half-moon papers are designed to adhere gently under your eye, catching eye makeup fallout from clinging to your face. Post-application, just peel the Shields away... [More]



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nJoy Designs Petal Purse

What's waterproof, colorful, durable, and stylistic? The too-fabulous Petal Purse ($49) from nJoy Designs, that's what. Handmade in Portland, this feminine bag (check out the six gorgeous designs), is also surprisingly sturdy, with triple stitching and an oilcloth body. And—because a deal never hurt anyone—enter "weloveoutblush" (who doesn't?) during checkout... [More]



Start a conversation without saying a word with a DIA Rug ($1,499) in your foyer. Made of the finest New Zealand wool woven into heavy duty felt, this rug is reminiscent of grandmother's doilies—but with a modern, pop-of-color twist. Made of compact layers, the DIA is also water repellent and... [More]


MBeze Deodorettes

Who knew deodorant, of all things, could be so much fun? Mbeze Deodorettes ($10) weigh in at just .30 ounces, so they fit in any purse or pocket for on-the-go freshness. In ten fabulous scents and styles to keep you smelling and looking chic. (Tip: Start out with "Once Bitten,"... [More]


Camille Hempel Custom Bands

If you pride yourself on being as unique as they come, then you'll adore Brooklyn-based designer, Camille Hempel's, Custom Bands ($TBD). Hempel uses your ideas and her intimate knowledge of jewelry to create one of a kind rings of the finest materials for you—and your significant other, if you can... [More]


myJones I Can Has Cheezeburger Soda

You can has cheezeburger, not to mention tasty pure cane soda with the limited edition myJones I Can Has Cheezeburger Soda ($30 for 12). Start by picking your favorite LOLcatz image, like the ones shown here, then customize a personal message on the back of each bottle. Next, choose one... [More]


Rugby Striped Hoodie Scarf

Combining the best of some of our favorite cool weather accessories, Urban Outfitter's Rugby Striped Hoodie Scarf ($38) is a new must-have. This soft, extra long scarf also boasts a hoodie to keep your ears warm and button pockets at the ends for toasty hands. Plus, the old-school rugby stripes... [More]



The EasyBloom ($60), may be one of the strangest, yet strangely delightful gadgets we've ever seen. Combining the best of nature and technology, this "plant sensor" can be put anywhere you can grow plants (indoor spaces included). Leave the sensor in the chosen area for 24 hours, and it will... [More]


Cardinology by Ryan Adams & the Cardials

We've been on board with bluesy Ryan Adams since day one, and his fourth studio album (with backing band The Cardinals), Cardinology ($10), shows that Adams has what he does best down to a science. Mostly, Adams sticks to catchy two-part harmonies and chiming guitars, but his detours into a... [More]


Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

How many times have you wondered what Carrie Bradshaw would do? We're willing to bet she'd start by applying Lovely ($52-67), the fragrance created by her counterpart, the divine Sarah Jessica Parker. Just like Sarah/Carrie, Lovely is unexpected: Layering innocent notes of lavender and orchid with sultry amber and oils,... [More]


The North Face Hedgehog GTX XCR

Now this, girls, is a serious shoe. The North Face Hedgehog GTX XCR ($105) is an all-terrain hiking, running, and just plain living sneaker designed for both comfort and durability. Lightweight and low cut, the Hedgehog features waterproof Gortex technology, plus a grippy rubber outsole. In three color combos.... [More]


Bakers Sto 'N Go

Now here's something the sweets obsessed have needed for years and years: The Bakers Sto N' Go ($25). This sturdy plastic container features three removable trays, allowing you to stow a pan of brownies, 32 mini cupcakes, three dozen cookies—the choice is yours. Plus, the Sto N' Go has a... [More]


DKNY Cowl Neck Sweater

What's not to love about this DKNY Cowl Neck Sweater ($145)? It's fashioned from soft, warm wool. It boasts a draped cowl neck that flatters your shoulder bones. It has a forgiving A-line silhouette, perfect for the holiday season of overindulgence. And it's available in berry trendy, berry beautiful purple... [More]



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Reveal Light

Forget suffering through a winter of seasonal affective disorder, or (worse yet?), a home that reeks of ordinary. With the Reveal Light ($450), your space will feel full of warm weather and gorgeous light all year 'round. This halogen projector creates the realistic impression of sunlight streaming through trees outdoors... [More]


Rephresh Vaginal Gel

We've all been there: You're sitting in a work meeting practically hopping out of your chair as you try not to scratch. Or you're alone with him and suddenly aware of just. what. that. smell. is. Enter Rephresh Vaginal Gel ($16), the solution to pretty much every down-there embarrassment. This... [More]


Stay in Shape Yoga Bag

Celebrate the environment and your personal commitment to physical fitness with this Stay in Shape Yoga Bag ($40). The super roomy, super stylish bag has a small pocket for your keys, plus space for a change of clothes, a water bottle, and, of course, your yoga mat. Add in the... [More]


Cue Breast Self-Exam Reminder

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, pick up a waterproof Cue Breast Self-Exam Reminder ($25) for use in your shower. This gadget is designed to work with your unique cycle, reminding you to do a monthly self-breast exam seven days after your period, when your breasts are the least... [More]


LAX Wall Mounted Headboard and Platform Bed

Whatever it is you feel the need to keep hidden from sight in your bedroom (no judgments here!), the LAX Wall Mounted Headboard and Platform Bed ($890-$1,100) has got you covered. Made of light English walnut, this mod, unsuspecting headboard is actually a sleek wall-mounted box with sliding aluminum doors... [More]


A Harvest of Pumpkin and Squash Cookbook

Pumpkin orange waffles for breakfast? How about roasted butternut squash polenta with fried sage for supper? And why not try chocolate pumpkin ice cream for dessert? With A Harvest of Pumpkin and Squash Cookbook ($16), you'll be able to take advantage of fall's bountiful harvest in hundreds of unique and... [More]


Button Up Swing Coat

Little Red Riding Hood's got nothing on you when you throw on this Button Up Swing Coat ($398). Granted, it's not exactly red. But otherwise, this slate grey number beats Little Miss Hood's frock every time. Boasting a detachable button hood, trendy concealed button front closure, slimming back pleats, and... [More]


Sephora Birthday Brand Body Wash Set

Here's wishing a very Happy 10th Birthday to our favorite beauty bonanza site, Sephora! In celebration, the company has launched a limited edition Birthday Brand Body Wash Set ($36), which includes ten mini bottles of delightfully scented, richly foaming Sephora brand bubble bath. Suds up with chocolate espresso, apple pomegranate,... [More]


Powder Glowell Sticks

Yes, it's technically a delicious fruity beverage. But we filed Powder Glowell Sticks ($112 for a 30 day supply) under "skin care," because this beverage offers just that. Add one stick to your water bottle and drink in antioxidant-rich vitamins that your skin craves to rejuvenate, green and white tea... [More]


Speck Fitted Case for iPhone 3G

Let's face it: You're already cooler than most for simply owning an iPhone 3G. Now, take your coolness to a whole new level with the Speck Fitted Case ($30). This soft fabric case is super lightweight and designed to snap easily over your phone, while leaving all the important ports... [More]



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Give the most amazing gift of all: The gift of experience. A Vivabox combines the immediate pleasure of a tangible present with the excitement of an experience to come. You choose from Spa Massage ($160), Spa Beauty ($95), Tea Time ($50) and Gourmet to Your Door ($115), then let Vivabox... [More]


Scented Drawer Papers

Wrap your drawers in elegance with these Scented Drawer Papers ($28). Beautifully packaged in a matching box tied with satin ribbon, six drawer papers look as nice as they smell. In six delicately seductive scents, like orange blossom and green tea.... [More]


Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, treat your two favorite girls to the gift of a lifetime: Victoria Secret's Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra ($5,000,000). Like the standard miracle bra, the Black Diamond is designed for maximum cleavage lift and support. But very unlike the standard miracle bra, it's... [More]



Don't feel like carrying a purse to the club tonight? Enter the Bucklette, a how'd-I-live-without-it accessory that either clips on to your pants ($92) or poses as a fabulous belt buckle ($112). Within the bucklette is space to hold your credit card, cash and ID, plus a clip to hold... [More]


Oscillation Mascara by Lancome

The eyes have it—or they will once you try out Lancome's new Oscillation Mascara ($34). This fabulous product features a vibrating wand, which oscillates 7,000 times per minute to wrap every lash. The result? Visibly defined, lengthened and separated lashes.... [More]


The Giant Halloween Caramel Apple

This is so not your run-of-the-mill caramel apple. In fact, we dare say that The Giant Halloween Caramel Apple ($23) promises to be the best you've ever tasted. This huge Fuji apple is coated first in rich, buttery caramel, then dipped into sinful dark chocolate. Finished up with a coating... [More]


Colorblock Ruffled Dress

With its vintage fit and modern two-toned hue, this Colorblock Ruffled Dress ($129) fairly screams sophistication. We dig the flattering shortened bodice and high waisted stretch belt. Also available in purple and black.... [More]


Snake-y Scarf

There's nothing sneaky, suspicious, or slimy about this hand-knit Snake-y Scarf ($50). Adorable Snake-y is a full 60-inches long and features a flickering red tongue and button blue eyes on both sides of his head, so you'll never have to worry about which way he's facing. A fabulous addition to... [More]


Banana Bunker

Get your mind out of the gutter, girl! This little gadget stays out of the bedroom and is rated E for "Everyone needs one." The flexible, plastic Banana Bunker ($10 for 2) is designed to prevent fragile bananas from bruising and blackening in transit. So simple, we don't know why... [More]


Me & Goji Custom Artisanal Cereal

Think outside the (cereal) box with Me & Goji Custom Artisanal Cereal ($5 and up). Truly ingenious, Goji allows you to design your very own breakfast cereal with over 30 good-for-you, and truly tasty, ingredients. Start by making your cereal base with museli, flax, or wheat flakes, add fruit, like... [More]


Kenneth Cole Reaction Bard Tender Boots

Stay H-O-T when it's chilly with Kenneth Cole Reaction Bard Tender Boots ($159). This tall, slouchy suede boot is available in three neutral hues and looks seriously sexy over skinny jeans. Meanwhile, a rubber outsole and wedge heel ensure you stay striding upright in even the slickest conditions.... [More]


Life Sized Replica in LEGO Bricks

Do these LEGOs make my butt look big? With a Life Sized Replica in LEGO Bricks ($60,000), you'll finally have "perspective" on your full-sized self. Made by LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya, each one-of-a kind statue starts with your detailed photo and measurements, and then snaps into a life sized piece... [More]


Schott Zwiesel Pure Tritan Glassware

Serve up a serious dose of style at your next get-together with Schott Zwiesel Pure Tritan Glassware ($78 for six). Made of titanium crystal, each glass is super resistant to scratches, breaks, chips and even everyday corrosion. Even better, each martini, cocktail, and wine glass boasts a unique square base,... [More]


Sebastian Potion 9 Wearable Treatment

Sebastian Potion 9 Wearable Treatment ($12): A true "love potion" for your hair. Inspired by an exotic trip to the wilds of the Amazon, this leave-in treatment provides nine natural hair care ingredients, including sesame seed, olive, jojoba and safflower seed oils, all of which act to restore moisture and... [More]


Travelrest Pillow

You're finally nodding off on that bumpy flight when a hard patch of turbulence shakes you awake to find: a) a trail of drool running down your face from your open mouth, b) your head lolling on the (perturbed and disturbed) stranger's shoulder next to you. Sound familiar? Then get... [More]


Ghoul-Friend Gram

From the gals who brought you the sanifty-saving Breakup Girlfriend Gram comes a gift designed with fall's haunted holiday in mind: The Ghoul-Friend Gram ($30). This adorable gift box arrives at your girlfriend's house bearing "spooky" treats including six-ounce jars of pumpkin body masque and body butter, which smell truly... [More]


Rasp Ring

Here's one fashion—or is it beauty?—accessory that you're not going to remember how you ever lived without. The Rasp Ring (~$78 US) is a perfect stainless steel circle emblazoned with a partial sapphire rasp coating in the center. In other words, this stunningly simplistic ring is also a take everywhere... [More]


Senna Makeup Envelope

Woah. This was our reaction upon stumbling into the Senna Makeup Envelope ($99). Like a kid in a candy store, we sampled everything, trying different combinations (some of which made us sick) and playing for hour upon happy hour. This fabulous set includes a spectrum of 16 eye shadow hues,... [More]


Betsey Johnson "Ms.Mod" Hobo Bag

You'll be the sheer opposite of anything resembling a hobo with Betsey Johnson's "Ms.Mod" Hobo Bag ($295) slung over your shoulder. This black patent leather beauty has a single strap, gunmetal hardware, a full lining and, obviously, an all-too adorable black and white bow accent. Includes cell phone and interior... [More]


Resto Bottle Opener and Sealer

You've seen one bottle opener, you've seen them all, right? Er, not exactly. With the Resto Bottle Opener and Sealer (~$29 US), you can now re-seal the top of your bottle as easily as you can open it. Just place the cap back on your bottle, snap it with your... [More]


Cosmo's Sexiest Beauty Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Looking Gorgeous

You've been reading Cosmopolitan since you were old enough to sneak it from your mom/big sis/babysitter's stash. Now, the female bible introduces the fun, fearless way to look beautiful, every day: Cosmo's Sexiest Beauty Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Looking Gorgeous ($14). Chock full of user-friendly tips to looking fabulous,... [More]


George Forman Lean Mean Fryer

Fried food fans (aka: uh, everyone), rejoice. The George Forman Lean Mean Fryer ($150) is here to reduce the fat absorbed during the frying process by a full 55-percent. It works using patented "Smart Spin" technology, which literally spins the fat right out of your fried chicken (while somehow leaving... [More]


Piola Bookshelves

This is one book display that might possibly be more interesting than the contents of said books. Piola Bookshelves ($ varies) come in two versions, one smaller, and designed for kitchen reading material, and one larger, for the rest of your living space. The kitchen Piola is made by hand... [More]


Sarah & Abraham Personalized Stationary

How precious is Sarah & Abraham's completely Personalized Stationary ($17 and up)? From designer Sara Tams, who takes her inspiration from her own children at play, each card is printed on the highest quality stock and comes available in folded and flat designs. Choose your favorite children's silhouettes, the colors... [More]


Lucy Contour Jacket

With the new all-weather Lucy Contour Jacket ($90), your jog to the gym just got a lot more fashionable. Fleece-lined for warmth on even the chilliest mornings, this active-fit jacket also wicks away moisture as things heat up. Zip front, with zip side pockets and three colors (turquoise, black, and... [More]


Chef'N Salad Dressing Emulsifier

Imagine: A world where the oil actually mixes with the vinegar. With Williams-Sonoma's Chef'N Salad Dressing Emulsifer ($15), this magical world becomes your reality. Just pour your salad dressing ingredients into the plastic decanter, squeeze the trigger and let the corkscrew shaped stir stick blend your concoction into perfect proportion.... [More]


Dress Up Candidate Magnet Sets

Whether you've known your favorite since day one, or are even more confused after last night's debate, you'll love these (decision inspiring?) Dress Up Candidate Magnet Sets ($15). Each 34-piece magnet set features McCain or Obama in his skivvies and allows you to dress your candidate in a variety of... [More]


Coach Lexington Watch

Get a wristful of awesome with this Coach Lexington Watch ($398). Featuring a pink snakeskin band and mineral crystal face emblazoned with Coach's unmistakable logo. If you weren't sold at pink snakeskin, how's this for a reason to buy: Coach will donate $100 of every sale to breast cancer research.... [More]


Cashmere Woven Throw

Cozy up to comfort with this two-ply, 100-percent Cashmere Woven Throw ($199). Available in four colors, and with a monogram option, this luxurious blanket is absolutely the perfect gift—preferably for yourself.... [More]


Kate Eau de Toilette Spray by Kate Moss

Say what you will about Kate Moss. But the bottom line is that the waif-like supermodel has been in the biz for over fifteen sexy years—and once snagged Johnny Depp. So it may not hurt to tap into Kate's sex appeal with her new fragrance Kate Eau de Toilette Spray... [More]


Beaded Stone Halter Dress

Not into making an entrance? Then this Beaded Stone Halter Dress ($149) is definitely not for you. But if you are into getting your drama on, you'll adore this slinky silk dress, which features an attention-grabbing beaded stone and metal choker at the neckline. The flattering empire waist fit ensures... [More]


Aluminum Apple MacBook

The specs aren't that much different, but boy, did the just announced Aluminum Apple MacBook ($1,300-$1,600) get a serious facelift! This 13-incher boasts a groovy glass, multi-touch track pad, an aluminum enclosure (no white body here) and a glass-encased LED screen. Also comes with a really cool navigating experience, which... [More]


Perfect Symmetry by Keane

While we wouldn't call Keane's third studio album "perfect," it's a good, solid effort from the English pop group. Perfect Symmetry ($10) boasts the standard piano driven music and strong vocals that Keane has always been known for, but with some surprising new kicks. Listen for a very 80s, even... [More]


Ken Paves Healthy Hair Boost Up Color Drops

If you're a hair dye devottee, then you needed these Ken Paves Healthy Hair Boost Up Color Drops ($40) like, yesterday. Just add a few drops of this color-depositing liquid to your favorite styling product and watch your hair color last for what seriously feels like twice as long. Gentle... [More]


Fit & Flare Tweed Coat

Throw away your ratty ski jacket. This is what you want to be wearing when you bump into your wildly sexy ex on the street. The Fit & Flare Tweed Coat ($198) from Express ensures you'll look miraculously sexy, despite being bundled in warm wool. We dig the lengthy, scalloped... [More]


5Second Slide & Store Frame

We don't know how we ever framed, hung, or even had pictures before it. 5Second's new Slide & Store Frame ($17) takes every single thing you hate about framing and makes it fun. The Slide & Store features an easy slide slot for quick display purposes (no matting required) and... [More]


Halloween Petit Fours

If anyone was considering getting us a gift for the upcoming holiday, we'd like to take the opportunity to mention these Halloween Petit Fours ($29). Virtual "yum" in a box, this set of 12 mini cakes are handmade, then fast frozen for freshness. Boasting layers of moist vanilla sponge cake,... [More]


Business Card Holder

"Behind every successful woman is herself." Although this is not news to you, you might know someone who needs reminding. Proudly flaunt your secret to success with this steel Business Card Holder ($25), perfect for the self-made woman.... [More]


Hook and Go Urban Shopper

You're reading this blog, so we already know you love to shop. And for those rare times when you actually venture away from the keyboard to collect your wares, you'll love this Hook and Go Urban Shopper ($60). Boasting eight hooks to carry your stuff, rubber wheels that go anywhere,... [More]


Philosophy Classic Cookbook

Celebrate the sweet scents of the upcoming holidays, no cooking required. With Philosophy's Classic Cookbook ($40), you get ten mini bottles of Philosphy's sweetest bubble bath, shampoo and shower gel scents. Slather yourself with spicy pumpkin pie (the most attractive scent to men, according to the Smell and Taste Institute),... [More]


Sohan the Scared-y Ghost

Sohan the Scared-y Ghost ($40) may be made of stainless steel, but his heart is anything but. If you're the type who likes to go all out for every holiday, adorable, smiling (?), flying Sohan is the perfect addition to your previously lacking Halloween wardrobe.... [More]


Birkiland Brennivins Sock

While we confess to never having sampled the Icelandic schnapps known as Brennivins, we still couldn't pass up this gorgeous—and highly functional— Birkiland Brennivins Sock ($19). This cute woven "sweater" is designed to keep your bottle warm or cold, depending on what you're covering. Because, yes, the Brennivins sock will... [More]


Cherry Blossom Laptop Skin & Crystallized Mouse

With the new Cherry Blossom Laptop Skin ($40) and Crystallized Mouse ($125), you'll experience a first: Turning heads with your office accessories. The glossy Laptop Skin ranges in size to fit a 14-inch to 17-inch laptop, while the gorgeous HP wireless mouse is covered in red and white Swarovski crystals... [More]


Quelf Board Game

Quelf ($35) promises that "you've never had this much fun playing a board game," and we're inclined to agree. Why, you ask? Because it makes everyone you know do ridiculously stupid things—wrapping one's face in toilet paper, talking like Dracula, and ending every sentence in "Hear me, for I have... [More]


Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

Live your life in high definition. With Make Up For Ever HD Foundation ($40), you'll never have to cringe under florescents, hide from cameras, or get it on in the dark. This oil-free foundation is designed to create a soft-focus effect, hiding every imperfection in every type of environment. Comes... [More]


Pumpkin Carving Kit

Yeah, you've been carving pumpkins since you were three. But if those around you aren't similarly skilled, you'll love this unique, all-in-one Pumpkin Carving Kit ($13). Boasting stencils for the novice, seven drilling tools for all levels, and clear marble beads (which sparkle wherever you choose to put 'em), this... [More]



Do you have a cat who craves her privacy? Or a poodle that needs to constantly be aware of what's up? Then your furry friends is going to love the Sleepypod ($165), a comfy bed that doubles as a secure carrier. Boasting a removable mesh dome top, a water resistant... [More]


More Information Than You Require

Ever needed to know how to tell the future using a pig's spleen? How about the best way to deal with some common infestations? In More Information Than You Require ($15), John Stewart's "residence expert," John Hodgman, shares these tidbits and much (much!) more. Always hilarious—gotta love hermit crab racing,... [More]


Assymetrical Button Jacket

Rest assured that this cropped wool Assymetrical Button Jacket ($88) will take you through warmish fall and into mild winter without a hitch. Love the combination of army cool (off-center buttons, a notched collar) and girlishly cute (a ruffled hem). Available in olive and brown.... [More]


Precision Spoon Scale

As every serious chef knows, cooking is all about precision, darling. And with the Precision Spoon Scale ($25), you'll never make even the smallest mistake in your home bakery. That's because this measuring spoon features graduated scales on the side, allowing you to count out the volumetric measurements, and and... [More]


Bloomsberry & Co. Halloween Collection

Ah, chocolate. The sixth food group, the medicinal miracle worker, the reason we'll always love Halloween best. Perhaps knowing our gender's affinity for the wonder food, Bloomsberry & Co. have created the Halloween Collection ($5 per bar.) These luscious chocolate bars range from 34 to 55-percent cocoa to fuel every... [More]


Verterra Dinnerware

If you do nothing else today, surf on over to check out Verterra Dinnerware (from $9 for 11). This gorgeous line of plates, platters and bowls look just like highly stylized wood—but what are they really? Fallen plantation leaves steamed with high pressure water. That's it. That means that Verterra's... [More]


Fine T Gourmet 4-Cup Machine

Why should coffee drinkers have all the fun? This Fine T 4-Cup Machine ($350) is guaranteed to bring your tea drinking experience to new levels of enjoyable. Use any type of loose tea, choose one of 7-programmable settings (which precisely control water temperature and brew time), and let the Fine... [More]


Jessica Cosmetics Empowered Collection

What empowers you? For us, the Jessica Cosmetics Empowered Collection ($7) is a pretty good place to start. This line of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP-free nail color offers six feminine shades. Paying tribute to the brave women fighting breast cancer every day, each has an inspirational moniker, like "Breathe," "Endure,"... [More]


Thomas Paul Tree Tote

We make no secret of our love for Thomas Paul and he makes no secret of his love for all things nature. So it's no surprise that we're digging Tom's dabbling into fashion design, with this Thomas Paul Tree Tote ($36). We love the hand screened tree and green handles,... [More]


Blackberry Storm

By Paige WilliamsRumors have been swirling about the Blackberry Storm's ($TBD; late fall) official touchdown for months, and today's the day the world's first "clickable" touch-screen phone has landed. Available exclusively for Verizon users, the Storm's screen actually depresses slightly when you touch it, rather like using a mouse—an improvement... [More]


Michael Kors Hint T Strap Wedge

Finally, someone (Michael, of course) has come up with a wedge for winter that isn't a fashion flub. The patent leather Michael Kors Hint T Strap Wedge ($210) is available in cherry red and sophisticated grey and boasts a walkable, covered wedge heel.... [More]


Ultimate Unrated Comedy Collection

Three of our favorite comedies come together in the screamingly funny Ultimate Unrated Comedy Collection ($54). Enjoy Steve Carell as a bumbling dude on a (sex) mission in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, check out Seth Rogen and Katherin Heigel as the mismatched duo accidentally preggo in Knocked Up, and laugh at... [More]


Bloom Lumen

When nothing's blooming in the cold outside, this Bloom Lumen ($48) will give you a foliage fix all through the winter months. This gorgeous oil lamp comes with two clear burning liquid candles, which cast a soft light onto the lamp's stainless steel tree. The result is a private screening... [More]


Frederic Fekkai Glossing Hair Care Products

These days, hair care products are as numerous as stars in the sky. But Frederic Fekkai's line of Glossing Shampoo ($23), Conditioner ($23), and Cream ($20) just shine brighter than the rest. Infused with sweet almond oil, they smell amazing. More importantly, this line's olive oil, vitamins and other natural... [More]


Pumpkin Harvest Loaf Pan

How cute is this Pumpkin Harvest Loaf Pan ($30)? We absolutely adore this mold, which translates into a seasonal loaf resembling six crated pumpkins. Composed of cast-aluminum with a nonstick finish, ensuring a perfect presentation. And for those who fear/loath/run away from the kitchen, impress without the stress using this... [More]


Layers Clothing Dublin Cardigan

Now this is the kind of sweater we can really use in our day to day. Layers Clothing's Dublin Cardigan ($37) boasts a casual cowl neck which buttons all the way up, and a three-quarter sleeve, perfect for too-hot offices. In mallard green and maple sugar brown. [Thanks, Jodee!]... [More]


Everything Cupcake Celebration Cupcakes

We've been on the cupcake bandwagon since day one, and we can honestly say that these Everything Cupcake Celebration Cupcakes ($30 for 6; $50 for 12) are some of the tastiest we've tried. Fresh, moist cupcakes come in a vanilla/chocolate assortment and are topped with luscious dollops of buttercream frosting,... [More]


iPod/MP3 Player Boombox

Kick it back to a simpler time when the boombox was king and the (preferably neon hued) scrunchie, queen. This iPod/MP3 Player Boombox ($40) is actually made of collapsible cardboard, somehow complete with fully working, amplified speakers (which, surprisingly, don't sound sucky) and a dock to hook up your iPod... [More]


Velvet Plum Eye Palette by Bobbi Brown

The world is your oyster, the face is your canvas—or, uh, something like that. We don't know what we're talking about either, but we do know that Bobbi Brown's limited edition Velvet Plum Eye Palette ($45) is some damn good eye makeup. This day-to-night palette includes everything you need to... [More]


Salad Plant by Black and Blum

Grow up a side dish that just may make you eager to eat your veggies. This Salad Plant by Black and Blum ($25) includes "leafy" salad servers that stand upright in their own "planting" pot—the perfect instrument, in fact, in which to mix your salad dressing.... [More]


Lush Lace Keyhole Printed Halter Top

Sheer elegance. This perfect Lush Lace Keyhole Printed Halter Top ($69) is actually made of silk screened to look like lace, so you get the romantic benefits without the itchy side-effects. Love the slightly seductive keyhole cutout and the ruffled lace collar. Wear it to work under a blazer or... [More]


iPhone Coasters

File these with some of our favorite don't need, (not even a little bit), but must have, (because of the fun factor), products. This set of 16 iPhone Coasters ($60) are wrapped in vinyl decals and bottomed in rubber. Sure to cause a stir, not to mention keeping your tables... [More]


C.O. Bigelow Limited Edition Cancer Vixen Wild Berry Body Wash

Help join the line of fabulous ladies who are kicking cancer's butt one day at a time, with C.O. Bigelow's Limited Edition Cancer Vixen Wild Berry Body Wash ($12). This super refreshing shower gel foams up wonderfully and boasts a mildly fruity scent that really isn't cloying. And, because beauty... [More]


Nordic Rock: Stone Ice Cubes

Serve every drink on the rocks—quite literally—with Nordic Rock: Stone Ice Cubes (~$29 US). This set of ten attractive "ice cubes" are mined from Sweden's pollution-free base rock. Just pop 'em in the fridge one hour before using, then enjoy the way the rocks cool your drink slowly and evenly,... [More]


Still Life Birch Leaf Earrings

How fall fabulous are these Still Life Birch Leaf Earrings? ($42). As the excited Outblush reader who recommended them enthused, "They're made from real leaves!" And each earring does indeed begin as a real birch leaf before being forever preserved for your wearing pleasure in 24-karat gold or antique silver.... [More]


Hand Blown Glass Bat Fan Pull

This is one little critter we won't mind hanging around the house. A super adorable, super sleepy Hand Blown Bat Fan Pull ($45) makes your ceiling fan easier to reach while adding a festively fun—and scarcely spooky—touch to your home.... [More]


Victoria's Secret Ipex Full Coverage Bra

While we understand that our boyfriends may feel differently, we have to respectfully disagree on the hotness of nipple exposure. Therefore, we're loving Victoria's Secret's new Ipex Full Coverage Bra ($45), made with a no-show, no-matter-what material, which still manages to be super lightweight. Before he complains that you've ruined... [More]


Rollout Artist Series Wallpaper

Now here's something you're really gonna want to "Rollout" in your home: This line of custom fitted Artist Series Wallpaper, each of which is designed by an industry leader in illustration, photography and graphic design. Fifteen custom designs ensure that there's something you'll love to love for years and years.... [More]


Lash Placement Kit

OK, we know this product looks a little wonky, but so do false eyelashes before you apply them, no? Sephora's Lash Placement Kit ($10) will ensure you never have to deal with icky, sticky glue all over your face, or lashes gone horribly wrong. To use it, just put your... [More]


Keychain Bag Holder

Finally, a guy who's willing to hold your purse and smile while doing it. This Keychain Bag Holder ($20) ensures that you never have to put your wildly expensive handbag on the groody bar floor again. In fact, this adorable little man of steel functions as a keyring all the... [More]


Acme Made Soft Sleeve

Don't listen to those "I'm a PC" commercials—your Mac is fabulous and lovely and you know it. Now give it the stylish protection it deserves with an Acme Made Soft Sleeve ($55-$85). The high density foam padding and interior quilted lining will keep your Mac cushioned from every blow, while... [More]


Mega Caffeine Candy Sampler

We apologize for encouraging your habit, but we also know that there are times when a third cup of coffee just isn't gonna do it, dammit. Luckily, there's the Mega Caffeine Candy Sampler ($20), to keep you going like the little Energizer Bunny that you are. Full of all kinds... [More]


Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings

If you insist on waxing/plucking/shaping 'em yourself, you're gonna have goof-ups. (Uh, not that we know this firsthand or anything.) For those moments when you find yourself accidentally missing an eybrow, there's Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings ($30), which includes a soft, pigmented wax to define brows and a color-complementing setting... [More]


ShopBop Breast Cancer Awareness Tees

It's October at last, and while that means we're all set to fall into cool weather trends, it also means it's time to think pink. With the advent of Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes ShopBop's exclusive line of Breast Cancer Awareness Tees ($88). Each is designed by a celebrity, like... [More]


Pet Pad

Is your pet more of a simplistic dude/tte? Not into frills and fussiness? Then this Pet Pad ($59) is for him. Inspired by the very sleeping bag you use to keep comfy while camping, this foam pad is topped with lofted poly insulin to keep your pet in the lap... [More]