United Nude Lo Res Heel

We love the story of United Nude. A dutch architect and a shoe designer (no, this isn't the beginning of a bad joke) joined forces to make this innovative design label, but how? After having his heart broken, Rem - the Dutch architect - made... [More]


Low Res Jelly Flats

These Low Res Jelly Flats ($110) from United Nude are far more modern than the jellies we begged our parents for back in the '80s, but we still get a heavy dose of nostalgia when we wear them (along with sweaty, smelly feet and a... [More]


Culture Club: United Nude Eamz X Sandal

Your eyes do not deceive you! This is indeed a heel, and you will, in fact, not fall flat on your face upon standing in the United Nude Eamz X Elastic Sandal ($215). United Nude, master of architecturally reinventing the heel, has created an incredibly... [More]


United Nude Lo Res Lo

Come try the shoe that was designed by a primitive computer - you know, before they unlocked the mind-boggling concept of curves. The United Nude Lo Res Lo shoes ($110) are an original take on your standard ballerina flats - and they're a lot more... [More]


United Nude Block Heel

After one look at the United Nude Block Pump ($237), we're not surprised to find that the co-founder of United Nude is a Dutch architect. The unique block design is for more than just stomping on unwelcome 8-legged guests. We think it emits an air... [More]


United Nude Lo Res Lo Jelly Flats

Geometric rubber jelly flats ($119) that look like the creators of Minecraft launched a shoe line? If ever there was a time to click "BUY NOW DAMMIT", this is it. ... [More]


Cloud Earrings

We are always delighted when we discover architects who double as jewelry and fashion designers (i.e. United Nude!). They tend to have über conceptual designs influenced by the materials that they encounter in their work. Such is the case with Yvonne Hung of The Harbinger... [More]