Mason Pearson Military Brush

Crafted with handle-hating men in mind, we too prefer the Mason Pearson Military Brush ($170 on sale) when traveling. Plus, it's more fun stabbing ourselves in the fingers with the boar bristles while digging through our beauty cases than it is to expertly whip out... [More]


Mason Pearson Detangling Comb

As little girls, we had that hair that would tangle in the slightest breeze. Go for a run through the playground? BAM! Rat's nest. Take the bike for a ride down the street? BOOM! Squirrel habitat. And now that we're adults things have not changed... [More]


Mason Pearson Rake Comb

We may be lusting after a two-hundred-dollar Mason Pearson Boar Bristle brush, but our budgets are insisting we aim for the Mason Pearson Rake Comb ($30) instead. It's a nice introductory piece. The wide teeth will help us comb through our post-shower hair safely and... [More]


Mason Pearson Handy Mixture Bristle Hairbrush

The Mason Pearson Handy Mixture Bristle Hairbrush ($120) is a classic you can trust - it's been around since 1885, when hair was invented. It's not made of gold and it won't grant wishes or anything, but seeing as everyone who has one absolutely loves... [More]


Mason Pearson Boar Bristle Brush

How do we not talk about Mason Pearson brushes more often? They are the quintessential "you could totally buy this for so much cheaper but why would you when this price clearly means you care about yourself" beauty product. The Boar Bristle Brush ($229) is... [More]


Mason Pearson Detangler

While a little pricey, the Mason Pearson Detangler ($74) is a classic tool every woman should have. The pneumatic rubber bristles bring more shine to your hair naturally by massaging the scalp and distributing your scalp's natural oils. With its use of high-quality materials and... [More]


KareCo Thermal Brush

Not everyone is in the market for a Mason Pearson brush (although we think one should definitely make your wish list). If you need to save a buck, but don't want to do so at the cost of your lovely locks, take the KareCo Thermal... [More]


Tangle Teezer Magic Flower Pot

Mason Pearson, eat your hair out. This Tangle Teezer Magic Flower Pot ($17) is 1000x more adorable than a boar bristle brush, infinitely more girly and is shaped like a flower for Lisa Frank's sake! Plus, it holds our 80's inspired hair do-hickies. Let's see... [More]