Top of the Pops for 2010: Joie

Joie is an LA-based design house dedicated to making luxurious, but comfortable clothes for the modern woman. Comfort and luxury may seem like dubious sartorial bedfellows, but the balance of the two is the crux and appeal of Joie. The clothes are designed with real... [More]


Joie Pixie Navajo Print Silk Chiffon Tank Top

After the disastrous Doubtblushed Somalia Shirtdress, we were kinda dubious that Joie, a previous OB fave designer, would redeem themselves. Thankfully, this Joie Pixie Navajo Print Silk Chiffon Tank Top ($198) brings 'em back into our good graces. The subtle coral-and-white Navajo shadow print, trimmed... [More]


Joie Merille Dress

The bright jade Merille Dress ($328) from Joie is just what you need to shake up your work wardrobe. With a classic A-line silhouette and no-frills detailing, it's a versatile piece you can wear with just about anything. Toss a blazer over it, wear a... [More]


Joie Julie Ann Dress

Trust us, it's hard to find a polka dot dress that doesn't feel entirely juvenile, but we think we've done it. The name of Joie's Julie Ann Dress ($298) sounds really precious, but the frock itself is smart and sophisticated and will do the job... [More]


Joie Hudette Dress

Although our least favorite part of summer picnics and lounging in parks is the feeling of bugs walking around on our skin, we can't help but love the Joie Hudette Dress ($348), despite its abundance of bees. It's also got plenty of flowers, and like... [More]


Joie Dolina Top

We've got no desire to actually herd goats in the Alpine foothills, but we do love working a little touch of that look into our wardrobe. This Joie Dolina Top ($158) does the job nicely, in dark navy with contrasting orange and white embroidery. ... [More]


Bernadine B Dress

We're pretty sure that slipping into the Bernadine B Dress ($278) from Joie will make us feel as fierce as a snow leopard, or maybe as sinuous as a snake? The double animal print gives us options, and we can't wait to dress it up... [More]


Joie Berrymore Blouse

This three quarter sleeve Berrymore Blouse by Joie ($218) is about as adorable as it gets. The eyelet detail and subtle ruching enhance the romantic feel of the silk chiffon and we love that the gentle design of the shirt is balanced by the bold... [More]


JOIE Terry Blazer

Yes, it's a blazer. Yes, it's made from super-soft sweatshirtesque cotton. Yes, you do look much more polished than the girl in the college hoodie. Any more questions? Oh, right. Where to get it: JOIE Terry Blazer ($131) ... [More]


JOIE Party Bracelet

yay! This JOIE Party Bracelet ($390) is for the teeny, tiny celebrations in life. The rose gold bracelet takes its inspiration from a party bunting and scales it way, way back from room-sized to wrist-sized. It's a party for one, but we're sure you'll take... [More]


Soft Joie Dayle Dress

Don't dread the moment in the day when you have to put on clothes! The Soft Joie Dayle Dress ($168) is here to help ease that transition. It's made from a high quality linen jersey (perhaps softer than your sheets) and has some beautiful details,... [More]


Joie Chyanne Sweater

The cut of this Joie Chyanne Sweater ($248) may be relaxed, but there's nothing understated about how badass you'll look rocking the bold leopard pattern. Don't be afraid to play it up with some colorful jewelry and sleek heeled leather boots.You got this; you own... [More]


Joie Jameson Dress

This one's for all of our work-at-home readers. Girlfriends, we know how hard it is to grab something other than yoga pants or gym clothes when you're not going to leave the house or see anyone all day. But you still deserve to get dressed,... [More]


Joie There Goes My Heart Shirt

Add some extra white to your fall wardrobe with the There Goes My Heart Cotton Shirt ($155) by Joie. Delicately tailored tiny box pleats line the bib front, while puffed short sleeves with a shirttail hem finish things off.... [More]


JOIE Louisa Woven Tote

Some days, we're awesome packers. We can squeeze a gazillion things into a teensy container with room to spare. But most often, we just throw everything we need into a giant bag, like the Louisa Woven Tote ($118), and call it good enough. If you're... [More]


Joie Chione Feather Print Tank Dress

These aren't raven feathers, but in the spirit of Halloween, let's pretend they are. We like the idea of dressing up and hitting the party circuit in a subtle nod to Edgar Allan Poe's creepy classic. When the holiday has passed, this loosely cut and... [More]


Soft Joie Sunday B Sweater

Say it loud and proud. Channel the magnificent Edith Piaf and her ode to independence, "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien", with the Sunday B Sweater ($148). It could certainly be worn as a "get out of jail free" card for bad behavior, but we like... [More]


Joie Giunia Silk Dress

The good news about this Joie Giunia Silk Dress ($116) (other than the fact that it is currently on major clearance) is that the hardest part about wearing it is its "spicy orange" color. Once you decide that you can handle it (and you can,... [More]


Joie Tilda Tank Top

Our obsession with bugle beads stems from running through the Macy's church lady formal dresses as a kid, but the understated Joie Tilda Tank Top ($117) isn't as gaudy as those heavy, dated styles. With a lovely asymmetrical grid of beads, this sophisticated tank has... [More]


Joie Mushroom Brush

Mushrooms are a pain in the ass. Washing them turns them into soggy sponges, but we can see the little bits of black dirt clinging to their gills, which leads us to wonder exactly which sort of crap we'll be ingesting if we don't manage... [More]


Joie Loreli Top

Those oversized tank tops with an equally exaggerated corner pocket have been everywhere this year and never have we seen it translated into another trend: sequins. This embellished tank top has all the makings of a party staple when you want to give all those... [More]


Joie Maneater Strappy Sandals

Sorry, we had to take a moment to wipe the drool from the keyboard, but these shoes sent chills down our spines! The Joie Maneater Strappy Sandals ($298) are everything we've ever wanted in a platform sandal for spring, and more! That's a hefty fee... [More]


Kidmore Sneakers

Who cares if you've got cold ankles? It's worth it to show off the Kidmore Sneakers ($220) in the new "rose gold" hue. And, like most items that come in rose gold, they're also the most expensive option out of the whole lot. But you... [More]


Doubtblush: Joie Somalia Shirtdress

In our wide and varied travels across the information superhighway, in addition to the fierce and fabulous, we encounter the insane, the arcane, and the absolutely friggin' ridiculous. Sometimes the paraphernalia, tchotchkes, and fashion disasters we come across are so atrocious we have to vent... [More]


Joie Citrus Peeler

It's clementine season! We love those sweet little orange cuties, but we're less stoked about what peeling them does to our fingernails. Enter the Joie Citrus Peeler ($3 for two). It's perfectly designed for breaking into those fruity treats without embedding zest into your nail... [More]