Sequins, hearts, glitter, shimmer. Oh, how we love being girly! The Heart ($15) is bedazzled and backed with a dual hair clip/brooch. Wear it in your hair, on your shirt, jacket, or tote. Wherever you wear it, you'll be rockin' lots of shine... and... [More]


Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths

No time for a shower? No soap for a face wash? Keep these Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths ($3) on your person at all times for the moments when you feel absolutely disgusting and still have to be seen in public. We're talking those... [More]


Ray-Ban CATS 1000 Sunglasses

It's mid-August, so we're pretty sure you've got a decent collection of sunglasses going. Have room for one more pair? These periwinkle-colored CATS 1000 Sunglasses ($102, on sale) from Ray-Ban are priced to sell. In fact, now's the perfect time to get a leg up... [More]


Ray-Ban Leather Trim Aviator Sunglasses

The grey is starting to slowly fade and every once in a while the sun peeks out from behind the clouds. This is, of course, more than enough reason to buy a new pair of shades. We're treating ourselves to one of the fab pairs... [More]


Ray-Ban Signet

Summer's over. Time to put the neon-framed wayfarers away. Go for something sophisticated this fall: Ray-Ban's new Signets ($145) are a little aviator, a little wayfarer, and just as hipster as you wanna be. Choose from four frame colors with varying lens shades to get... [More]

ban-do-wrap-sm.jpg Ahoy Headwrap

Sure, if we wanted to jump onboard with the nautical trend, we could don some preppy, primary colors or wear sea creature-inspired jewelry. But we prefer holding our beach-tangled hair back with the Ahoy Headwrap ($35). The gold sailing rope and pink ribbon give... [More]

heart-purse-sm.jpg Metallic Heart Clutch

Is wearing your heart on your wrist the same thing as wearing your heart on your sleeve? We're going to say yes because the Metallic Heart Clutch ($45) is totally worth falling for. ... [More]

headband-s.jpg D Headband

You caught us red handed, we've mentioned Ban.Do hair accessories before, but they just got a lot more affordable, thanks to the Heart by line. (It's about friggin' time.) The D Headband ($45), with its dashing sequined leaf, is the creme de la creme... [More]


Ray-Ban Big Glamour Wrap Sunglasses

For the ultimate summer shades, check out these trendy Ray-Ban Big Glamour Wrap Sunglasses ($159). They feature polarized lenses with 100% UV protection and are available in classic tortoise.... [More] Pink Perfection

You might have seen Jen & Jamie from on the Instyle # 89 wedding cover with THIS little pretty, but we’re head-over-heals for the Pink Perfection Headband ($200). Rhinestone broach–Check. Vintage hot pink floral-Check. Cute sassy adornment that has just the right amount of... [More]

ban-do-bow-sm.jpg Gold Bow Bobbi

We covet bows on everything else we own: our flats, sweaters, jewelry, purses...we might as well clip our hair back with one, too! Gold Bow Bobbi ($25)... [More]

ban-do-twist-band-sm.jpg Twist Scarf

Unlike an ordinary hair scarf or headband, the Twist Scarf ($20) is lined with thin, malleable wires. You can mold it into any shape you want as you twist it into your locks. But don't limit your new colorful accessory to your hair -... [More]


Ray-Ban Plastic Aviator Sunglasses

Forgive us for bringing you these highly hipster Ray-Ban Plastic Aviator Sunglasses ($135). We know, we know. Aviators=hipster. Plastic frames=hipster. Oversized=hipster. But for some reason, we LOVE these. They fit nicely, we won't bend and ruin the frames like we do our wire-framed aviators, and... [More]


Ray-Ban Aviator Flash Lenses in Green Mirror

Classic with a little bit of an ombré twist, these Ray-Ban Aviator Flash Lenses/a> ($160) are on our radar as one of the spring's must-haves. Seriously, we dare you to find a cooler pair of shades. Once you've got these on, you'll want to strut... [More]


Velvet Sunglasses from Ray-Ban

We're always looking for an exciting texture, but even we were pleasantly surprised to see it so smartly applied to eyewear. Ray-Ban's Erika Velvet Sunglasses ($135) feature yellow velvet fabric wrapped around traditional frames for style that's unimaginably easy on the eyes. With a gunmetal... [More]


Banish Bad Hair Days at Walgreens More Than Beautiful Event

It's time to tell those bad hair days of summer to be gone for good at Walgreens More Than Beautiful event, which will present beauty tips and tricks from the trusted editors of Allure, Vogue, Glamour, and Self magazines throughout the month of September.... [More]


Ray-Ban Sunglasses

They might be a little Mugatu-ish, but these Ray-Ban RB4127 Sunglasses ($101) are perfect for those Sunday morning brunches where the only thing that'll cure your pounding headache is coffee, gravy, and minimal sunlight. (Don't act like you don't know what we're talking about.) Or,... [More]


ATTEN-SHUN! Olivia Palermo Majors in Military Chic

By Rebecca Howard Attention to detail is uber-important when it comes to your dress uniform, and when Olivia Palermo hit the Paris couture shows for Fashion Week 2016, she had the details down to a military perfection that would make any sergeant proud. The dress... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Valentine for Caitlin's Manly Man

Caitlin writes: Love you guys! HELP HELP HELP - what do i get my awesome boyfriend of 5 years for Valentines day. I am kinda over chocolates, lingerie and all that cliche nonsense. He's a guy's guys so I was thinking whiskey, a cool pair... [More]

hair1.jpg no. 100

The lovely folks at aren't just making gorgeous hair pieces for everyday, but also for your grandest of days. no. 100 ($130) is an exquisite vintage brooch found at an estate sale and recreated for your hair. Classic and elegant, this pin will... [More]


Laura Mercier Body Bronzing Makeup

Being without the sun is no excuse to be without a tan. Laura Mercier Body Bronzing Makeup ($38) gives you that radiant glow you've come to expect from catching a few rays without wasting your time (or your health) to get that deep bronzed glow.... [More]


Clarins Collector Face Palette

We can feel the breeze of spring blowing against our cheeks already. Or is that just the visual effect of the pinwheels in the Clarins Collector Face Palette ($35)? Fresh and fancy free, this palette is light as air and perfect for the girl that... [More]

hooray-tote-sm.jpg Hooray Canvas Tote knows that there's always something to celebrate, whether it's as simple as a sunny day or as special as a golden birthday. Reach for their Hooray Canvas Tote ($20), fill it with fun things (we're always advocates for chocolate bars and library books), and... [More]


Trish McEvoy No. 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk Hand and Body Cream

Date night. Hot new potential boyfriend. Corner booth in new French bistro uptown. Lights are low and the candle sets a romantic mood. He leans over to whisper in your ear that he's looking forward to dessert at home but instead compliments you on how... [More]


Lauren Ralph Lauren Winslow Hobo

Getting ready in the morning takes more effort in fall than it does during warmer seasons. There are scarves, gloves, hats, and possible boot-sock combinations to consider. Keep the last part of the equation simple with the Lauren Ralph Lauren Winslow Hobo ($428), a leather... [More]