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FEED Projects Strives To End World Hunger -- One Bag At A Time

By Samantha ArroyoWhile traveling around the world to exotic places like Cambodia and Guatemala as a World Food Programme (WFP) Honorary Spokesperson, FEED founder Lauren Bush came face to face with the horrifying effects of severe hunger, which plagues 805 million people around the globe... [More]

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Versatile, Restorative, and Moisturizing -- The 'Everything Balm' is Truly, Well, Everything!

We know there's a part of you that wishes you could walk into Sephora once a week and buy all the things. Unfortunately, the more rational (and way less fun) part of you prevails and prevents you from blowing your entire paycheck on beauty products.Fill... [More]

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How To Effectively Streamline (or Expand!) Your Shoe Wardrobe

By Angela GermanoThe eternal stereotype is that all women do is buy and love shoes, which has some truth to it in that women do in fact buy shoes, as many women have feet and do not want to walk on the bare ground. But... [More]

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