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Personal Shopper: A Non-Traditional Wedding Dress for Cyndie

Cyndie writes: "I am 59 years young and am getting married for the first
time. I do NOT want a traditional wedding dress. It will be a small
wedding. Also I have lost 130 pounds over the last 2 years so I want to
show off my curvy shape. I generally wear a size 10 but depending on
the cut and manufacturer, I can fit in a size 8 to a size 12. I want a
short sleeved and knee length "cocktail" dress. My future husband's
favorite color is blue and mine is purple. I am thinking lace over
lining with a V neck but I am open to other dressy options. I am
thinking fitted on the top with a bit of a flared skirt because I am a
bit "hippy". The wedding date hasn't been set but the earliest would be
late May and likely well into June. I found a dress online that I am
enamored with but I think the shape is too slim for me, sleeveless and
it has to be ordered from the UK. But I love the colors and wish I
could pull off the shape of the dress. Price is less than $500 and hopefully much less. I hate shopping so any help you can give me would very much appreciated. I hope you find my challenge worthwhile to pursue. Thanks so much, Cyndie."

Hi, Cyndie! I love non-traditional wedding dresses, and I found you a whole mess of them to choose from. Usually I wouldn't suggest so many dresses from one brand, but it looks like Tadashi Shoji had your wedding in mind when designing dresses this season!

1. Tadashi Shoji Lace Sheath Dress ($228)
2. Maggy London Cap Sleeve Rose Organza Belted Sheath Dress ($143, on sale)
3. Tadashi Shoji Lace Panel Fit & Flare Cocktail Dress ($430)
4. Komarov Embellished Satin & Chiffon Dress ($358)
5. Ladylike Royal Blue Chiffon Graduation Dress Featuring Lace Overlay and Illusion Back ($132)
6. Tadashi Shoji Embroidered A-Line Dress ($359)
7. Tadashi Shoji Embroidered Lace Sheath Dress ($238)
8. Sleeveless Chiffon Adorned Wedding Guest Dress ($88)

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Mixed-Up Face Mug

This Picasso-inspired Mixed-Up Face Mug ($40) depicts how we feel in the morning before we get our caffeine - generally, uh, mixed-up, confused, and like we can't tell our noses from our mouths (unpleasant when you're trying to direct a cup of coffee to the right place).

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Peek Experiment Tee

Quoting artist Sister Mary Corita Kent, Peek's Experiment Tee ($38) encourages the wearer to cultivate curiosity. We can definitely get on board with that kind of advice, especially since girls are usually bombarded with messages that emphasize beauty and popularity. In fact, we kinda wish this tee came in adult sizes so we could wear one, too!

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Magic Elixir Hair Restructuring Concentrate

When we hear the words "magic elixir" we tend to think of Harry Potter rather than hair care. However, this Magic Elixir Hair Restructuring Concentrate ($20) made our hair so soft and shiny, we have to wonder if maybe there was a little witchcraft involved after all.

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Sequin Hanger Trio

Your favorite dresses are studded and sequined, so why not extend the shine to the hangers they hang on? This Sequin Hanger Trio ($45) from Pearls and Pastries will make it easy-peasy to store, spot, and reach for your formal wear or favorite seasonal outfits. Not to mention the fact that they'll make you feel glam every time you open your closet door!

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CoffeeSock Cone Filters

We're willing to give up a lot of things in the name of environmentalism: plastic grocery bags, twenty-minute showers, driving the long way home just because, et cetera. However, one thing that is absolutely non-negotiable is that morning cup of coffee. Trust us when we say we need that. Nonetheless, we could try to be less wasteful by replacing our disposable filters with CoffeeSock Cone Filters ($13). The organic cotton filters fit into your existing coffeepot and can be reused for months without creating additional waste. Don't just have your coffee black - have it green.

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Bioré Self Heating One Minute Mask

The company that got people excited about looking at strips of their own facial dirt back in the '90s has unveiled its newest weapon against blackheads: Charcoal. Bioré's new Self Heating One Minute Mask ($8) heats on contact with water and uses natural charcoal to purify your pores and leave your skin feeling cool, fresh, and clean.

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Crosley Radio's Pay Phone Wall Phone

We've reached a point where just about any landline phone looks vintage, but if you're interested in installing a legitimately classic piece, Crosley Radio's Pay Phone Wall Phone ($70) is the ideal combination of style and function. Will your house guests actually have to pay ten cents to make a call? No. But the coin slot really does work, so if you don't mention that fact, you may be able to start profiting off your friends one dime at a time.

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Peach Blossom Maxi Dress

Look like you stepped off of the sordid set of Rome in this floor-length Peach Blossom Maxi Dress ($248) by Paper Crown (Lauren Conrad's designer line). But, uh, leave behind the treachery, tangled love stories, and gory violence. We're pretty positive that the dress is all you'll need to captivate your audience!

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The Firminator Special Bikini Body Formula

Has it been a while since you've felt comfortable rocking a bikini? Pick up a tube of The Firminator Special Bikini Body Formula ($36), and you'll be a swimsuit before you know it. Featuring citrus toning oils and a bunch of fancy vitamins we've never heard of, this cream is "proven to help visibly firm and tone skin on the thighs."

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Black And White Fern Print Dress

Dip a toe into the world of botanical prints with this Black And White Fern Print Dress ($49). This is only the first step of your journey to technicolor floral splendor, because we understand if you're the type of gal that needs to get used to a busy, bold print in monochrome first. Baby steps!

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Super Dachshund Long Pillow

Even if you don't own a dachshund, we bet you can appreciate the breed's adorableness. The little loves are playful and oh so smart. You're smart, too, for decorating with the Super Dachshund Long Pillow ($60) from Naked Decor. It'll add a touch of fun to your place (and act as a stand-in until your significant other finally acquiesces to getting a dog).

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Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian

It must have been an inside joke for the writers of Full House to make Danny Tanner a total neat freak when, in reality, there is nothing clean about Bob Saget's sense of humor. Fans of the beloved sitcom patriarch are sure to blush when he utters a string of obscenities and then cracks sex jokes about the Olsen twins. If you're down to explore this dichotomy, read Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian ($20), now in hardcover. Or look for the audio version - you never know, he just might read some of the chapters in his falsetto America's Funniest Home Videos voice.

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Yes to Tomatoes Daily Volumizing Hair Care System

Tomatoes are delicious (especially when sandwiched between thick slabs of bacon on a BLT), but did you know they're also good for your hair? This Yes to Tomatoes Daily Volumizing Hair Care System ($18) uses lycopene, an antioxidant found in the fruit, to rid your hair of excess oil while adding softness and shine. We still prefer them on a sandwich, but we're game for anything that promises to make our hair prettier.

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Frye Heather Small Bucket Bag

The Heather Small Bucket bag ($298) is elevating the art of lanyard- and friendship bracelet-making to another level. Woven in similar formations to those childhood crafts but with turquoise, violet, and coral leather cords, this groovy crossbody from leather purveyors Frye will be great accompaniment on all your journeys, big and small.

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