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Frosted Donut Scented Notebook

Is that chocolate we smell?
With glaze?
And sprinkles?!

The Frosted Donut Scented Notebook ($5) is either the best idea in the world or possibly the worst. How is anyone expected to write anything down when you can keep scratching and sniffing the cover?

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I'd Rather Be: A Teen Girl's Binder

While a Personal Shopper can give you what you need for real life, I'd Rather Be sets you up for fantasy lives you didn't even know you had. Because sometimes a new shampoo isn't enough for a whole new you. (Want us to outfit your alter ego or your alternate reality? Just say the word!)

Let's be real - we saw those heels and wanted to do a feature dedicated to Lisa Frank, but been there, done that. Instead, here are some items that would make us feel right at home positioned between some glitter cat stickers and maybe a couple Stussy logos, or whatever kids these days are doodling on everything.

Composition Notebook Pattern Plastic Hard Case for iPhone 5/5S ($3)
Clashist Doodle Ryan Gosling Crush Tee ($55)
Franco Skirt ($45)
Sterling Silver Crystal Heart Stud Earrings ($26)
Taylor Says Clara Rainbow Heels ($200)


Lumberjack Shampoo

We're not sure what Lumberjack Shampoo ($17) might smell like. Wood chips? Sweaty flannel? Chainsaw oil? However, we are confident that putting a bottle in the shower will keep your guy's paws off of your expensive products that he uses to suds up his measly quarter inch of hair every day.

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tarte Two To Tan-Go Deluxe Bronzing Duo

As lifelong lovers of fried food, we've officially adopted the "if you can't tone it, tan it!" philosophy. While darker skin won't totally hide the fact that our idea of a diet is ordering one Nachos Bell Grande instead of two, it can help camouflage pesky cellulite. Our current tanner of choice is tarte's Two To Tan-Go Deluxe Bronzing Duo ($10). Use the Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Self Tanner to build up a base, and apply the Body Perfector for fast bronzing on-the-go.

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Italian Sorbet Coconut Invigorating Body Water

Ugh, using tap water on your face is so... pedestrian. Unless your water comes out of the faucet smelling like Italian sorbet, we recommend keeping a bottle of this Perlier body water ($30) on hand for when you need to quickly refresh. Spritz onto your skin after a bath (using imported bottled water, of course) or any time your skin feels tired or dry.

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Nailhead Nightstand

We hate to break it to you, but that five-dollar yard sale find has been sitting in your storage space for 10 months... you're never gonna get around to refurbishing it. The Nailhead Nightstand ($349) from West Elm may not be cheap, but it's flawlessly finished and will look spectacular while it holds onto all of your nightstand needs, from a lamp to your eyeglasses, and even a tabletop humidifier.

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blowPro Textstyle Dry Texture Spray

Is the summer humidity ruining your perfectly coiffed hair the second you walk out the door? You can try running to the bathroom to smooth it down every 10 minutes, but we suggest getting a can of blowPro's Textstyle Dry Texture Spray ($20) and embracing your hair's natural texture. Just spray and scrunch as needed throughout the day. (You'll need a big bag if you want to bring this to work with you, but who doesn't want an excuse to buy a chic new tote?)

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Owl Sketch Duvet Cover

HOO do you think you are bringing cookies into this bed? This owl won't stand for crumbs on the sheets, though she might make exceptions for stray rodent parts.

Despite the awesome artwork on this Owl Sketch Duvet Cover ($99-129), make sure you're comfortable with the idea of being watched while you sleep before purchasing. Remember, she's nocturnal, too, so it's not like she'll miss a moment of any bedroom shenanigans you might participate in.

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Deodorant Removing Sponge

Why is it that we never seem to spot deodorant marks on our sleeves until we're already at work? We're definitely going to throw a Deodorant Removing Sponge ($6) in our purse, glove compartment, and desk drawer so we're never caught with unsightly white streaks on our shirts ever again. To use, just rub it over the offending spot until it disappears - no water (or tears of frustration) necessary.

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Almoco Gold Flatware 5-Piece Setting

Feast like a king!... Even when you're just eating instant ramen. The Almoco Gold Flatware 5-Piece Setting ($53) is silver goldware that will make you feel regal. Since you can't actually afford a servant to cut up your meat for you, you might as well use utensils made of "gold."

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Gold Bits Oui Oui Necklace

Wear this Honey & Bloom necklace ($90) as a reminder to yourself to say "yes" to opportunities more often. Not only is it good to get out of your comfort zone once in awhile, it's really hard not to smile when you say "oui oui!" Go ahead, try it. We just did.

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Traditional Paella Kit with Pan Gift Box

Sure, diamonds make an awesome gift, but if men really want to know the way to our hearts, just give us some paella! Seafood, rice, and everything nice... the Traditional Paella Kit with Pan Gift Box ($95) has all of the ingredients to make one of the tastiest Spanish dishes around.

For the record, we'll still accept jewelry, too.

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Go Be Lovely Lavish Hand Creme in Anemone

Go be lovely? That's an order we're willing to obey, and this Lavish Hand Creme ($20) will certainly help us achieve that goal - not only does it smell of citrus, apple, and clove, the bottle is so much chicer than that half-empty bottle of Jergens we've had floating around in our purse for the last six months.

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Rosewater Driftwood Countertop Spray

We hate to add another step to your cleaning routine, but we think this countertop spray ($9) is well worth a tiny bit of extra effort. A quick spritz on your bathroom or kitchen counters will help eliminate lingering odors and infuse your space with the subtle aroma of roses. Much better than being greeted with the smell of bleach when you walk into the clean kitchen, are we right?

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Forest Tree Curtains

In case you don't happen to live in a treehouse, you can still create the effect of dappled sunlight through leaves (or something like it) in your bedroom. These Forest Tree Curtains ($54) let in the light even on a cloudy day, thanks to the lightweight translucent fabric they're made out of and the natural golden dye they're printed with. When the light shines directly through their leafy abstract print and you've got a soft breeze blowing through your window, it's almost like you're up in the branches.

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