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Multi Breton

We could already illustrate an entire book with pictures of our collections of striped shirts, but we'll add an extra page for this four-color (notice the mint green stripes on back) Multi Breton ($44). It's preppy, bold, colorful, and most importantly, totally playful for the stress-free warm summer days we see ahead of us.

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Sunstick SPF 30

We are full supporters of the sunscreen gluestick. It's easier to apply, and when it's easier to apply, you're more likely to reach the recommended frequency of application. Use it for your face and other places, like the back of your ears and neck, that cause trouble when you're trying to put on liquid sunscreen. (Sunscreen in your hair, anyone?) The Sunstick SPF 30 ($8) goes on clear and is made of all organic materials, including jojoba oil and avocado, which work to take even further care of your skin.

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Blue Dot Bud Vase

No buds? No problem. This Blue Dot Bud Vase ($37) is gorgeous as is, but we can't wait to see how it looks with a handful of spring buds - white, yellow, pink, whatever! - inside of it. The deep, beautiful hue of this small dreamy sphere will make any shade or varietal of flower look good.

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Southwest Split Back Button Down

What's more perfect for a casual yet stylish outfit than a chambray button-down? Probably this Southwest Split Back Button Down ($150), an enhanced chambray-style shirt made from Tencera, an even softer version of Tencel, which is already a very soft fiber made from wood pulp cellulose. The subtle pattern and "shirttails" make it one-of-a-kind, and even though we know you'll give it a day off once in awhile, it will still become known to your wide circle of friends as your "uniform."

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Colored Pencil Tree

You may be thinking that this Colored Pencil Tree ($38) would look great in your kids' "art corner" - and it would - but what are the odds that your tots are ever going to put the pencils back in the tree as pictured? Slim to none. Keep this decorative beech wood tree on your own desk to remind you to stay creative!

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Peace Towel

We don't think we even have to ask you to give this Peace Towel ($80) a chance. What towel could be better for a relaxing day at the beach than Lena Corwin's jacquard towel, covered in peace signs in a shade that blends right in with the sand? None that we can think of.

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Palm Rain Top

Going to Coachella this year? We've found you a top appropriately psychedelic and inspired by the desert locale. The Palm Rain Top ($58) features a hazy silhouette of a row of palm trees on a pastel rainbow background, and we think it's perfect for the lady who just wants to enjoy the music and not go full Hudgens.

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Goodnight, Honey Pack

Can you think of anything as cozy? This Goodnight, Honey Pack ($44) has everything you need to wind down from even the most stressful day you can imagine. It includes a calming chamomile tea, Bee Raw's Wild Raspberry Honey, and, to enhance the mood even further, a beeswax candle, a byproduct from that honey you've just put in your tea! Add a good book and as long as you keep your phone and emails far far away from you, nothing will be able to ruin that half hour of peace you've earned.

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Doubtblush: Anything But Basic Graphic Sweatshirt

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our heads and asking, "But why?"

But doesn't wearing this sweatshirt make you, kind of, well... the b-word? We think the unflattering adjective is on its way out already, so buying an item of clothing declaring yourself not the thing that is already uncool is just not the way to go to prove that you're unique, interesting, or hip.

Anything But Basic Graphic Sweatshirt ($20)

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Leo Lionni Graphic T-Shirt

Whether or not you grew up reading Leo Lionni's books - Swimmy, Little Blue and Little Yellow, Inch by Inch among them - it's still easy to appreciate the author/illustrator's sweet and unique style. UNIQLO's entire line of Lionni shirts is well worth looking at, but we're especially fond of this one ($20), which features a drawing from his book, A Busy Year.

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1,000 Colors Puzzle

Worst nightmare or no big deal? It depends how well your eye is trained for color! The 1,000 Colors Puzzle ($49) is made up of 1,000 puzzle pieces in, you guessed it, 1,000 CMYK colors that, when completed, form a satisfying and stunning gradient. Even if you're not particularly attuned to color, or you have a few cones or rods missing, you have to admit that it's probably easier to do than this one.

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Pleated Pyramid Tank

The Pleated Pyramid Tank ($147) isn't just covered in gold, it's woven with it, probably with a stash of Rumpelstiltskin's straw-turned-gold stash. It's that magical - perfect for parties, perfect for work, and perfect for wearing around the house when you want to feel awesome. We have no doubt that you'll get plenty of use out of this versatile cropped top.

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Delfonics Craig Carrying Case

Using the Japanese-made Delfonics pencils and pens is what we imagine it's like to write with liquid gold. If you're a writing utensil nut like us, you already know this. So what better to put these treasures in than a Delfonics Craig Carrying Case ($54)? It's the perfect size for a rainbow of pens and pencils, and maybe a notebook and eraser. Not into stationery? (Sacre bleu!) The case folds over and snaps shut, making for a lovely casual clutch for holding different kinds of tools - like lip crayons and eye pencils.

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Moschino Barbie iPhone Case

It was pretty difficult to get those Barbie dolls and their weird claw hands to hold onto any little plastic accessories, so hopefully you can do a better job with this plastic accessory, the Moschino Barbie iPhone Case ($85). Unfortunately, even if you do install it correctly so you can use your iPhone as intended, you'll still look like you're doing it wrong.

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Wood-block Wall Hook

Oh sure, you say you only need one of these Wood-block Wall Hooks ($35 each) by your entryway, but think about how awesome an entire wall of these things in alternating colors would look. You wouldn't cover them all up with your own stuff, but use them as a way to impress your guests when they come over for dinner and give them somewhere to put their coats.

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