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Scotch Naturals Detox Package

Nail polish is so much fun. Too bad it's chock full of chemicals better suited to a taxidermy lab. Some of the ingredients commonly found in conventional nail polish brands are known carcinogens, or can cause reproductive issues and disrupt endocrine functioning. And yes, just like skin, nails are porous, which means some of that nasty stuff can actually get through into your blood stream. Thankfully, playing it safe for your health and the environment doesn't have to mean giving up color. This Scotch Naturals Detox Package ($41) is like a starter kit for safe manicures, with a base coat, top coat, and your choice of lacquer, all toxin-free and hypoallergenic.

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Why You're So Awesome By Me Book

Here's one for your personal hero. You know the person we're talking about - the one who gave you a personal ringtone so they'd know to answer your maudlin drunk dials in the middle of the night. The friend who never spilled the beans about what happened to your mom's lawn gnome collection. It's time you told that special someone what they really mean to you. This Why You're So Awesome By Me Book ($10) comes in an easy, fill-in-the-blanks format that walks you through the process.

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Ellie Rolling Hamper

Everyone in your house treats it like a hotel, leaving damp towels on the floor and dirty socks under the bed for the housekeeper (aka you) to find. Ick. We don't actually think that this Ellie Rolling Hamper ($80, on sale) will alter their perspectives any, but we do think that rolling it right in front of their bedroom doors and leaving it there for them to trip over may actually yield some results re: finally placing laundry inside a basket and not on the floor.

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Lapis Eye Coal

We're pretty sure the blue of the Lapis lazuli gemstone is among the most beautiful colors on earth - and we're happy to wear anything that even comes close to that deep, rich blue. So we're going to set aside our black eyeliner for awhile and trade it in for the Lapis Eye Coal ($18) - if Cleopatra rocked the blue around her eyes, we're happy to follow in such great footsteps.

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Bandit Cave Drawing Belt

Every item of clothing can tell a story, but not all can tell one as explicitly as this Bandit Cave Drawing Belt ($10, on sale). The hand stained leather belt features an array of critters and objects drawn in a pictograph or petroglyph style, and maybe best of all, it's discounted almost 90% right now. Even if you're not crazy about cave drawings, we bet you're crazy about getting a leather belt for $10.

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Four Inch Pouch in Pulp

Have trouble keeping track of tiny things? So do we! Whenever we do the great monthly purse purge, we always end up finding five sticks of lip balm at the bottom of the bag that we could've sworn we'd lost, not to mention plenty of hair ties and bobby pins considered long gone. With the lovely Four Inch Pouch ($36) from Rennes, you can keep all your tiny little doodads in this colorful pouch to save you pain, frustration, and money (from buying new lip balm every week).

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You Tell Us: Velvet Star Choker Necklace

We took it in stride when fanny packs made a comeback, and we were even excited to find that grungy flannel is again trendy... but we can't help but just stare at this Velvet Star Choker Necklace ($12) and blink. Really? A choker necklace?!

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Totally Organized File Folders

Never underestimate the power of positive thinking. Picking the right mantra and pounding it into your brain is half the battle to changing your life. That's why we're replacing boring manila with these Totally Organized File Folders ($15). Every time we look at them, we'll be reminded of our potential to go from stressed-out slobs to paragons of orderliness.

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Marshall Stanmore

Whether the image of the classic Marshall amp evokes visions of smashed guitars and screeching feedback or lovelorn ballads and extremely large hair, this Marshall Stanmore Speaker ($400) transforms a rock icon into a sweet way to blast your favorite tunes at home. And don't let the pint size of this Bluetooth-enabled accessory fool you. It boasts an arena-worthy noise level.

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Disco Tech Wristlet

It's a vital piece of your dance floor gear: your smartphone. How else will you be able to take those glow stick-illuminated selfies to show off on Instagram the next day? The only problem? Nobody wears sexy club outfits with bulky pockets. Solution: Slip this Disco Tech Wristlet ($38) on when you head out. It'll keep your phone and the rest of your essentials close at hand.

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Ionic Waterless Pet Bath and Flea Repeller Brush

Your dog loves getting wet. He'll jump in every stagnant, stinking puddle he can find, dive into algae-covered swamps, and roll around in a pile of dead crabs at the beach. But when it comes to climbing into the tub, he turns into a hot, freaked out mess. This Ionic Waterless Pet Bath and Flea Repeller Brush ($37) gives you a water-free way to combat odors and repel pests. It won't cut the mustard after a close encounter of the skunk kind, but it might save you the occasional soapy battle.

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Carrière Frères Amber Candle

Switching out your candle scent is kinda like the changing of the guard: your home's signature scent is the first thing that greets guests when they arrive. We know you love that freesia and honeysuckle candle that's been out since summer, but now that there's a chill in the air, you should start burning something with a little more warmth to it. This Carrière Frères Amber Candle ($45) strays from a common apple/pumpkin scent, but retains that homey, familiar smell you associate with fall and winter. With 50 hours of burn time, it should last you until the thaw (unless you're a daily burner - then you'd better grab two!).

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Kérastase Laque Noire

October is history - you might as well call the start of November the start of holiday party season. But for the Scrooges out there, don't think of it as the holiday season, think of it as updo season! You'll need hairspray to get you through a busy schedule of work parties, friend parties, and parties where you don't even know how you got there: we're putting our faith in Kérastase Laque Noire ($37).

Full disclosure: Outblush received a free sample of this product.

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Multiple Cookie Cutter Grid

Getting ready for bake-a-sh*t-ton-of-cookies season? We're sure your co-workers, kids' teachers, and family members appreciate your expertly iced treats, but all the same, you'll gladly take a few bake day shortcuts if they can get your floured self out of the kitchen sooner. Once you roll out your chilled dough, use this Multiple Cookie Cutter Grid ($8) to knock out six cookies at a time. Because the cookie cutouts are stamped so close together, you save room, time, and dough as you work, and you can get to the fun part (the decorating!) sooner.

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Gourmet Gobbler Turkey Kit

Want to know the secret to a foolproof juicy, flavorful bird this holiday? We've got one word for you: salt. Specifically, infusing your turkey with flavor by way of a tasty overnight brine. This Gourmet Gobbler Turkey Kit ($13) comes with everything you need to pump up the sodium - and the flavor - in your roaster. It includes spicy brine blend, a heavy-duty brining bag, and smoky, peppery herb rub to finish things off.

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