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Kate Spade Posy Court Medium Vase

We're keeping this sweet Posy Court Medium Vase ($60) on our dresser because it serves two excellent purposes. First, it'll encourage us to keep some fresh blooms in our often neglected bedroom, and second, that sweet motto will be useful when we're tearing through our closet, trying to get dressed but hating all of our clothes.

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lucy Power Pose Yoga Bralette

There seems to be a trend in workout apparel as we move towards summer - show more skin! Come to think of it, this is actually a trend in all apparel this time of year. This Power Pose Yoga Bralette ($49) could be seen as another teeny tiny top to wear for your sweat session, or you could embrace it for the extra coverage it offers when you're wearing the latest trend of deep cut, open side workout tanks.

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Withings Activité Pop

Fitness trackers usually live on your wrist, so it was only a matter of time before someone came up with the brilliant idea of making one that looks - and also acts - like a watch. The Withings Activité Pop ($150) packs the usual set of features, from activity tracking to a sleep monitor and alarm system, with the added bonus of actually telling the time. Plus, it's available in an array of funky, fashion forward colors.

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Fiji Foliage Reversible Quilt

As winter fades away, you should be thinking of ways to shake off the drabness of the shortened days. Invest in a few brightly patterned throw pillows for the couch and switch out your bedding to something a bit more lively than your standard dark duvet. World Market's Fiji Foliage Reversible Quilt ($64, on sale) won't break the bank, but it will add a lush and rich atmosphere to your boudoir. Maybe it'll even inspire you to book a tropical vacation!

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Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub

Fact: All body scrubs are not created equal. Sure, sure, you can DIY to your heart's content in a Pinterest fueled frenzy of epsom salt and essential oils, but nothing beats the spa-like element of not having to make your own beauty products. Plus, this Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub ($35) is the best scrub we've ever tried. It has a fresh, barely floral scent, and the fine grain polish suspended in a hydrating gel left our skin smoother than any time-wasting, mess-making home scrub we've concocted in the past.

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Crowned Quartz Knob

Before you get overly excited, this isn't a pair of gemstone earrings. Don't worry, we were fooled too.

Now that we've managed that expectation, feel free to swoon over these glamorous Crowned Quartz Knobs ($28). Just think about how much nicer your hand me down dresser is going to look after you glam it up with gemstones as drawer pulls!

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Rebecca Minkoff Finn Convertible Clutch

We've loved fringe every since we dressed as a hippie for Halloween when we were seven and got to wear our mom's old suede fringe vest. We've been searching for a great fringe piece ever since Mom lost her mind and sent that vest to Goodwill. Thankfully the swingin' string accent is making a comeback. The Rebecca Minkoff Finn Clutch ($195) feels like just the right amount of fringe for any occasion.... but we're still on the hunt for a great vest if you come across one!

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Kira Grace Leopard Flirt Capri

One of our life goals? Systematically replacing most of the items in our closet with leopard print versions. Leopard flats - done. Leopard wrap dress - done. Our workout gear is next up, and the Kira Grace Leopard Flirt Capri ($88) is a prime candidate for making yoga a bit more ferocious - it doesn't hurt that Kira Grace also makes a matching leopard cami so our workout look also doubles as a fabulous leopard catsuit. Even if your wardrobe goals aren't quite as kooky, we think you'll love the whole Flirt collection, which features bright solids and fun prints.

Full disclosure: Outblush received a free sample of this product.

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Cushe Lamu Leather Flats

We love the idea of menswear-inspired flats, but we haven't quite mastered styling the clown shoe oxford. A good compromise? The Cushe Lamu Flat ($75) is a high-quality leather shoe that's halfway between our usual flats and a more tomboyish slip-on. Also an improvement over our flats: the Lamu includes a soft and spongy arch support which keeps our feet comfy all day long.

Full disclosure: Outblush received a free sample of this product.

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Jill Stuart Strapless Pleated Jumpsuit

Two years ago, if you'd told us we'd be wearing pants to a wedding, we would've shuddered and pictured our great aunt's pastel pant suit that comes out at every family event. However, a few months ago we rocked a jumpsuit at a wedding and not only did we look *amazing*, we weren't the only ones there working the trend. With a new boost of confidence, we've decided this glamorous Jill Stuart Strapless Jumpsuit ($298) will be our go-to for the spring weddings in our future. And with that, we're headed to the gym for an arm workout.

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Ahimsa Naturals Solid Brush Cleaner

Confession: We do not wash our makeup brushes. We know better, but we're lazy. We recently stumbled across this Solid Brush Cleaner ($12) and we're hoping that the ease of use will increase our cleanings. All we need to do is wet our brushes, swirl them over the solid cleanser and rinse clean. We can do that, right? Right! (Pep talks also help us get sh*t done.)

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Chalkboard Wall Planter

We've been working on our green thumb. We'd say it's improved from a muddy brown shade of green to a passable shade of chartreuse. We're not killing everything we plant, but we're certainly not ready to live off of our vegetable garden. One of our downfalls is that we can't always remember exactly what we planted where, so this Chalkboard Wall Planter ($145) helps us with a manageable size planting that we can easily keep track of.

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Gloss Mint Large iPhone Dock

Let's be honest - technology rules our lives. Sometimes we have a hard time pulling our eyes away from our screen to look at the natural beauty of the world around us. In an effort to remind ourselves that there's life beyond doubletapping instagram pics, we're putting our phone in this Gloss Mint iPhone Dock ($50) when we're home. It's a lovely little planter when not holding our phone, so it works as a decor piece quite well.

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Cheap Thrill: Well-Kept Tech Wipes

We feel like such savages rubbing smudgy finger prints off of our iPhones or iPads with our shirt sleeves. We're no more pulled together than the dad wiping his kid's nose with his shirttail. It's just so not on brand for us. Thankfully, Well-Kept Tech Wipes ($6) exist. Not only will they clean our screens, they're small enough to tuck into any purse or travel bag and even come in attractive packaging with pleasant scents. That's more like it.

What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under $20, including shipping.

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Big Ass Mug

It's a simple equation, really. More coffee = more productivity. Refills take up precious time, especially since we usually end up standing in the break room and catching up with a coworker or waiting for the cutie from down the hall. We hauled this 20oz Big Ass Mug ($15) to the office in the hopes that we will in fact, get more done.

If just thinking about 20 oz of coffee give you the jitters, there's also a normal sized cup.

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