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Reclaimed Wood Tub Caddy

The design may be simple, but this Reclaimed Wood Tub Caddy ($145) by Peg & Awl will change your bubble bath routine in a big way. Lounge in the tub and stick a candle or two on your new caddy or, better yet, a glass (or bottle?) of wine and that book you bought three weeks ago that you've bee dying to dig into. Just... for the love relaxation, leave the work files shut up in your messenger bag. There's no need to bring stress into tub time!

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You love falling asleep to soothing New Age soundscapes. Your husband thinks New Age soundscapes are a product of the KGB invented for torturing confessions out of political prisoners. Thankfully, there's a compromise that doesn't involve sailing away into separate bedrooms. The Dreampad ($179) turns your body into the speaker, sending gentle vibrations through you to your inner ear, where your brain recognizes them as the tranquil viola-plus-ocean-waves ambient soundtrack you crave. It's a completely private, headphone-free way to send yourself off to sleep.

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Roving Yarn Cozy Slouch Hat

Are beanie-type hats still trendy enough to wear for another winter? We're hoping so because this Roving Yarn Cozy Slouch Hat ($28) is darling. It also sits far enough back on the head to help the wearer avoid a whole bunch of hat hair. Of course, the main reason we're crossing our fingers for another beanie season is that pom-pom hats, while good-looking off the head, always make us feel totally silly when we wear them!

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Moxi Jungle Roller Skates

These animal print roller skates ($179) are just what you need to complete the rollergirl costume you're putting together for Halloween. In fact, they're so cute that you might want to consider joining a derby league just so you can keep wearing them after Halloween is over. Or, if broken bones and bruises aren't your thing, you can add rollerskating around the neighborhood to your exercise routine!

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The Sensual Skin Enhancer Makeup

This tub of Sensual Skin Enhancer Makeup ($48) from Kevyn Aucoin sounds pretty ambiguous. Okay, so it's a skin enhancer... but what does that mean? Basically, it means that it's a full coverage concealer. Use it around your eyes to cover dark circles, or to blend away a pimple or wrinkles. If you're looking for something with a little less coverage, mix a bit with your foundation or favorite lotion to add all over uniform color to your face.

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Personalized Wedding Map Print

Whether you grew up next door or crossed the world to find each other, love is a story of places. This Personalized Wedding Map Print ($73) helps you memorialize two of them in an elegant, archival-quality print made using authentic vintage maps. Feature your home towns, your honeymoon destination, or the first place you saw each other naked. Now there's a happy memory.

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Glitter Tank Dress

Don't let it happen again, ladies. Holiday party season is closer than you think, and you know the time and effort it takes to select the perfect dress for each and every invite that rolls in: dress inventory, careful scrutiny of potential guest lists, combing through photos of last year's parties, and finally, shopping. And then, just when you think you've cataloged and planned out every dress, in floats a last minute invite and... panic! Enter the Glitter Tank Dress ($40). Add this cute, sparkly, and affordable little number to your holiday wardrobe arsenal and you'll be well prepared for whatever comes along.

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Style Rx 7-Day Pill Case

Getting old - it's a bummer! We thought we were awesome because we remembered to take a multi-vitamin a few times a week, but then the doc asked about our our Vitamin D consumption and wondered what we were doing for extra iron and calcium. Now we carry around our daily boosters in a Style Rx 7-Day Pill Case ($34). Not a pill taker? This cute case would be excellent for holding small bits and baubles during travel!

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Foresta Porcupine Bathroom Canister

We keep trying to bring home items that class up the place, replacing tacked up concert posters with framed artwork from Etsy, swapping out papasan chairs for real, honest-to-goodness armchairs... the works. But then we saw this Foresta Porcupine Bathroom Canister ($11) and it was too cute to pass up. It may be a little childish since it's in the shape of a forest critter, but we're arguing that away by focusing on the fact that it's in chic white and not, say, bright fuchsia.

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Scotch Naturals Detox Package

Nail polish is so much fun. Too bad it's chock full of chemicals better suited to a taxidermy lab. Some of the ingredients commonly found in conventional nail polish brands are known carcinogens, or can cause reproductive issues and disrupt endocrine functioning. And yes, just like skin, nails are porous, which means some of that nasty stuff can actually get through into your blood stream. Thankfully, playing it safe for your health and the environment doesn't have to mean giving up color. This Scotch Naturals Detox Package ($41) is like a starter kit for safe manicures, with a base coat, top coat, and your choice of lacquer, all toxin-free and hypoallergenic.

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Why You're So Awesome By Me Book

Here's one for your personal hero. You know the person we're talking about - the one who gave you a personal ringtone so they'd know to answer your maudlin drunk dials in the middle of the night. The friend who never spilled the beans about what happened to your mom's lawn gnome collection. It's time you told that special someone what they really mean to you. This Why You're So Awesome By Me Book ($10) comes in an easy, fill-in-the-blanks format that walks you through the process.

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Ellie Rolling Hamper

Everyone in your house treats it like a hotel, leaving damp towels on the floor and dirty socks under the bed for the housekeeper (aka you) to find. Ick. We don't actually think that this Ellie Rolling Hamper ($80, on sale) will alter their perspectives any, but we do think that rolling it right in front of their bedroom doors and leaving it there for them to trip over may actually yield some results re: finally placing laundry inside a basket and not on the floor.

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Lapis Eye Coal

We're pretty sure the blue of the Lapis lazuli gemstone is among the most beautiful colors on earth - and we're happy to wear anything that even comes close to that deep, rich blue. So we're going to set aside our black eyeliner for awhile and trade it in for the Lapis Eye Coal ($18) - if Cleopatra rocked the blue around her eyes, we're happy to follow in such great footsteps.

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Bandit Cave Drawing Belt

Every item of clothing can tell a story, but not all can tell one as explicitly as this Bandit Cave Drawing Belt ($10, on sale). The hand stained leather belt features an array of critters and objects drawn in a pictograph or petroglyph style, and maybe best of all, it's discounted almost 90% right now. Even if you're not crazy about cave drawings, we bet you're crazy about getting a leather belt for $10.

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Four Inch Pouch in Pulp

Have trouble keeping track of tiny things? So do we! Whenever we do the great monthly purse purge, we always end up finding five sticks of lip balm at the bottom of the bag that we could've sworn we'd lost, not to mention plenty of hair ties and bobby pins considered long gone. With the lovely Four Inch Pouch ($36) from Rennes, you can keep all your tiny little doodads in this colorful pouch to save you pain, frustration, and money (from buying new lip balm every week).

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