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Personal Shopper: Winter Warmer for Kat

Kat writes: "Hello! I am a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding in NH this Valentine's Day (Brrr!) and need help... We are wearing long "midnight" navy dresses for the ceremony but will be allowed to add something at the reception to keep us warm. Is there such a thing as a cardigan that will look okay with this? I'm hoping for something that could be worn in day-to-day life again (i.e. not super-sparkly), and outside of "no white" can do whatever color I please - I thought maybe light gray? Or red? Could black work? Any suggestions? Thank you!"

As a native Granite Stater myself, I can tell you that New Hampshire in February is no joke. But since it's probably not wedding appropriate to wrap a live husky around your shoulders, I've put together this list of five classy but cozy wraps to help fend off those icy northern winds. Your choice of hues range from a matching navy to classic gold, bold coral and romantic pink. And yes - you can wear black with blue, if you pick something light and lacy. That, some foot warmers slipped into your heels, and a lumbersexual groomsman to dance with ought to keep the frostbite at bay.

1. Phase Eight Shawl Collar Bolero ($76)
2. Sonja Shrug in Coral ($30)
3.Throw-On Dolman Sleeve Cardigan ($40)
4. Sheer Lace Shrug ($43)
5. Heart Patterned Bolero ($35)

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crazy-jane-profile-1.jpgCrazy Jane here: I'm a New England girl with couture tastes and a Salvation Army budget who usually ends up wearing flannel. My shopping forte: finding the impossible dream. Throw your tough stuff at me and let me go bloodhound on it. When not playing on Outblush, I'm probably yelling at my cats, getting a backrub from my hot teacher husband, or playing kissy-face with my adorably chubby offspring.


Iridescent Sequin Top

We hope you haven't put all your sequins away in your holiday clothing box yet, because we think sequins should be taken out to shine all year round. Thrifted and Modern's Iridescent Sequin Top ($24) is the perfect way to elevate your street wear to something sassy and shiny.

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Mothership Ring

"Mothership" is definitely what people are going to be thinking when you wear this Mothership Ring ($245), as in, you know, "Where's the mothership?" (Probably somewhere between Burning Man, Coachella, and that meditation retreat you went to last week.) Don't lose this ring in case you want to beam up when you get sick of this planet.

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Modern Blue Floral Cell Phone Holder

You don't need an expensive, fancy-shmancy alarm clock phone dock or kitchen recipe converter for your smartphone... it's already equipped with, you know, apps and the internet. All you really need is a place to set it so you can see it, and this Modern Blue Floral Cell Phone Holder ($16) works perfectly. Watch your favorite show while you prep for an early morning meeting, or check the time when you wake up in a cold sweat at 2 a.m. after dreaming that you were ill-prepared for said meeting (you're not, but that doesn't stop your mind from playing tricks on you!).

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Paili Heel Multi

Well, the oversized squishy button accent on the Paili Heel Multi shoes ($271) looks like its straight from the Claes Oldenburg collection we just made up, comprised of shoes inspired by the artist's soft sculptures. Unlike his giant fabric telephones, however, these shoes are pretty functional, classic mules with some outstanding mod blocking and accents.

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Glossier Priming Moisturizer

You're supposed to prime walls before you paint, but let us tell you a little secret: we rarely do. The paint seems, you know, just fine without spending the extra money. But we take no such shortcuts on our faces. We rely on Glossier's Priming Moisturizer ($25) to make our skin the most perfect palette for the makeup spackle to come after. This lightweight cream will even out the texture on your face, smooth out any red patches, and minimize the appearance of pores, laying an invaluable groundwork for your bronzers, your tints, and your blushes.

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Death Star Battle Scene Dress

The odds of any of us ever getting to wear one of Rodarte's Star Wars dresses are about slim to none. So in order to fulfill our formal sci-fi wear dreams, we'll just pick up this climactic Death Star Battle Scene Dress ($50). It looks standard from the front (as standard as you can get with the Millennium Falcon rushing straight at you), but the back gets more dramatic than a showdown between master and pupil with its low cut mesh back.

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Laundry Symbols Magnet

Stop squinting. This Laundry Symbols Magnet ($4) will help you know whether to reach for the bleach or that coupon for the dry cleaner, providing handy translations for all those funny symbols on your clothing tags. And since it sticks right to your washer, you won't have to go hunting for it when you're puzzling over what to do with a sequined jumpsuit or bedazzled leggings.

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Adjustable Kauri and Leather Necklace

Kauri, if you're wondering, is a native tree of New Zealand, so even though wearing the Adjustable Kauri and Leather Necklace ($48) won't magically transport you to the vacation of a lifetime, it will remind you to keep saving your pennies. You'll be flying into Auckland or Queenstown in no time. (Don't forget to take your lovely geometric Kauri necklace with you!)

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Whipped Body Butter

When you open a jar of Whipped Body Butter ($20) from Poor & Pretty Apothecary, you're going to have to resist the urge to dip in a finger and sneak a taste. The body butter has a light, airy texture and smells decadently chocolaty. Of course, you know the cream is for slathering all over your dry winter skin, but it may also activate your sweet tooth, so have a bowl of Cocoa Puffs on hand for your breakfast.

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Zip It Mesh Storage Pouches

Most of your accessories aren't the same size and shape, so why should your pouches be the same uniform rectangle shape? These Zip It Mesh Storage Pouches ($8-20) come in all sorts of odd 3-D shapes, perfect for cramming in rings, jewelry, chargers, eye shadow palettes, pencil sharpeners, and more travel necessities. And, as always, even if you only need one pouch, we bet you'll find it difficult to not buy the whole color coordinating set. They just look so good together!

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Maxi Dress with Fringe Back

Fringe is in, and we couldn't be happier about it. This maxi dress ($123) has an open back, covered by a dramatic curtain of fringe, so it works well for dressing up for arty events, like gallery openings or the theater. But it's also made out of light T-shirt material, so if you dress it down with a big ol' brimmed hat and sandals, you can wear it to weekend shindigs in the sun, too.

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Navy Peony Waterproof Parka

Thank goodness for the oversized bright pink peonies on this Joules waterproof parka ($228). (They're practically life-size!) They're a cheery reminder of what's to come after the clouds finally part. Until then, this fully lined and coated jacket will do the job of keeping you dry, warm, and with a cheery disposition.

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Made With Love Gift Tags

The global recession hitting your gift giving budget? That's okay. Nobody will mind getting a batch of homemade granola bars instead of a new pair of shoes if you package them with these Made With Love Gift Tags ($7). They add an instantly classy upgrade to your baked goods, knitting projects, and other Pinterest-inspired budget treats.

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Reiko Kaneko Lip Tease Mug

Let's face it. If you're wearing lipstick/lip gloss/a hybrid combination of both and drinking coffee each morning, half of your painted pucker is going to end up on your mug. At least if you're sipping from this Reiko Kaneko Lip Tease Mug ($25), it'll be in good company. That cute gold lip print lends a classy yet playful touch to your morning java routine. Follow your second (or third, or fourth) cup of coffee with another layer of lipstick, and your day is off to a great start.

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