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Western Hankies

Has a long day of wrangling cattle left your brow damp? Maybe you just want to wipe the mucus off your horse's face? Given what we know about Outblush readers, these hypotheticals probably don't apply to many of you. Still, you don't need to be a cowgirl with allergies to appreciate this Western Hankies ($32) set. Featuring sixteen beautiful rodeo-inspired designs, these hankies are perfect for decorating, so long as you commit to not blowing your nose in them.

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Thermal-Aid Rabbit Heating/Cooling Pack

Using a heat pack or an ice pack is fifty percent placebo effect* anyway, so what's the harm in upping the emotional healing quotient when your kiddo gets a boo boo? The Thermal-Aid Rabbit Healing/Cooling Pack ($18) can be placed in the freezer or microwave to help soothe all aches and pains. Just be sure to let the kid know that Baxter Bunny is the only stuffed animal that goes into the microwave, or else you might have a few, uh, explosive situations on your hands.

* Disclaimer: We are not doctors. Surprise!

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KIINI Tasmin Crochet Top

No strings, no hook and eye closures - just yarn and elastic! The KIINI Tasmin Crochet Top ($155) is part of a line of bikinis that uses materials you'd usually see far from the beach to create swimsuits that spin a crafty vibe, yet are incredibly versatile (go ahead, play volleyball or take a dive) thanks to their snug fit. They're entirely handmade, just like the crochet bikini tops you saw on your mom in the '60s, except that they also use high-tech Spandex fabric to make them lightweight and water-ready.

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Log Paper Towel Holder

Without trees, there would be no paper towels, so it seems appropriate to store your cleaning supply in a Log Paper Towel Holder ($44). You may be thinking, "But Outblush! If I can't see the whole roll, how will I know how many sheets are left? It sucks to suddenly run out of paper towels." To that we say, they have that covered! As the sheets deplete, the squirrel and leaf popping out the top drop inside their respective holes to indicate that it's time to put Brawny back on your shopping list.

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Viva_La_Volume_Big 2.jpg

Viva La Volume Volumising Blow Dry Mousse

Bigger isn't always better (just ask anyone who's gone jeans shopping recently). However, when it comes to our hair, we want it as big as we can get it. This Viva La Volume Blow Dry Mousse ($11) adds fullness, body, and shine for a celeb-worthy blowout. A little teasing never hurt, either.

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Fortune Cookie Baby Booties

Comfy shoes make baby happy! Lucky numbers: 123ABC.

Surprise the lucky parents-to-be with something for their little cookie. The Fortune Cookie Booties ($29) come with two customizable fortunes so you can offer your well-wishes in a unique way.

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Argan Infinity Lip And Cheek Creamy Oil

It's not a gel, nor is it a stain. It's not even a cream, exactly. Each tube of Argan Infinity Lip And Cheek Creamy Oil ($18) from Josie Maran comes packed with color and moisturizing argan oil. It blends onto your lips and cheeks and leaves behind a natural-looking shade that's got a little shine and a lotta good-for-your-skin ingredients. There are six different shades, and we're not kidding when we say we bought one of each!

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Arctic Stamp Set

With global warming actively melting the polar ice caps, do your part to immortalize the Arctic in arts & crafts form. INK+WIT's Arctic Stamp Set ($50) features a whale, glaciers, and other North Pole-themed graphics that you can stamp again and again (that's how stamps work, after all) on paper, cards, and even your friends' faces. The cynics in us wonder whether the glaciers will dry up before your ink pad.

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Ingrid Michaelson Lights Out

Admit it, you've been humming along to Ingrid Michaelson's single "Girls Chase Boys" for a few weeks already. It's totally catchy, and for that matter, so is her entire new album, Lights Out. Michaelson's sound is completely unique - fresh, playful, and pop-infused but still full of heart. This is one you'll listen to from opening track to closing; not one of them merits a skip-over. The songs are strong and confident, and many feature collaborations with fellow artists. We can't stop listening to "Over You," a gorgeous ballad featuring A Great Big World.

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RAINS Curve Jacket

The RAINS line comes from the gray, rainy, and moody nation of Denmark. We knew about the moody (Hamlet and heavy metal, anyone?) but hadn't really considered it a particularly wet country (that European distinction belongs to England). Now it all makes sense. But a country with an average of over one hundred rain days a year has got to have produced a few options for stylin' raincoats, so finding this Curve Jacket ($132) is hardly surprising. It's shaped like a classic trench, but rendered in solidly rainproof material with a couple essential extras: a bright primary color and a drawstring hood.

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Come & Draw Table

Can't get your kids to stop drawing on the furniture? Give them something they can scribble all over without repercussions. The Come & Draw Table ($495) comes with three hundred sheets of stacked round paper. Your kids can attack the tabletop with crayons until the white space is gone, at which point you can take the top layer off and throw it out. Uh, we mean hang it on the fridge. Yeah, hang it on the fridge.

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Goody Quik Style Brush

Constantly leaving the house with wet, messy hair? The Goody Quik Style Brush ($13) can help you to get your hair looking great in no time. Featuring absorbent microfiber bristles, the brush actually dries your hair while simultaneously straightening and untangling your post-shower 'do. That's multitasking at its finest.

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Mo's Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix

We're sorry, did you say bacon chocolate chip pancakes?
Like bacon? And chocolate chips? And pancakes? All in one?
This better not be a joke or we will beat you with a griddle.

Have no fear, Mo's Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix ($12) is real... and it's heavenly. Sorry, oatmeal, but you just can't compete with all this amazingness.

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DeVita Solar Body Moisturizer SPF 30+

That first sunburn of the season? It's not as inevitable as you think! Keep your bod both moisturized and protected from harmful UVA/UVB rays by slathering on DeVita's Solar Body Moisturizer ($28). The vegan formula is as gentle as it is effective. You'll avoid frying in the scorching sun and even find yourself with softened, healthy skin.

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Tyrannosaurus Key Fob

You'll have a hard time mistaking your keys from someone else's if they're hooked onto the Tyrannosaurus Key Fob ($95) from Sophie Hulme. Still, that T. rex is on the small side; keep an eye on him - or hang him up on your key rack - so you don't lose him (and your house, mailbox, office, and car keys).

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