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Light Bulb Hidden Camera with Night Vision

Suppose you don't trust your man.
Suppose you want to record him when you're not at home.
Suppose you specifically want to catch him in some, uh, lights-off activities.

Well, either your man is the worst or you've gone off the deep end with your jealousy. Regardless, you'll want this Light Bulb Hidden Camera with Night Vision ($76) which inconspicuously records audio and video from a standard light fixture. Even if the footage reveals something you wish you hadn't seen, at least you'll no longer be in the dark. (Get it? Get it? Light bulb joke!)

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Guitar Pick Punch

Ugh, credit card debt. You've wracked up quite a bill this past month on frivolous purchases. Cutting up your cards may seem like the best option, but it's actually only your second best option. Even better is turning those trouble-enabling cards into guitar picks. Before chopping up those cards, make one last totally justifiable purchase: the Guitar Pick Punch ($25). At least that way your cards will be worth something once you write a hit song about those bill collectors who keep hassling you.

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Birch Paper Straws

Need more hipster-meets-food-blogger cred on Instagram? Try drinking your summer cocktail concoctions from a mason jar (obvs) outfitted with a Birch Paper Straw ($16, pack of 100) from beve. Wait, no. Don't drink it yet! You haven't snapped and filtered the picture for optimal folksy outdoorsiness. Make sure you get an actual (slightly out-of-focus) birch tree in the background!

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Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

We love unwinding after a long day with a big glass of wine, but in the interest of health, we're extending our search for relaxation aids beyond the booze aisle at the grocery store. This Hot Cloth Cleanser ($25) sounds pretty blissful: after massaging the cream cleanser into your skin, place the muslin cloth under hot running water and gently use it to remove the cream. Not only will you feel relaxed and refreshed, your skin will feel awesome.

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SOLKOA Survival Kit

None of your friends will indulge you on your theories of an impending zombie apocalypse; won't they be sorry when they're some of the first casualties? Preparation is key to survival, which is why something as handy as a SOLKOA Survival Kit ($170) is a must have. Compactly storing 25 essential and potentially life-saving items, the kit will help to keep you safe even if disaster strikes in the form of an earthquake or hurricane rather than zombies.

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Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Tumbler

When you go on wilderness adventures, you expect a few scrapes and scratches, a few tumbles and spills, and a few collisions with rocks and possibly bears. And we're just talking about your camping gear! Most of the lightweight collapsible tumblers from the outdoor gear store just aren't up to the challenge. Make sure you have at least one reliable companion with you when you hit the trail with the Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Tumbler ($36, set of 2) from Best Made Co. These babies are made from enamel using a World War II-era machinery, so you know they're serious and can stand up to the demands of roughing it (unlike your boyfriend).

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Embossed Imitation Leather Shoes

These slip-on kicks from H&M ($25) are the ultimate in faux luxury. Look like you're padding around a million dollar mansion when you wear these embossed imitation leather flats. In reality, the only folks that would ever spend multiples of hundreds of dollars on real leather Vans-inspired shoes are going to be people who, when they say they're going swimming, you're not sure if it's in their infinity pool or their vault of gold coins. It's just not worth spending that much on casual designer kicks when you've got this cheap alternative that probably lasts almost as long.

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Room with a View Pet House

Sweet pad, dog. You've got that cool little room for chilling out at night and a rooftop lounge area for catching some rays during the day. Life doesn't get any better than the Room with a View Pet House ($67). Heck, if it weren't restricted to animals 30 pounds or lighter, we might just try to move in ourselves.

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Misselthwaite Manor Fragrance

The Secret Garden was one of our favorite childhood books, and our eight-year-old selves would have given anything to live at Misselthwaite Manor and roam around in our own secret gardens all day. We may be all grown up now, but a light mist of this fresh fragrance spray ($32) momentarily whisks us away from the stack of reports on our desk and helps us to feel as refreshed as if we had just taken a long walk outdoors.

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Venmo App

We bet you're the ringleader, always coming up with fabulous night out ideas for you and your friends. Unfortunately, that probably means you're also the person who pays for everything up front and then has to track down everyone after (often for weeks) to get their share. You know what you need? The Venmo App (FREE). Actually, your whole gang needs to download the app. Then you can easily send money to to each other, cash out, and send it right into your bank so you're not flat broke until next payday!

(Here's the Andriod version!)

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Chilly Band Cooling Headband

Exercising when it's hot outside is the worst - just the idea of hitting the tennis courts or running the trail during the summer makes us want to stick our heads in the freezer. The easy solution is stay inside and eat ice cream, but if you're not willing to sacrifice your physical fitness, try slipping on a Chilly Band ($8) before your workout. The no-drip ice chamber keeps your head nice and cool, and the soft material absorbs sweat to keep you comfortable. Well, as comfortable as possible, anyway.

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Brow Fix X

After an hour of painful plucking and careful grooming, you've finally got your brows the way you want them - now go over them with Brow Fix X ($18) to make sure they don't move. In addition to keeping your eyebrows looking neat, it actually coats each hair with an invisible plumping fiber as well as shine-enhancing conditioners so they look healthy and lustrous. Brooke Shields ain't got nothin' on you, girl.

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Frosted Donut Scented Notebook

Is that chocolate we smell?
With glaze?
And sprinkles?!

The Frosted Donut Scented Notebook ($5) is either the best idea in the world or possibly the worst. How is anyone expected to write anything down when you can keep scratching and sniffing the cover?

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I'd Rather Be: A Teen Girl's Binder

While a Personal Shopper can give you what you need for real life, I'd Rather Be sets you up for fantasy lives you didn't even know you had. Because sometimes a new shampoo isn't enough for a whole new you. (Want us to outfit your alter ego or your alternate reality? Just say the word!)

Let's be real - we saw those heels and wanted to do a feature dedicated to Lisa Frank, but been there, done that. Instead, here are some items that would make us feel right at home positioned between some glitter cat stickers and maybe a couple Stussy logos, or whatever kids these days are doodling on everything.

Composition Notebook Pattern Plastic Hard Case for iPhone 5/5S ($3)
Clashist Doodle Ryan Gosling Crush Tee ($55)
Franco Skirt ($45)
Sterling Silver Crystal Heart Stud Earrings ($26)
Taylor Says Clara Rainbow Heels ($200)


Lumberjack Shampoo

We're not sure what Lumberjack Shampoo ($17) might smell like. Wood chips? Sweaty flannel? Chainsaw oil? However, we are confident that putting a bottle in the shower will keep your guy's paws off of your expensive products that he uses to suds up his measly quarter inch of hair every day.

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