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When You Buy One Of Out Of Print Clothing's Literary Tees You're Sending A Book To A Community In Need

By Samantha Arroyo

Book lovers, rejoice! Out of Print is an online clothing store that "celebrates the world's greatest stories through fashion." As the name suggests, some of their apparel features cover art from titles that have been out of print for quite some time, while others celebrate some of the greatest works of literature: Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby and Sherlock Holmes, to name a few. 

Like a well-read book, Out of Print's tees, tanks, long-sleeved shirts, leggings and socks are just as soft and worn. But in a good, comfortable and buttery kind of way. Their fitted vintage tees, for example, have a distressed appearance that continues to develop as you wear and wash the item -- just like reading your favorite story over and over. Hence why each product is uniquely faded, each one with a slightly different color variation.

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Understated And Versatile, The Gorjana Circle Necklace Goes With Everything

It may be small and simple, but the Gorjana Circle Necklace manages to still make a pretty big impact when you wear it with your winter v-neck sweaters and collared blouses. In fact, the 18-karat gold-plated pendant would glam up even your plunging cocktail dress necklines as you venture out in the snow to attend holiday parties. Not planning on getting gussied up any time soon? No prob, it's easily layered with longer, more flashy pieces over a comfy oversized sweatshirt for your Saturday trips to the dollar bins at Target and the lunch counter at Panera.

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5 Reasons Why Capes Aren't Just For Batman Anymore

By Chantel Delulio

Unless you're a Superhero or a Victorian-era robber baron you probably haven't given much thought to where capes stand in your everyday wardrobe. But lately everywhere from the  catwalks of the runways to the halls of fast fashion are brimming with capes. In the past, capes have felt like the realm of the esoteric and the hoighty-toighty -- those days are gone. It's time to take the dive into this latest and versatile outerwear trend.

Here are 5 reasons you should embrace the cape:

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Finally! Friendship Collars Make It Possible For You And Your Dog To Coordinate Your Outfits

Remember in middle school how all you wanted to do was go hang with your BFF after school and drink Capri Suns and make friendship bracelets? Now you're grown up and all you want to do after work is go sit on the couch and drink wine and cuddle with your furry BFF. Might as well make it official and give a nod to your carefree middle school self by hooking up your pooch with a Friendship Collar ($35) that comes with a stylish new matching bracelet for yourself. Let no one doubt your commitment to your four legged companion.

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Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Oil Is The Low-Priced Drugstore Beauty Solution You've Been Waiting For

By Angela Germano

When I first saw Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Oil, in my normal cheap guy grocery store no less, I assumed it was $40+ because everything with or mentioning tea tree oil seems to be about $40, because it is apparently liquid gold.

But, it's $2.50!

That's so much less than $40 that I didn't believe the price tag, but I brought it up to the register anyway, because any combination Vitamin E oil and tea tree oil is something I can get behind (I live in New England, I spend about half of the year as The Lizard Queen, I'll try anything). But I didn't really expect much from it, I thought it'd be all filler and garbage oil.

I was so very wrong though,
and I've never been happier about that.

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ASOS Is Launching An Affordable Bridal Collection

By Chantel Delulio

Unless you're literal royalty planning a wedding means becoming a master of budgeting. But now, thanks to ASOS forthcoming bridal line, finding a reasonably priced wedding dress just got a whole lot easier. The 18 piece line, which will launch in April 2016, features a wide range of looks from Grecian to skater, from a gown fit for a princess to a modern, white jumpsuit for the alternative bride.

And the best part? The prices start at $91 and the highest price point in the whole collection will be $380. Needless to say, the affordable yet stylish line has us saying, "I do!"

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Bundle Up In The Long-line Wool-Blend Coat

If you're one of those lucky ladies who lives in a temperate climate, then you can rock this Forever 21 Long-Line Wool-Blend Coat all winter long. It's unlined, and a polyester and wool blend, so it's best suited for style over substance; you'll look lovely and stay warm enough in 50 degree weather. Of course, you can wear this wind, snow, and negative temperatures but your teeth may chatter. It's a good thing it's inexpensive -- you can wear it on warmer winter days and still afford a down coat for the brutal ones.

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7 Simple Tips For Absolutely Rocking Maternity Wear

By Cailyn Cox

Maternity style can be every bit as stylish as your normal style -- there's no need to dress in loosely fitting, bulky clothing -- all you need is to know how to rock maternity wear and dress for your shape.

Highlight your favourite features of your body, for example, if you want to draw attention away from your bulging belly then focus on smaller parts of your figure like your shoulders or collarbone, both of which are very flattering parts of a woman's body.

Get ready to rock your maternity look:

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#SareeNotSorry Uses Fashion To Challenge Xenophobia

By Chantel Delulio

During a recent trip to India Tanya Rawal received a plethora of vintage sarees from her mother and other family members. After she returned from her vacation she set up the Instagram account, Saree.Not.Sorry, as a way for her family to keep up with her day to day life. Since September Rawal has posted pictures of herself wearing traditional sarees in her everyday life.

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The Handcrafted Cloud Bag Might Just Be The Perfect Purse

Scalloped edging, like lace trim, is one of those fashion adornments that instantly adds a feminine touch to any item. In this case, it's The Cloud Bag with Top Handle from The Cambridge Satchel Company that gets a fancy facelift. Of course, the supple leather body, gold-plated buckle, and soft, neutral shades come together to help complete the picture of a perfect handbag. Sure, it's a small investment, but there's no doubt that it'll become your favorite go-to purse, complementing your every outfit. And because it's hand-crafted with quality materials, it'll last you for years to come.

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How To Spot The Difference Between Faux and Real Fur

By Cailyn Cox

In the fashion world fur is still a highly favored material, but in recent years retailers have started producing much cheaper and more ethical materials that look just like fur. These have been dubbed faux fur, but some variants are better than others. It's usually easy to determine which furs are real and which have been made synthetically, but there are times when you find a really convincing faux fur, and sight alone is not going to be enough for you to judge if it's real fur or not. Below are some pointers on how to tell the difference.

The easiest is to look at the labels of the garment.


5 Eco-Friendly Fashion Lines For The Birkenstocks Averse

By Carly Zinderman

If you hear eco-friendly fashion, there's no need to cringe. A bunch of Birkenstock-clad, granola eaters aren't trying to wrap you in burlap sacks. Oftentimes, you can't even tell the eco-friendly fashion looks from their environmentally detrimentally produced counterparts. Especially these days, when the latest innovations and brilliant realizations about the hazards produced by the fashion industry have gone mainstream.

Whether it's using better production methods that use less water and create less waste or using recycled and organic materials, check out just a very few of the eco-friendly fashion lines that are commercially available. And if you're still thinking that eco-friendly fashion is too earthly, know that many of the lines are from some of the world's biggest brands and have stamps of approval from fashion magazines and celebrities.

More than ever, sustainability is in.

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Get Lost In The Madcap Adventure In Sloane Crosley's First Novel The Clasp

If you spend a good amount of your down time browsing lifestyle blogs, then no doubt you've already heard plenty of buzz around essayist Sloane Crosley's new novel, The Clasp. The praise isn't just smoke and mirrors; a humorous and exciting plot make this book a great read. Crosley effortlessly brings together a trio of floundering millennials and throws them into an adventure searching for a long-lost, priceless necklace. It's a laugh-out-loud kind of story that delivers an equal amount of heart and suspense. The protagonists spend their time criss-crossing the globe to unravel the details of a decades-old mystery and learning how to do what we all inevitably have to do: grow up.

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Warby Parker's Stylish, Affordable Glasses Help Make Eyewear Accessible To Communities Around The Globe

By Samantha Arroyo

Buying a new pair of prescription glasses can sometimes feel like buying a new set of tires: nothing more than a wallet-emptying necessity. So, like tires, you ride out your old pair of glasses, squinting, blinking furiously, complaining and holding documents and menus at arms' length in an attempt to read the fine print. But just like driving on bald tires, navigating through life with your eyes half closed in slit-formation doesn't do you -- or anyone else -- any good.

It can give you a headache for starters. But what's a guy or gal to do when prescription lenses cost hundreds of dollars out of pocket?

Dave Gilboa, co-founder of Warby Parker, found himself in the same situation. After losing his glasses on a backpacking trip, he suffered through the first semester of grad school without them because, well, they were too expensive to replace.

Frustrated by the entire situation, he and three of his classmates (Neil Blumenthal, Andrew Hunt and Jeffrey Raider) decided to create a solution. After learning that the eyewear industry was dominated by a single company, they opted to bring the eyewear-making business in-house, effectively cutting out the middle man, choosing to pass the savings onto their customers.

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Creator Crushes: The Runway Inspired Nail Art Of Miss Ladyfinger

By Chantel Delulio


Miss Ladyfinger is the work of Miss Taryn Multack is a self taught nail artist who creates nail art inspired the patterns, colors, and silhouettes of the worlds of fashions greatest designers. 

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