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The Belted 70s Coat Will Transport You Back To The Age Nixon And Feathered Hair

Are you looking to turn back time with your wardrobe? Topshop's got a gorgeous Belted 70s Jacket for your consideration. The caramel-colored polyester piece probably won't magically transport you back to 1972, but it will make you look like you're channeling the bygone era. To marry it with the 21st century, wear it with a pair of your favorite skinnies and leather ankle boots, but if you prefer to stick to decade-specific pieces, then don't forget the matching flared pants!

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Same Sky's Handmade Jewelry Isn't Just Beautiful, It's Changing Lives

By Samantha Arroyo

Same Sky creates beauty from ashes.

In 1994, one million Rwandan people were brutally murdered in roughly 100 days and 250,000 women were raped. Of those who survived, 70 percent contracted HIV/AIDS and were left widowed and alone, having been used as weapons of war. These single women and mothers were left "living in the shadows." But hope was not lost.

Several years later, in 2007, founder Francine LeFrak launched Same Sky to help these women -- ravaged by war -- regain their sense of empowerment and rebuild their lives by training them up as artisans.

In the company's own words, "Same Sky was founded with a vision to provide a second chance to all women under the same sky." Not only does the company provide women with the tools necessary to maintain a sustainable income, but they also invest in their education and training.

It all started by accident, so to speak.

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Every Color Trend You Need To Nail Your Autumnal Manicure

By Christina Broat

It's time. We've given summer a long smooch goodbye. We've swapped our shorts for leggings, our sun hats for knit beanies, and our sandals for booties. We've waved farewell to soft pastel and bright neon nail colors, and the hand that we waved with was freshly manicured in a favorite fall shade.


Mindy Kaling Is As Candid And Hilarious As Ever With Her New Book "Why Not Me?"

Mindy Kaling has the unique ability to appear both untouchably glamorous and completely down to earth at the same time. We're in awe of her -- her sharp wit, her impeccable style, and her unmistakable talent -- and yet, she still somehow manages to address her fans like we're her BFFs. That's why you should already be devouring her latest book, Why Not Me?. It's laugh-out-loud hilarious and so full of fun and heart. Reading it will make you yearn to grab brunch and gab all day with Mindy -- and then head back to her (no doubt!) fabulous pad and raid her closet!

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Everything You Need To Know About Styling A Leather Jacket

By Cailyn Cox

When the cold weather creeps in you want to be thinking about outerwear - it's the first garment noticed, and so it's very important if you want to make a statement right from the start.

Most women already think of leather jackets as a wardrobe staple because they are a timeless, versatile garment that, if taken care of properly, will last for decades to come. It's essentially an investment piece and although purchasing quality might cost a lot upfront, you do get what you pay for.

Leather is currently in greater demand than ever before, and was a very popular choice of outerwear for many stylish women on the streets of New York during New York Fashion Week. So, if you've been lusting over the latest looks from your favorite style icons, including models Miranda Kerr, Suki Waterhouse and Kendall Jenner, then you'll know just how popular the leather jacket is right now and why it's a must-have for your wardrobe this season.

How To Style A Leather Jacket:

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4 Structured Sports Bras To Set You On The Path To Athletic Glory

By Christina Broat

Dearest members of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee: we love you, but this little segment isn't meant for your eyes. It's downright unfair how easy it is to find a cute sports bra to hold in cover up your A cups. This is a post for the Big Busted Babes who are looking for more than something cute to work out in. Sure, we can wear adorable strappy-backed V-neck sports bras for yoga (or lounging on the couch), but when it's time to really move, our lovely lady lumps need some serious support. Much like a dear workout buddy, a good sports bra is integral to workout success and oftentimes hard to find.


Liberty Raspberry and Vanilla Bean Jam

We know you think you barely have time to gulp down your coffee, let alone eat a healthy breakfast on a weekday morning, but this jar of Liberty Raspberry and Vanilla Bean Jam from Sqirl may give you reason to slow down a little. Sure, a piece of toast slathered in jam isn't as healthy as a spinach-based smoothie, but there's no denying that it's way more delicious. Budget for an extra five minutes, pop a slice of multi-grain into the toaster, and then spread some of this organic, heavenly jam on top. We guarantee you'll head off to work with a smile on your face (and a full belly!).

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4 Universally Flattering Hats To Keep Your Noggin Nice And Warm This Fall

By Christina Broat

For a long time I thought I didn't look good in hats, and then one day I matured into the confident woman I am today and realized, hey, my head is cold! Learn from my years of cold-headed trepidation and cover your noggin as the weather gets cooler. If, like me, you think you're not a "hat person" I recommend trying on several different styles until you find one you like. Also, keep in mind that you are your own harshest critic (this is true beyond the realm of hats, BTW) and bring an encouraging friend if you're feeling nervous.


Add A Hint Of Boho Chic With The Handmade Copacabana Cuff

Fringe and tassels are everywhere this season, but if you're not quite sure if you can (or want to!) invest in a showy statement piece, then start small. We recommend this boho-inspired Aurelie Bidermann Cotton Cuff with braided and tasseled fabric covering a thin, gold-plated cuff. Use it to add a splash of color to a bland outfit, or coordinate it with other tasseled accessories for a fun and textured fall look. (We like this great Ecote scarf.)

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These Desk Accessories Are So Cute You'll Actually Look Forward To Work

By Christina Broat

Those kids that have been flooding the parks, malls, gyms, and for some of you even your houses are finally back in school. ::Sigh of relief::

Back-to-school is an exciting time for kids and parents, but for us worker bees who didn't really get a summer break, this time of year only feels like a change in season. There's no special shopping spree filled with fresh notebooks, cute magnets for lockers, and a 24 pack of rainbow colored pens. Frankly, September doesn't bring anything for us working stiffs except for textbook-size issues of fashion magazines. However, the fact that we're no longer fourth graders means we can buy whatever we want whenever we want! This year, I'm trying to spruce up my workspace with the same level of enthusiasm I used to have for my school supplies.

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Pamper Your Feet With The On The Hoof Pedicure Kit

The start of boot season may have moved pedicures to the back of your mind, but we think you still need to pamper your toes when people won't see them peeking out of sandals and open-toed wedges. Even if you decide to strip them of their polish, you can keep your piggies looking clean and feeling soft with Cowshed's On the Hoof Pedicure Kit. Settle in on a chilly evening and soak your feet in a warm bath. Then reach for the kit -- it includes a buffer file, a foot scrub, a balm, and a pair of super soft socks; everything you need to shower a little TLC on your tired feet.

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FEED Projects Strives To End World Hunger -- One Bag At A Time

By Samantha Arroyo

While traveling around the world to exotic places like Cambodia and Guatemala as a World Food Programme (WFP) Honorary Spokesperson, FEED founder Lauren Bush came face to face with the horrifying effects of severe hunger, which plagues 805 million people around the globe -- and was forever changed. So when she launched FEED in 2007, it was only natural to combine her passion for environmentally friendly fashion with a social cause that allowed her to give back to the communities she visited years prior. To do this, each one of her products -- whether it be a handbag, bracelet or t-shirt -- is stamped with a number that represents the number of meals or micronutrient packets provided to those in need as a result of its purchase.

It all started with a single burlap bag. Lauren crafted the now iconic piece when she returned from her travels, using the food rations she saw being distributed by the WFP as her inspiration. The purchase of one bag (an $80 value), which is made from FEED's signature burlap and emblazoned with the number one, will feed one child for an entire school year. That's 185 meals. And, according to FEED's website, the bag is reversible because, in their own words, "we know there are two sides to every great story."

FEED Kenya Bag - Provides 370 School Meals For Children In Kenya ($250)

FEED brings feel-good shopping to a whole new level, but they take it a step further by employing artisans from around the globe. By partnering with established cooperatives in Columbia, Guatemala, Haiti, India and Kenya, FEED can help effectively provide sustainable incomes to underserved populations. Not only that, the meals that are provided as a result of the product sales are delivered to the same regions where the products were originally made, bringing the program full circle.

So how powerful is your purchase?

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Versatile, Restorative, and Moisturizing -- The 'Everything Balm' is Truly, Well, Everything!

We know there's a part of you that wishes you could walk into Sephora once a week and buy all the things. Unfortunately, the more rational (and way less fun) part of you prevails and prevents you from blowing your entire paycheck on beauty products.

Fill in the gaps with a stick of Zoe Organic's
Everything Balm. It won't shape your brows or redden your lips, but it will smooth out your rough spots, clear up your skin, soothe sunburn, and protect exposed parts from the elements. That's a pretty decent list for a multi-tasker product, and we like that it won't make you choose between it and your rent payment.

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How To Effectively Streamline (or Expand!) Your Shoe Wardrobe

By Angela Germano

The eternal stereotype is that all women do is buy and love shoes, which has some truth to it in that women do in fact buy shoes, as many women have feet and do not want to walk on the bare ground. But the idea that all women live in a house of shoes and nothing else (full of shoes, not in a giant shoe like the nursery rhyme says) is nonsense, because there are many types of shoe wardrobes, from the most minimal to the actual house of shoes stereotype.

If you are one of the people who keep a minimal shoe wardrobe, with only the basic shoe needs filled, there are several ways of doing it. You could be the outdoorsy type, with one pair for each of your hobbies, or you could be the busy corporate type, with one type of shoe to match each outfit-style. You could even be the stay at home mother type, who only has shoes to fit her basic needs, and the rest fitting the needs of her children's different activities.

What's your shoe wardrobe style?


Somi Sweater In Medallion Jacquard

Sweater weather. It's finally on its way. Pack up your tanks, store your sandals under the bed, and plan a weekend brunch with the girls so you can debut your new Somi Sweater In Medallion Jacquard. The slim-fit top is fairly lightweight, so if the sun pops out from behind the clouds and decides to heat things up a bit, you won't be regretting your outfit choice.

Keep things casual with a pair of jeans and canvas sneakers or dial up the fashion by wearing the black and white raglan sweater with a (p)leather midi skirt and heeled booties. You can add a burst of color and a contrasting pattern by wrapping your favorite floral or plaid scarf around your neck.

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