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Glass Pot

What happens inside your pots and pans isn't always pretty, but that doesn't mean it won't be fun to watch. This Glass Pot ($200) gives you a new angle to view your food. Made with tempered, heat-proof glass, it still requires a little TLC - no preheating burners or rapid temperature changes. But the extra attention is worth the fun of watching your dinner happen from a new perspective.

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Coach Signature C Chain Leather Bracelet

We love leather accessories for adding edginess to our outfits, but we can only wear our favorite bomber jacket so many days in a row before our friends start mocking us. We've taken to throwing on this Signature C Chain Leather Bracelet from Coach ($58) when we want to toughen up our look: it looks awesome stacked with our other bangles, and it's subtle enough that we can wear it every day.

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Natura Bissé Diamond Drops

When it comes to girl's best friend, we'll take a bottle of Diamond Drops ($185) over a ring any day. Not only does the product slow the signs of aging, it acts as a shield to protect your skin from environmental factors like sun, wind, and extreme cold. Use it alone or add a few drops to your foundation to keep your skin looking healthy and young.

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Don't scoff. Doctors are already exploring the possibility of using hookworms to treat a range of diseases, from asthma to multiple sclerosis. It makes the icky premise of Mira Grant's Parasite ($14) all the more plausible. Ten years into our future, a genetically modified tapeworm grants humanity virtual immunity from all disease and illness - at least, until the parasites start developing a mind of their own. As if a tapeworm story really needed to get any creepier.

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Anson Chair

Just looking at the Anson Chair ($1,349) makes us want to curl up on its cushion-y seat and have a cathartic sesh with our therapists read a good book. Of course, that book will have to be of the self-help variety because by the time we're done purchasing this chair, we won't have much left over to pay for our time with the doc!

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Tea Blend MakersKit

Why should Earl Grey have all the fun? With this Tea Blend MakersKit ($24), you can play brewmaster on your own. Taste and sniff the included premium loose leaf teas, then combine them to create your own custom creations. You can seal your own tea bags with the press of an iron or infuse directly into your petite personal teapot.

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Do Amazing Things Cuff

We'll take a little motivation wherever we can find it. And if that's in a piece of stylish jewelry instead of a black-mounted stock landscape photo with a pithy slogan beneath it, we'll call it a win. This Do Amazing Things Cuff ($78) looks sharp while reminding you to get out and be extraordinary.

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Bliss Pout-O-Matic + Chantecaille Luminous Gloss

You've been on three dates with your latest love interest, and he still hasn't kissed you goodnight. Maybe he's just not that into you... or maybe he's put off by your dry, flaky lips. Before your next date, massage them with the Pout-O-Matic ($72) and follow up with the included berry-colored Chantecaille Luminous Gloss. Your lips will be soft and kissable, and the shiny color will last for up to six hours (although we're betting it will be smeared all over his face well before the six hours is up).

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Vendredi Cashmere Sweater

We know the price is steep, but darling, the Vendredi ($345) is cashmere, the crème de la crème of materials out of which to make a sweater. It's also stylish and flattering, with its crisscross stitching and its asymmetric zipper option. Don't like color? It's also available in gray and white.

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Jetmor Carry-on in Walnut

Canvas is boring, but who wants to indulge in luxury leather for something that's going to get tossed around like a circus trapeze artist as soon as it's out of your sight? And trust us: the way overhead bins keep shrinking, it will end up out of your sight. This Jetmore Carry-on in Walnut ($295) combines a classy look with the kind of rugged durability you need to keep your goods safe and sound through the rigors of travel.

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Bacon-Flavored Cocoa in Mason Jar

We know you haters are out there - sad souls who claim they're "over" bacon mania. To those of you who claim the nation's bacon obsession has "gone too far," we say this: our national obsession with putting cured pork belly into everything from donuts to vodka exists because bacon makes everything better.

Deniers can keep refuting this scientific fact if they want. The rest of us will stir up a cup of this Bacon-Flavored Cocoa ($8) and let them wallow in their own misery.

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Timex Weekender Canvas Watch

It's not going to win any awards for elegance, but Timex's Weekender Watch ($35) is a solid performer. It's durable and comfortable, and the band is interchangeable with dozens of other options (available for about seven dollars a pop) so you can tailor your timepiece to your handbag, or your shoes, or even your hiking pack.

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Nordic Ware Pizza Crisper

It ain't fancy, but you're going to want to have a Nordic Ware Pizza Crisper ($20) on hand in your kitchen. Even if you're more likely to order a pizza from the shop around the corner than you are to make your own pie, this aluminized steel pan will come in handy. Leftover slices wilt in the microwave, but if you toss 'em on a crisper and put them in the oven at a low temp, they'll come out bubbly on top and crispy on the bottom. It's like giving new life to an old 'za!

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Vince Camuto Midi Ring Set

"I don't need any more bling in my life," said no one, ever. Pick up this Vince Camuto Midi Ring Set ($88) so you can cram even more gold and sparkly onto your digits.

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Cuti-Cocktail Nail & Cuticle Oil

It's been a long week - we're sure you could use a drink, so why not give your nails a fortifying cocktail while you're sipping on your old-fashioned tonight? Apply a bit of this oil ($17) to your fingertips to condition your cuticles and encourage growth. We recommend holding off on the rest of the manicure until you're sober.

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