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Zendaya Gives Us Fifty Shades of Gray (Or At Least Three)

By Rebecca Howard

Was she on her way to meet Mr. Grey? Nope, Zendaya was just heading out to some Fashion Week events in Paris, but her breezy street style look is holding us all captive. The Christian who inspired this gray look is Christian Siriano, who designed her wide-legged pants and over-sized sweater scarf. Paired with a Zadig & Voltaire turtleneck, Karen Walker sunnies and a pop of color in her spray-paint effect hand bag, it made the perfect transitional look for Spring.

Your hands aren't tied; click here for similar 
items to create your own look in shades of gray:

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Luxury Organic Lip Balm by Henné Organics

The weather is a volatile mess pretty much everywhere, but especially in LA, the wild temperature oscillation has left me looking like I'm rocking wax lips. This Luxury Organic Lip Balm is ideal for sad, chapped lips, and it's full of good stuff like coconut oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter, and after a couple of days using it, and you'll have the soft, smooth lips you deserve. Any other portions of your anatomy need moisture? You can rub it on dry elbows, hands, knees. Chapped eyeballs? That's horrifying. Seek medical help immediately.

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Rock Effortless Hair With Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo

In a perfect world, you'd wake up each morning with plenty of time to greet the sunrise and twittering birds and then languidly step into the shower to start your day. Unfortunately, that rarely happens (thanks to things like late nights and snooze buttons). When you past the sniff test and decide to skip the shower, add TIGI's Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo to your speedy, need-to-dash routine. It effortlessly soaks up excess oil, adds shine and texture, and basically makes you look like you don't even know the definition of a bad hair day. In fact, it's sort of an excuse to skip showering more often. Hello, extra sleep!

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8 Ways To Ease Your Winter Wardrobe Into Spring

By Tanya Sharma

There's nothing like a few chic spring clothes and accessories to take your wardrobe in a sunnier direction.

It's finally time to bid a cheerful farewell to winter and its nasty weather. As you shove your boots, heavy coats and scarves to the back of the closet, prepare to ease into spring with these transitional wardrobe tips that will make your spring style more chic than ever.

Farewell, winter!

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Brush Cleansing Palette

If your makeup brush is on heavy rotation, it can end up looking like a bristly, caked-over nightmare collection of whatever you've been applying lately. Your poor brush. This Brush Cleansing Palette from Real Techniques can sort you out. Its cute nubby design will strip away caked-in makeup and oils, leaving you with a fresh brush that can go for round two without any of the collected grossness. And it's super easy to clean -- just pop it in the dishwasher when you're done using it.

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Give Your Feet A Ticket To The Sweet Life In The Dolce Vita Tia Mule

The mule is making a splash this spring as an easy alternative to the ballet flat or loafer. They're varied in style--many have chunky, square heels, others are open toed, and some, like the Dolce Vita Tia Mule, are almost slipper-like with a cushiony sole and a closed leather upper. That's a definite selling point if you're big on comfort, and who isn't? I love when fashion trends are nice and cozy; these shoes prove that looking good doesn't have to come at the cost of pinched toes and heel blisters!

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What To Pack For Your Trip To Sunny Santa Monica

By Tanya Sharma

Whether you're traveling from the blustery climes of the east or a similarly sunny western locale, your goal when packing for Santa Monica is the same: be chic, stylish and comfortable.

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6 Lush Bath Bombs: Ranked

By Ryan Boyd

Lush's Bath Bombs are a cultural institution. It's a pocket of sparkly opulence in an otherwise boring bathing routine -- like that scene from Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire when Harry gets to swim around in the fancy prefects' bathroom. Even the bath bombs themselves look like weird candy I would've begged for in the supermarket as a kid. (I don't actually know what happens if you eat a bath bomb. Probably a very confusing, glitter-smeared autopsy report.) But not all bath bombs are created equal -- how do they stack up?


Benefit Dandelion Shy Beam Matte Highlighter

When you've got an enormous collection of makeup, sometimes it's like herding cats trying to get all of it to play nice together - contouring becomes like an argument for your face as you try to find the right combination of products for your everyday look. Dandelion Shy Beam Matte Highlighter plays very well with others, since its shimmer-free formula can go underneath other complexion products, and it works amazingly as a spot highlighter for when you want to nail that "makeup-free but still beaming like God's own nightlight" vibe.

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The Best Thing About This Ring? Responding To Compliments With "Thanks, It's Versace!"

Versace frocks from the spring line? Gorgeous, but a teensy bit out of the budget. This Versace Medusa Ring, featuring the brand's iconic logo, however, is an affordable indulgence. Slipping it on your finger will make you feel glamorous and edgy even when you're wearing your clearance end cap Target cardigan and slightly scuffed (but totally comfy) Clark's boots. Of course, you can also wear it when you're getting all dolled up for date night or an early season spring wedding--it may make onlookers wonder if you're in head-to-toe Versace. You should probably just keep 'em guessing!

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10 Pairs Of Must-Have Spring Wedges

By Tanya Sharma

Sandal season is upon us in all of its pedicure-bearing, high-heeled glory. Step into the season with an arsenal of chic wedges perfect for any look.

After bidding a hasty farewell to your winter boots, your UGGs and your fuzziest socks, you are more than ready to slip into a pair of comfortable wedges.

Here are 10 pairs that add some serious style to your spring wardrobe.

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10 Spring Bags That Are Less Than $100

By Chantel Delulio

As we finally transition out of winter and into spring it's time to shake off those cold-weather, muted-blues. Reintroduce a little color to your day-to-day look with a new, warm-weather friendly bag.

We've got ten wallet-friendly bags that
are perfect for the arrival of spring! 

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1990s Snake Print Leggings

I have this rule, see -- if an article of clothing could probably have been worn by a nose-ringed musician performing at The Bronze on Buffy the Vampire Slayer circa 1998, it's automatically right-click-save-as material. These 1990's Snake Print Leggings from ASOS are no exception, featuring a vintage soft 'n' stretchy fabric and a mid-high waist.

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Sunbathe In The Style With The Sunnylife Luxe Beach Towel

It's that time of year again! Well, almost. Prepare for beach weather by picking out a fantastic new towel. Sunnylife's Tenerife Luxe Beach Towel is made with a thick, soft terry cotton for the ultimate in cush as you relax on the sand. That bold print, too, makes locating said towel easy-as-pie as you race back up from taking a quick dip in the water. It'll eliminate that awkward half-jog in the wrong direction before you change course to find your stuff and pretend you meant to take the scenic route. We've all been there!

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Living The Good Life Just Got Easier

By Rebecca Howard

I have a jealousy problem. You know those people whose lives just seem perfectly perfect? Their Instagrams are a non-stop feed of mouth-watering meals, stylish OOTDs and Nat Geo travel pics. I really envy those people, and the ease with which they seem to live so elegantly. Even if I wanted to have photo-worthy meals, one-of-a-kind clothes and crafty DIY home furnishings (and I really do), I wouldn't know where to begin.

Blogger, author and crafter Geneva Vanderzeil is one of those fabulous people with that certain je ne sais quoi, joie de vivre, and all that other French stuff that means "living better than you;" and lucky for me, and all of us challenged-at-the-good-life folks, her genius lifestyle blog, a pair & a spare, is dedicated to sharing the secrets of making the little things in life that much better.
At a pair & a spare, Vanderzeil shares her tips, tricks and inspiration for everything from putting together the perfect picnic, to repurposing old clothes into fresh new pieces, to refinishing flea market furniture. Need a quick and easy table setting, a guide to insider hotspots for your next vacation, or advice on making a career out of what you love? You've come to the right place. Not only will Vanderzeil's projects make your life more enjoyable, but most of them are economical and eco-friendly, too.


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