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Food Saving Wrap Set

Stop! There's no need to toss that half a lemon in the garbage can or try and wrestle it into a sandwich baggie only to forget about it for three weeks and then toss it in the garbage can. With this Food Saving Wrap Set ($20), you can top off your cut fruits and veggies with a BPA-free rubber cap. The four sizes make for an easy fit over just about anything, from onions and apples to eggplants and mini watermelons. (They also work perfectly for topping off Tupperware that seems to have magically lost its lid.)

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Welcome to the Club Card

Warn your newly married friends that nosy busybodies will constantly be asking them when they're going to procreate. This will start immediately. As in, probably at the wedding reception. If you're a super good friend, your card will include examples of retorts they can reply with, like "We're still just practicing, Aunt Millie!" and "Aw, sis! Babysitting your kids has proven to be excellent birth control!"

Welcome to the Club Card ($5)

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Open Cage Bib Necklace

You can't get many necklaces that are this unique and statement-making at this price. The Open Cage Bib Necklace ($18) is a steal! Many bib necklaces are heavy and attention-seeking, but the thin wires on this one are restrained, making for a perfect complement to your sleek, minimal look.

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Pink Sea Clay + Kelp Face Mask

We love when beauty products, like this Pink Sea Clay + Kelp Face Mask ($18) from Change Soap, come in concentrated forms. That means that we get more bang for our buck, and two ounces of powdered face mask equals countless evenings of skin pampering. To activate the beneficial properties of the clay and kelp, simply mix a small amount of powder with water and apply to your face with a brush (or your fingers since no one's watching!). Leave it on for 10 minutes or so and then rinse clean. It will calm irritated skin, provide light exfoliation, and restore moisture balance.

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The First Bad Man

Doe-eyed mythical creature Miranda July has just released her first novel, The First Bad Man ($17). We know, we're surprised that it's her first full-length offering, but we shouldn't be, since she's been so busy with making movies (with talking cats), creating experimental mobile apps, and performing avant-garde theater shows. In a similar vein to her previous collections of short stories, The First Bad Man introduces a troubled character who believes that she has lived other lifetimes, and has plenty of unhealthy obsessions and neuroses. But July has the ability to infuse enough wit and surrealism to not let the reader get too buried in the heavy themes.

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Super Sweater

Not all superhero sweaters need to have the Superman "S" smack dab in the middle. This Super Sweater ($90) goes a much simpler route, with knit block letters simply spelling out the superlative adjective. You may not have flashy powers, but you do have a fab wardrobe (and other super qualities, we're sure).

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Pearl Organic Cold Cream

We've rubbed a lot of stuff on our face for the sake of science trying new products for you, but we're about to make a big statement: Pearl Organic Cold Cream ($60) may be our favorite yet. All-natural and multipurpose, this facial cream goes on easy and seeps nicely into our skin (rather than just sitting on top and leaving us feeling gooey and weird several hours later). And it smells great - we found ourselves asking "what's that nice smell?" and realized that it was just Pearl doing its thing.

Full disclosure: Outblush received a free sample of this product.

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Basic Heirloom Seed Kit

Prep your outdoor garden by starting your seeds inside next to a sunny window. This Basic Heirloom Seed Kit ($20) will set you up with four biodegradable paper pots and seeds for basil, cherry tomatoes, lemon mint, and zucchini. It also comes with a booklet that'll tell you when to transfer your seedlings outside and offer recipe suggestions for optimal enjoyment of your harvest. All you need to provide is the soil, water, sun, and, of course, love.

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Micah Dress

The Micah Dress ($203) has a colorful built-in bib that's perfect for camouflaging the bits of lobster that fly everywhere when you're digging into a tail on your Caribbean vacation. Of course, if you don't want to rely on your pricey vacation frock's embroidered accent to take the burden, a plastic lobster bib will look great with the rest of the casual black dress, too.

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In-Bloom Portrait Pillow

Now you can keep a fresh bouquet of flowers in your home all the time, even if you can't afford one from the farmers market every week. The In-Bloom Portrait Pillow ($78) will add almost the same amount of pigmented joy to your living room, with the added bonuses of the fact that it won't fade and you won't have to throw it out after a week.

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Fresh Fig + Cardamom Relish Hand Wash

We know. Paying almost twenty dollars for a bottle of hand soap seems a bit ridiculous, but trust us, putting this Fresh Fig + Cardamom Relish Hand Wash ($19) from Paddywax into your guest bath will look totes impressive to family and friends who stop over to visit. But don't just save it for special hosting occasions. Indulge yourself by washing up with the vitamin E-rich soap every day. It smells divine.

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Looking forward to doing a little smoochin' with your Valentine? We're pretty sure he'll want to smooch you anytime and anywhere, but giving him a little gift wrapped in some of this cute XOXO paper ($5) may get you to the smooching sooner, especially if the contents reveal something he's really wanted, like a bottle of single malt scotch or a Walking Dead hoodie (which isn't something we'd consider romantic, per se, but men are strange like that).

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Lemon Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich Kit

The munchkins were bored with their Christmas gifts by January 2nd (grrr!) and the endless winter still stretches out ahead of you. Short of kicking them out of the house daily to populate the yard with snow people, you've got to distract them with indoor activities. Foodstirs's Lemon Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich Kit ($30) ships you everything you need to occupy the heathens spend quality time with your kids and the end result is pretty delicious. Hide a few in the back of the freezer as parent tax and enjoy once the kids are finally in bed for the evening.

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Alice High Heel

The first thing we thought when seeing the Alice High Heels ($178) is how perfect they'd be for a mad tea party. Apparently we're not alone in that, Lewis Carroll's tale must be where these shoes got their name. Now, we think the blue polka dots and teal and pink ties are absolutely darling, but how many mad tea parties do you get invited to? If you want a little more versatility, these heels also come in solid colors.

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Alima Pure Velvet Lipstick

Smooth as velvet. That's how your lips are going to look and feel after the application of Alima Pure's new line of Velvet Lipstick ($26). Available in six dramatic shades (because velvet is nothing but a dramatic fabric), this moisturizing formula won't start flaking and breaking up an hour after you apply, instead keeping its rich, full coverage all day long.

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