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Limited Edition Jonathan Cohen for Shu Beauty Bag

When we fly, the first thing we do after landing is hit up the airport bathroom to fluff up our flat, lifeless airplane hair. Corralling all of our hair accessories in this Jonathan Cohen for Shu Beauty Bag ($98) will help us streamline the process, so we don't have to spend 10 minutes in a dirty restroom hunched over our carry-on searching for a tiny bottle of dry shampoo.

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Talika Smile & Kiss

You flashed the cute UPS guy your best smile, and instead of asking for your number he recoiled in horror - apparently your three-coffees-a-day habit is affecting your pearly whites. Looks like your next delivery should include Talika's Smile & Kiss ($37). Use one end to add color and softness to your lips, then flip it over and use the other end to instantly whiten that smile and freshen your breath.

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Skin Tight Body Lotion

Despite what the Kardashians would have you believe, "skin tight" should probably not be your goal when it comes to your wardrobe. But when it comes to your body? That's another story. Don't panic if certain parts are not as firm and toned as they were in your early 20s - this tinted lotion from Prtty Peaushun ($24) tightens your skin while simultaneously hiding the appearance of varicose veins, cellulite, scars, stretch marks, and more.

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Stainless Steel Oil Tin

When you take a gander at this Stainless Steel Oil Tin ($10), it may conjure up images of oiling rusted tin parts, but we swear, this one's for oiling up your veggies. Okay, or meats - basically anything that needs a tablespoon or two of olive oil to get a perfect pan sear or addition of flavorful and healthy monounsaturated fatty acids.

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Bad Feminist: Essays

It's probably not going to make the required reading list in your Intro to Women's Studies class, but we think that Roxane Gay's Bad Feminist ($11) is a must-have. Gay takes an incredibly controversial and nuanced topic and turns it into a witty, pop-culture referenced conversation with her readers. She talks about loving things that aren't "traditionally" feminist, like the color pink, Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines, and Vogue magazine. She brazenly embraces all the parts of herself, especially the parts that aren't so easily labeled, and through her wit, charm, and hilarious essays, encourages women to do the same.

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Sea Salt By The Seashore Multi-Grain Chips

We're sure that this bag of Sea Salt By The Seashore Multi-Grain Chips ($6) from Late July stops being good for us the longer we keep eating from it (yes, all during one sitting!), but the list of things the chips have going for them far outweigh the bad, so we're choosing to embrace our gluttony. Besides, binging on organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, artificial flavor-free, and lightly salted crunchy chips is about as healthy as we get during a stressful work day!

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DERMAdoctor Brazilian Bombshell

As much as we'd love to give off sexy Brazilian vibes, we'll always look more like a female Conan O'Brien than Adriana Lima. Thanks, Irish heritage. We may not be naturally bronze with curves in all the right places, but with a little fake tan and DERMAdoctor's Brazilian Bombshell body lotion ($48), we can get pretty damn close.

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Righteous Felon O. G. Hickory Jerky

The ultimate in protein-packed road trip food, jerky is actually a fairly healthy alternative to stocking up on gas station snacks (we're looking at you, Little Debbie!). If you plan ahead, you can skip the sketchy station aisles altogether and munch on some Righteous Felon O. G. Hickory Jerky ($24, 3-pack). The gourmet dehydrated strips are thick, smokey, and delicious. Crank up the tunes and hit the open road!

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Flying Pigs Sticker Pack

The only downside to putting the contents of this Flying Pigs Sticker Pack ($27) by Hu2 on the wall of your child's room? You can no longer use the famous idiom "when pigs fly" to answer their incessant whining about getting a pony/new iPhone/tickets to Frozen on Ice.

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Handmade Dog Bowls

We don't know how many times we've heard dog owner friends say, "When you don't have kids, your dogs are your kids!" Do they speak the truth? We'd wager so, especially since there's a market for these Handmade Dog Bowls ($50-70) by Ware of the Dog. Don't get us wrong, they're gorgeously made, but we don't even eat off of dishes that cost that much! Oh well, the things we do for our "kids," right?

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Scooter Chalk Trail Kit

You have mixed feelings on your daughter wheeling around the neighborhood on her scooter. On the one hand, it's great that she's getting some exercise and playing outside. On the other hand, she has absolutely no sense of direction, and it's not always convenient to send the family search party out after her. The Scooter Chalk Trail Kit ($13) drags a piece of chalk behind the scooter to create "art" - and to provide a steady line that she can follow back home.

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This Works Deep Sleep Bath Oil

You're addicted to watching Forensic Files, but when it's time for bed, every little creak of the floorboards sends you into an "I'm-about-to-be-murdered" panic. You could try taking a bath with some of this Deep Sleep Bath Oil ($148) before bed - it's made with a blend of essential oils to calm your mind and encourage peaceful sleep. You could also stop watching shows about grisly real-life murders, but how else will you be able to hone your mad armchair detective skills?

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Cat Apron

We're totally not ashamed that our perfect Saturday night consists of baking, crap TV, and cat cuddles. We're also not ashamed that we leave our new favorite cat apron ($20) on long after we've pulled the brownies out of the oven. (What? We don't want to get crumbs on our yoga pants.)

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Lucite Stapler

Maybe the reason you hate going to work is because your desk has all the charm of a prison cell. Replacing that industrial-looking Swingline with this pretty Lucite Stapler ($32) would be a good first step toward infusing your space with a little style. Add some patterned notebooks and a potted succulent, and who knows - you just might start waking up in a good mood Monday through Friday!

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Boston Tobacco Leaf Roll-On Perfume Oil

Don't let the word "tobacco" scare you; this roll-on perfume oil ($55) won't make you smell like the inside of a casino. Rather, it was created to mimic the smell of outdoors in fall - earthy, fresh, and much more mysterious than the citrus scents you've been reaching for all summer. We can't wait to spritz some on the second the weather gets cool enough to warrant a light sweater and boots.

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