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Treat House Custom Treats

How would you like to see your mug on top of a gooey pile of caramel, dark chocolate, and marshmallow? Or maybe you dream of putting a picture of your beloved cat on a delightful pineapple and passion fruit confection. Whatever your dessert fantasies, Treat House can fulfill them. Their Custom Treats (from $36 for 12) let you put your picture on your choice of their twenty tasty concoctions.

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Goldies Herbal Insect Repellent

DEET is scary. So is West Nile Virus. What's a girl to do? Stay inside, probably. But for those of us unwilling to give up the great outdoors, there's Goldies Herbal Insect Repellent ($26). This blend of witch hazel, herbs, and oils will help keep the bloodsuckers at bay without making you smell like a chemical factory.

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Alligator Print Dress

Mini Rodini continues to make some of the cutest kid clothing out there. Imagine this Alligator Print Dress ($50) on your sassy, opinionated niece! Kids tend to just walk away when they lose interest in something (or someone) - which is often, since they're distracted pretty easily - so this fun departing phrase can act as a proper goodbye when she forgets to tell you that she's done with whatever toy you're tinkering with for her amusement.

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Remington i-LIGHT Pro

Unwanted body hair: everybody's got it. Whether it's beast-like leg fuzz, a furry back patch, or a happy trail that has you down, the Remington i-LIGHT Pro ($293) is an at-home solution that will fry those follicles for a fraction of the cost of an in-office laser session. We know what we'll be doing during that next Dance Moms marathon.

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bareMinerals Complexion Rescue

It's bareMinerals to the rescue! Is your skin feeling and looking less fresh, dewy, and soft than usual? Of course it is - it's the dead of winter. That means you have to put a little more effort into your makeup routine than usual, which doesn't help cure dry skin. A vicious cycle, yes, but lucky for you, this tinted Complexion Rescue BB cream ($29) can help provide a supportive (and moisturizing) foundation.

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Love Pie Chart Card

Words don't always cut it. Some of us are visual learners. That's why this Love Pie Chart Card ($5) might do a better job than the usual schmaltz of telling the adored one in your life just how much you dig them. Instead of telling, it shows just how much more you love them than kittens, candy, free money, and those bungalows over the ocean in Tahiti.

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Floral Dawn Dress

Pantone may have proclaimed marsala as the color of the year, but we think the spring should be full of its lighter, softer cousin. This Floral Dawn Dress ($197) features a romantic print in a sweet coral. The cotton voile frock is loose-fitting and casual - an excellent choice for a sweltering summer day (they'll come, we promise!).

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Child of Wild x Flash Tattoos

We're longstanding fans of Flash Tattoos' fabulous jewelry-style temporary tats. Their various glittering gold and silver metallic designs last for 4-6 days if kept clear of soap, sunscreen, and other lotions and oils. Their latest release is a collaboration with funktastic sustainable brand Child of Wild, resulting in this tribal-themed assortment of semi-permanent embellishments.

Child of Wild x Flash Tattoos ($30)

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Nail Therapy

No manicure is going to look good for long if the nails underneath that glitzy polish are splitting, and peeling. If your polish goes from gorgeous to garbage before you've hardly left the salon, try Nail Therapy ($17). Just slide these nail masks on for a healing infusion of vitamins and botanicals, while you sit back and relax for an hour or so.

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Makerskit Classic Cocktails Bar Set

So this Makerskit Classic Cocktails Bar Set ($36) doesn't come with everything you need to create epic martinis. You'll have to provide your own booze, mixers, and fixings. But if you've got a well-stacked liquor cabinet, the contents of this kit will help make you look pretty darned slick as you muddle those mojitos.

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Captain Blankenship Anchor Balm

Wherever life has you feeling chapped and flaky, Captain Blankenship Anchor Balm ($20) will soothe what ails you. This nourishing combination of almond oil and shea butter sports a fresh, floral fragrance and works great on lips, hands, or random itchy spots.

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Handwoven Oversized Scarf

An oversized wool herringbone scarf - almost four feet square! - would be nothing to sneeze at in and of itself, but add the fluorescent red and yellow trim? It's irresistible! Even if you're a solely monochromatic type of dresser, we think you can make an exception for this gorgeous scarf by Study ($195). Everybody needs a tiny pop of color, and this is just about the tiniest, yet extremely effective, pop of color one could imagine.

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Fountain - The Beauty Molecule

Most of us try to get our gorgeous going from the outside in. But what if we could boost our beauty from the inside out? Fountain - The Beauty Molecule ($28) is a nutritional supplement designed specifically to get you looking fabulous. The formula combines powerful antioxidant Resveratrol with vegan hyaluronic acid to help fight the signs of aging. Try tossing a teaspoon down with your morning OJ.

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Community Rasa Bra

This fashion forward Community Rasa Bra ($30) isn't going to cut it for those HIIT workouts or a 5k, but it will offer plenty of support during your yoga or barre workouts. We're not saying that those classes aren't a ton of work, but they're also kind of a fashion show in the way that a boxing class isn't. We're always down for some hot pink, but this versatile top also comes in five other colorways, including basic black.

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The Little Hiptionary

When somebody offers to fix your wagon, do you look for your Radio Flyer? Think a butterface happens when you get sloppy while eating toast, or that ballin' has something to do with baseball? Get yourself a copy of The Little Hiptionary ($10) and start studying before you reach for a beer opener when someone threatens to bust a cap at you.

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