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A Shadow in the Elevator

If you loved Guillermo del Toro's CRIMSON PEAK, you absolutely need Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's line of scents inspired by the film. (I know a lot of people didn't like the movie, but they are MISGUIDED and INCORRECT.) This scent, A Shadow in the Elevator, is described thus: "Strands of ectoplasm floating through the shadowed air: black plum, inky vetiver, cashmere patchouli, dark oudh, and spectral musk." Not only does it smell great - you got to read the phrase "inky vetiver" today, so I'd chalk that up as a win.

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Brighten Your Room With MoMA's Rainbow Dot Coasters

You know you've turned a corner in adulthood when you start putting thought into previously inconsequential things like, say, the shape and color of your drink coasters. In college, you didn't even bother with them and, when you reached your early 20s, a napkin was good enough. But then you start turning an apartment or a house into a home and coasters become part of the detail work that can really make a room come together.

MoMA's cheerful
Rainbow Dot Coasters add a vibrant and celebratory feel to your evening cocktail; you survived another day, have a night of Netflix ahead of you, and are successfully preserving your expensive, mid-century replica coffee table from wood-ruining condensation rings. #winning.

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5 Beauty Trends To Know (Before They Blow Up!)

By Cailyn Cox

In 2016 we've been blessed with an array of choices in makeup trends, and thankfully none of them are at all boring. The problem is not all of them are really wearable either, unless you're a supermodel.

So to make life easier for all of us we've highlighted some of the key makeup trends to know.

And they don't require mass amounts of skill and confidence to pull off!

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Move Over, New York: 5 Other Fashion Weeks You Should Know About

By Meagan Morris

New York Fashion Week just wrapped up and next up is London. After that will be Paris and Milan ... and a whole host of other cities you probably haven't heard about.

Itching to catch a runway show, but don't have the cash to hit a big show? Try one of the regional fashion shows near you--and who know, you might someday be able to say you knew about a designer before she hit the big time.

Think fashion week only happens in New York? Think again.

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The Secret Ingredient in Anti-Wrinkle Cream is Lies

By: Ryan Boyd

Aging is a scary, daunting hell-ride into a swamp of insecurities and hang-ups. Bodies are programmed to betray us, and beauty companies have hit on a brilliant way to capitalize on consumers' terror: anti-wrinkle products, a whole panoply of serums and creams and tonics that claim to spit in the face of Father Time and keep you looking young and fresh. So how do they do it? How do these cosmetic wonders work their magic?

Answer: Snake oil concentrate, right to the face.

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You Don't Have To Hit Up The Beach To Break Out The Beach Halter Maxi Dress

All hail the maxi dress! May it never go out of style so it can keep women everywhere looking sexy (while also covering up our unshaven legs). Put on your best pair of Spanx and then shimmy into LOFT's Beach Halter Maxi Dress. You don't have to hit the sand in it; it'll look as equally chic dressed up for a casual day wedding or worn with your favorite funky jewelry at a summer music festival. I bet it will quickly become a integral staple of your summer wardrobe thanks to its comfortable fit, easy style, and total versatility.

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These Shoes Were Made for Blogging

By Rebecca Howard

Flowers and candy only last so long, so if Valentine's Day left you feeling a bit 'meh,' check out Aminah Addul Jillil's trend-setting and affordable footwear line for eye candy that will melt your heart and send it into everlasting ecstasy.


A new name in the footwear industry, Jillil may look familiar, as you may have glimpsed this professional dancer performing in commercials, with Cirque du Soleil, and on tour with Janet Jackson and Britney Spears. In 2012, Jillil decided to launch a line of shoes, and her incredible designs have practically broken the blogosphere, showing up on absolutely everyone's Instagram and garnering celebrity fans, including Rihanna.


  It won't even matter what you're wearing; in fact, keep it simple, because these shoes are the star of the show. Even a plain LBD or white tee and jeans becomes an inspiring OOTD when paired with any of Jillil's creations - from flats which are truly beautiful in their simplicity, to heels which are over-the-top embellished with crystals, buckles, straps, and those AH-MAH-ZING oversized bows.


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Strut Your Stuff In These Ab-Worthy Grammy Inspired Looks

By Rebecca Howard

Whether showing them off in satin skirts and tube tops, cutout gowns or sequined jumpsuits, songstresses and celebs really wanted us to notice their abs on the Grammy red carpet this year. Guess all those juice cleanses and personal trainers really paid off.

If you're as proud of the results of all your crunches, take a
cue from the standout style of these stars and show some skin.

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Confuse and Alarm Your Drunk Friends with this Upside-Down Wine Glass

If there's one thing wine accessories lack, it's a DalĂ­-esque sense of surrealism, which is where the Upside-Down Wine Glass comes in. The wine rests in the bowl of the glass and you sip it through the base, because the world is an absurdist hellscape and you have no regard for structural design - break this bad boy out at your next gathering and make your guests question the parameters of reality while getting sloshed on fancy wines.

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The Shashi Baguette Bar Ring Is The Perfect Minimalist Accent

Baguettes get a bad rep. For the most part, they seem clunky and outdated and we often overlook them when it comes time to shop for new bling. But a baguette done right, as is the case with the Shashi Baguette Bar Ring, can be minimalist and modern. This particular ring is the perfect "gateway" baguette, too, if you aren't sure you want to drop some serious dough on the real deal. The CZ stone and rose gold-plated band effortlessly emulate more expensive materials but won't set you back a few month's worth of rent if it ends up sitting in your jewelry box more often than it graces your finger.

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Why Pink Lips Are The New Hot Lip Color Trend

By Cailyn Cox

There are lots of makeup trends to look out for in 2016, but undeniably one of the prettiest and easiest to pull off is the pink lips trend.

When the weather warms up so too do the makeup trends, and pink is the girly color every fashionista will be coveting for the spring/summer months. Seen on the runways of Max Mara, Dax and Fendi these pretty pink looks complimented the designer outfits.

And they'll compliment yours, too!

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4 Surprising Stores That Sell Wedding Dresses

By Meagan Morris

TLC's Say Yes to the Dress makes wedding dress shopping look like a magical experience. It definitely is, but with all the magic comes a lot of stress--and a big price tag.

If you're getting married and want to skip the whole wedding dress production, consider your alternatives. Believe it or not, some of your favorite fashion brands offer beautiful wedding dresses--and there's definitely one to fit your style (and your budget).

Say yes, to these stores!

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Blotterazzi by Beautyblender

I'm tempted to buy any beauty product that has such a screamingly bright pink applicator, because I respect and fear it the way I would a poison dart frog. But Blotterazzi is as friendly as they come, and it's way better than conventional blotting papers - it sucks moisture and excess oil out of your face, removing the greasy look while leaving your makeup intact.

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Comfortable Is The New Sexy In The Eberjey Plume Of Love Romper

Not sure you're the fur-trimmed teddy and edible underwear type? Don't sweat it! Comfortable can be sexy, too. This Eberjey Plume of Love Romper is sweet and feminine while still being soft and something you can actually sleep in. Order it to add a little ooh la la to your Valentine's Day evening and then feel smug because you know can wear it again and again (unlike see-through lacy things that you only break out a few times a year).

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How To Make A Valentine's Day Style Statement

By Cailyn Cox

Got a romantic date planned for Valentine's Day? Headed to a glamorous party? It's the holiday some of us have been waiting for, and while romance is important, so too are your clothing choices.

If you want to make a style statement (whether you're single or in a relationship) then we've got you covered with the perfect colors, patterns and trends to try out--no matter where the night takes you.

First way you can make a statement?

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