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Willamina Modern Apothecary Cold Inhalation Serum

Snot got you down? Join the club. When winter starts clogging up your bronchial tubes, fight back with Willamina Modern Apothecary Cold Inhalation Serum ($26). Put a few drops into a pan of hot water, suck down those vapors, and let this healthful blend of borage, castor, and essential oils shake those green gremlins out of your lungs.

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Cereal Bowl White Chocolate Bar

What do you eat for a post-work snack to accompany the fresh batch of cereal milk™ you made this morning? A Cereal Bowl White Chocolate Bar ($10), obviously! This gourmet chocolate bar from Los Angeles chocolatiers Compartes is now in version 2.0 (now with more cereal!), and features cornflakes and marshmallows floating in a bar of delicious white chocolate. It's a rich breakfast treat for any time of the day.

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Multitasking may not be good for you, but it sure makes it feel like you're getting things done. The iBloom ($19) does it with enviable style, combining a clean, modern iPhone dock with a planter or terrarium. Just add rocks, soil, and the low-maintenance plant of your choice, and make sure to use a steady hand when you've got to water the darned thing.

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Pewter Jonas Ring

Perfect for those born under the Aries sign, this Pewter Jonas Ring ($94) is a declaration of independence, leadership, toughness, and maybe, yes, a hint of impatience and the tendency to get a bit combative. Let's just hope nobody gets into a fight with you while you're wearing this significant piece of jewelry... it could get a bit ugly.

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Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Co Wash

We call it the product pit: where the scramble to repair damaged caused by one type of hair goop leaves you soaking or spraying your locks with a host of serums, conditioners, and repair treatments. If you're sinking into it, Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Co Wash ($20) might help you break free. This back-to-basics formula is a super gentle way to cleanse your hair without stripping away the natural oils that help heal, tame, and texturize your locks.

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I Woke Up Like This Mug

I woke up like this ($10)... slightly disheveled and probably wearing mismatched socks. Oh well, it's impossible to win 'em all, isn't it?

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Ginger and Gilligan Beachtipi

What would it take to transform a trip to the beach into a romantic escape? You won't need a ticket to Antigua (though we wouldn't turn one down). Just pitch this Ginger and Gilligan Beachtipi ($259) on your nearest stretch of sand. Easy to set up, it creates a cool white cocoon in which you can recline, relax, and dream that you're someplace more soothing than the Jersey Shore.

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Melinda Maria Katherine Cocktail Ring

With its mysterious labradorite cabochon surrounded by a field of crystal scales, this Melinda Maria Katherine Cocktail Ring ($198) totally makes us think of the eye of a dragon winking out at us from within a mountain of gold. Then again, that might have something to do with spending the last weekend binge-watching The Hobbit.

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FIKA Date Night Box

You skipped all the madness of Valentine's Day; restaurants are a zoo and prix fixe menus are overpriced and limited. Instead, you spent a quiet evening in watching a few episodes of House of Cards. Throw in a little romance post-holiday and surprise your love with a FIKA Date Night Box ($22) and a bottle of pinot later this week. It's a simple gesture of love that you'll both enjoy gobbling up after a lovely dinner out or while cuddled under the blanket on the couch.

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Fitbit Surge

The classic Fitbit is great, if all you plan on doing is walking. But if your idea of physical activity is a bit more varied, check out the new Surge ($250). This fitness watch mimics the Fitbit's low profile, but includes a heart monitor, GPS tracker, sleep monitor, and tracking capability for a wide range of workouts, from cross training to sprinting.

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Soap & Glory Peaches And Clean Deep Cleansing Milk

We'll confess. When it comes to makeup remover, we have a legacy of buying whatever's cheap at the local drugstore. But then we had a minor epiphany: we don't cover our faces in dollar store foundation, so we should be using something nicer to take off our makeup at the end of the day. Enter Soap & Glory Peaches And Clean Deep Cleansing Milk ($28). We can justify making the upgrade because it doesn't just work as a makeup remover, it's also a great facial cleanser and moisturizer (and it looks cuter on a countertop than an economy-size bottle of store brand face wash).

Full disclosure: Outblush received a free sample of this product.

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Muse Brain Sensing Headband

The Muse Brain Sensing Headband ($299) is a gadget that, quite literally, reads your mind. Strap it on and an array of delicate sensors will detect and measure your brain activity, comparing EEG frequencies to determine whether you're really relaxing or just stressing out with your eyes closed. The Muse syncs with a smartphone app named Calm, which analyzes the data to tell you if you're successfully chilling or still just pretending. Kind of creepy? Sure. But if it gets us on the track to Zen mindfulness, we're willing to give it a shot.

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Band-Aid Bandages by J. Crew

There are plenty of good alternatives to the plain old nude-colored Band-Aids, but none that are so stylish as these Band-Aid Bandages by J. Crew ($5). We mean, J. Crew's design team could have done this in their sleep. Next time you've got a scratch, grab one of these attractive geometry-inspired cover ups and wear an outfit to match!

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Strings App

We've all experienced it: texter's remorse, that agonizing moment when you realize you've just hit "send" when you absolutely, positively shouldn't have. Until now, the only cure has been to crawl into a corner and die of shame. But if you'd been doing your messaging with Strings (Free), you might just be able to take back those ill-advised, autocorrected words. Strings lets you share photos, videos, emails, and texts with other users, but unlike standard messaging apps, you retain the power to delete any message you send. Sounds like a good reason to switch.

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Marsala Metalshine Liquid Liner

Are you on board with Pantone's 2015 color, marsala? We are. It's a totally wearable color for just about any skin tone and we're excited to try it out on more than just our cheeks and lips. The Sephora+Pantone Universe line includes this Marsala Metalshine Liquid Liner ($18), and it's one of the only items still in stock. We can't figure out why, though, because it's a lovely liner shade and it glides on easily. It warms up the face and really makes brown and hazel eyes pop. Use a lighter hand if you have a fair complexion and blue or green eyes; you'll want it to look rosy and not too dark.

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