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Don't Make Trouble Stamp

When you're always causing trouble, you're a force to be reckoned with. Just... be the right kind of trouble. You know, the good kind that brings about change and inspires others!

The Don't Make Trouble Stamp ($5) by Pen & Palates Designs

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Sunday Suppers Olive Oil

You could use this delish Sunday Suppers Olive Oil ($35) to sauté your veggies and aromatics as you cook a fab dinner, but it has such a deep, pure flavor that we think you'd be better off saving it for dipping. That's right, bake or buy a loaf of soft, golden bread, tear off little pieces and dip it right into a shallow bowl of this olive oil. If you're feeling extra fancy, add some balsamic vinegar, too. You'll think you just stepped into an upscale Italian place, even if you're just standing in your kitchen devouring oil-laden carbs!

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Orla Kiely Scribble Stem Tool Box

Useful in just about every room of the house (or garage or garden shed!), this Orla Kiely Scribble Stem Tool Box ($55) by Wild & Wolf will hold all of your extras, whether they be paintbrushes and charcoals, a tape measure and hammer, seed starter packets, or all those odd little items you have lying around the house. We mean, IKEA allen wrenches and random screws have to go somewhere, right?

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Marius Onesie

We've seen, and worn, our share of loungewear (remember Forever Lazy?) but none quite like the Marius Onesie ($189) from OnePiece. We're loving the festive, wintery pattern of this fleece-lined zip up - it almost doesn't look like a grown-up onesie. Almost. There are tons of other just as adorable colors and patterns to choose from and not a hint of camo, tie-dye, or drop seats in sight. Before you balk at the price, consider the fact that you may never need real weekend clothes ever again.

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Himalayan Heat Circular Electric Fireplace

Missing the cozy heat and crackling ambiance of a real fire? You could pick up a faux fireplace that attempts - but ultimately fails - to look like the real thing. Or you could toss pretense to the wind and invest in this Himalayan Heat Circular Electric Fireplace ($98). With a retro, space-age design framing a kitschy display of burning embers, it pumps out heat while adding some serious funk to your home decor.

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Dark Chocolate Banana Chocolate Bar

When we think back on our childhood trips to Disneyland, it's not the rides (or ridiculously long lines) that stand out - it's the chocolate-covered frozen bananas we'd beg our parents to buy us every time we walked by a vendor. Thanks to Mariebelle's Banana Chocolate Bar ($6) we can enjoy the awesome flavor combo without having to deal with hordes of kids or parades featuring life-size rodents.

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Doubtblush: Stella McCartney Super Hero Shoulder Bag

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything.

You can bet your sweet bippy that if we had a thousand smackers to spend on a handbag, it would not be on a pleather luchador mask. We get that being rich doesn't necessarily mean you have good taste, but most wealthy people we know - hell, most people we know, period - would only buy this Stella McCartney Super Hero Shoulder Bag ($1,090) if it was $3 at a flea market in Cabo. It doesn't even double as an actual lucha libre mask, should you find yourself in a dark alley facing down 'roided-out men in metallic spandex tights. For this much money, it should do the fighting for you.

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Blood, Bones & Butter

We can't be the only ones who - pardon the pun - eat up restaurant memoirs or else chefs would stop writing them, right? Let's hope it never comes to that because after finishing Blood, Bones & Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef ($13) by Gabrielle Hamilton, we're thoroughly entranced by the behind-the-scenes look at life in the face-paced and often unforgiving culinary world. Hamilton, however, embraces the grittiness and manages to display a kind of food spiritualism to her readers. Her tumultuous teen years are peppered with learning the craft of cooking, a skill she cultivates and uses to ultimately succeed in the restaurant business.

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Lightbeam Dress

What can we say? This is joy in skirt form. The Kate Spade Saturday brand has always been about feeling good and lifting spirits, but we think no piece does it as well as this pleated gold lamé dress ($175), with has plenty of volume for swinging and dancing (whether on occasion of the fact that this dress is on sale or ringing in the new year).

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Jane Austen Air Freshener

We know that there's no real reason why an air freshener should feature one of the most celebrated authors of all time on it, but we're really glad that this one ($4) does. It smells like lavender, and we can close our eyes and pretend that it's exactly what Pemberley smelled like the first time Elizabeth stepped onto its terrace!

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Oon Power Outlet

Electrical cords have always been an unfortunate necessity of home decor. You can't keep things running without them, but they're a darned eyesore. This Oon Power Outlet ($79) is a refreshing change. It turns something you try to bury under your desk into a feature you'd proudly put in full view. The only downside? You'll have a hard time convincing visiting toddlers it isn't a toy.

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Easy Tiger Pilsner Glasses

When you first get home from work after a super sh*tty day, your brain is all "GRR" and you need a drink, like, stat. Then, after about 30 minutes and a change into yoga pants, your brain switches to, "Easy tiger." But, you know, pour a second drink anyway. Just sip it a little slower!

The Easy Tiger Pilsner Glasses ($36, set of 2).

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Hand-Illustrated Playing Cards

Fancy a game of poker or gin rummy with a deck of these Hand-Illustrated Playing Cards ($12) by OneCanoeTwo Letterpress? Actually, it doesn't really matter what you play because when you own this card deck, you're already a winner. Unless, of course, you lose on a big bet and have to beg your cousin to not really leave with your brand new Kate Spade handbag!

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Love Mash Up Intarsia Gloves

These Love Mash Up Intarsia Gloves ($20) are too sweet! Woven words of affection are layered between baby foxes and parading dachshunds. Their elbow length makes them feel extra classy, and tech-touch fingertips mean you'll be able to snap those selfies without exposing your digits to the winter chill. They're made with a lush, soft viscose and wool blend with a touch of angora and cashmere.

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Cooking Secrets Notebook

Need to put down your favorite kitchen tips, tricks, and recipe alterations on paper? Scribble in this Cooking Secrets Notebook ($10) so they're all in one place. The pages are bigger and better organized than a simple deck of index cards so you won't have to reduce your hand-writing to microscopic proportions in order to fit in all the directions for your famous peanut butter blondie bars.

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