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Rita Ora for Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish - Breakfast in Bed

This light mint polish ($6) is such a pretty shade for summer and it sets in just one minute. To pass the time, we suggest (carefully) Instagramming a pic of your new manicure. By the time you're done picking filters and strategically blurring, it'll be completely dry.

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Holiday Logo T-Shirt

Sure, there are probably dozens of sassy phrases that run through your mind at different points in your day that would make for great slogans, but this T-Shirt ($41) says what's really on your mind all day: when is it time for your next vacation?

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Going on a blind date? Walking alone through a dangerous neighborhood? If you want someone to check up on you without actually having to bother someone unnecessarily, just text Kitestring (Free). After a specified time period has elapsed, Kitestring will message again and ask for confirmation that you're all right. If you fail to respond, Kitestring will automatically send a message to your emergency contacts to let them know that you may be in trouble.

Here's hoping that one day the need for this sort of technology will be obsolete, but until then, it's good to have some insurance.

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Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Twist-Front Brazilian Bottom

Brazilian bikini bottoms are popping up everywhere this summer and we have to say... they're HOT! The Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Twist-Front Brazilian Bottom ($26, on sale) is sexy yet doesn't reveal yoru entire bottom. Try one today from Victoria's Secret and you'll receive free shipping and free returns with any swim purchase (code LIFEGUARD). Free shipping offer ends Wednesday, July 16.

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Row Boat Salad Bowl

Row, row, row your Boat Salad Bowl ($65)
Gently down the vinaigrette stream.
Ro-mainely, mainely, mainely, mainely,
Life is but some greens.

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Lock Picking School in a Box

Want to learn how to pick locks? Well, duh. The Lock Picking School in a Box ($96) teaches you how to break into a basic set of locks. No door will be secure once you've graduated!

Ostensibly, this kit is for aspiring locksmiths so that they can hone their craft. If you're buying it for some other purpose, we don't want to know. No, really, don't even tell us. We're not about to be complicit in your criminal behavior. This is for educational purposes only, not so you can break into your ex's apartment and get back your DVDs he refused to give back or whatever...

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NARS Duo Eyeshadow in All About Eve

If we were incarcerated à la Piper Chapman in Orange is the New Black, we'd cry our eyes out making Red a big batch of jalapeño muscle balm if she agreed to smuggle in a NARS Duo Eyeshadow in All About Eve ($35) for us. The slightly rosy shades are more neutral than not (so it'd keep the guards off our backs), but they enhance eyes with a bit of a glamorous sparkle. And because it's NARS, we know it's the good stuff - one application will last us the whole day.

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Ceramic Unicorn Figurine

Do we even need a reason to tell you why you should get one of these Ceramic Unicorn Figurines ($158) by Jonathan Adler? It's a unicorn. It doesn't do anything; it just sits there looking unicorn-y (unicorn-ish?). But we bet it will add a bit of magic and charm to your bookshelf just as it is, and while we wouldn't usually argue against glitter and glitz, the simplicity of this figurine is spot on, don't you think?

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adorne Pop-Out Outlet

Outlets: They're so... commonplace. We mean, sure, they should be (nothing's worse than coming up short on outlets when you have a whole mess of stuff that needs plugging in!), but this Pop-Out Outlet ($40) proves that they can look much more streamlined and elegant. The simple pop-out design reveals three slots for your plugs, but pops back in when they're not in use. It keeps your walls looking neat and tidy, and may even be a deterrent for little hands (though we still advocate for taking extra precautions with outlets if you've got little ones at home!).

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You Rock Tray

The You Rock Tray ($22): a good reminder for when you're feeling less than awesome. Say, when you're dashing out the door for work... late... again. And then also when you make a mad run back in the house to grab your keys that are sitting in this little tray in your front hall. We, uh, won't mention that you're wearing two different shoes.

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Flirty Teal and Black Long Sleeve Romper

That print! It's no wonder the Flirty Teal and Black Long Sleeve Romper ($40) is called "flirty" - someone is definitely going to make a pass at you in this outfit. We picture it going well for you, too, because even if you're the shy type, that deep neckline is anything but and will help get you through that awkward initial smalltalk.

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Get a Room Tent

Bow-chick-a-bow-wow! There's no need to check whether this Get a Room Tent ($676) is rocking because the graphic on the side indicates that boots are indeed being knocked. Though it's perfect for couples with a sense of humor, we wouldn't recommend camping anywhere near a prison or a mental institution. We've seen enough slasher films to know that the bad guys always target the couples necking in the woods first.

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To Be or Not To Be

If you've ever found yourself thinking, "I guess Hamlet is pretty great. But it'd probably be even better if instead of it going how Billy Shakes wrote it, I got to decide how the story went," you're in luck! You decide what's rotten in the state of Denmark with To Be or Not To Be ($25) by Ryan North (author of Dinosaur Comics). Enduring the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune has never been funnier.

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Body Glove Purple Tough Suit Hard Case

You thought buying a cover would be enough to protect your phone... then one tragic drop later, the screen cracks anyway. Whether you're prone to fits of rage where you chuck your phone against the wall or you live on Jupiter where the gravitational pull is two-and-a-half times stronger than on earth, the Body Glove Purple Tough Suit Hard Case ($50) will keep your smartphone safe and sound. Go ahead, just start slamming the phone on the ground for fun; it's therapeutic.

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