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Sorbet Body Gel

We love sorbet. We love soft skin. We extra love this Sorbet Body Gel ($22), which uses avocado and palm oil to give our skin a double dose of hydration while making us smell like delectable ice cream treats. Stock up now to combat the cold, drying winter weather that's coming our way!

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Keep Running Medals Rack

First and foremost, your prize for running is knowing that if a giant T-Rex suddenly invades the land, you'd probably be less likely to be dino-meal than the rest of us doomed, lazy people. It makes all the medals you're going to hang on this Keep Running Medals Rack ($49) seem like just an insignificant bonus, doesn't it?

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Orchid Loop Necklace

Gorgeous, festive, colorful... this Orchid Loop Necklace ($54) is as eye-catching as it is versatile. Wear it with a neutral top and skirt combo, or let it hang down over a cute sheath dress. Or, you know what? Go ahead and wear it with just about anything. Of course, it may be best to leave it at home on the days when you have important all staff meetings. You don't want to get caught fiddling with those darling beads when you're supposed to be giving your undivided attention to your super boring boss.

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Foldover Fob

You're the kind of person who appreciates order and organization in all facets of life, from your work file folders on your laptop to the multi-divider sections of your junk drawer. Nary a twist tie is out of place. Streamline your keys next by attaching them to the Foldover Fob ($20) from Thrux Lawrence. The simple leather piece will hold onto your keys, your gym pass, rewards cards, and even a USB port or two all while keeping them tucked safely into their assigned places (from largest to smallest, of course).

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Inherent Vice: A Novel

Thomas Pynchon novels can be... a bit difficult to read. We'll fully admit that we have a 50/50 track record ourselves. His plots meander, his sentences often feel like they need a red pen taken to them, and the overall themes are usually pretty damn hard to decipher. That's why we were so surprised when we picked up his newest novel, Inherent Vice ($11). While it still has the telltale flavor of a Pynchon classic, it's also surprisingly entertaining. We found ourselves quickly immersed in a plot about a 1960s-era private eye who finds himself tangled up with an ex-girlfriend, helping her save her lover from his wife, his wife's lover and their ploy to land him in the loony bin. Okay, so we didn't say that the book was a totally easy read!

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Lifting Effect Fluid Concealer

We can think of several body parts that could use a good lift, and thanks to this fluid concealer ($35), we can cross our under eye bags off that list. Not only does it tighten and tone the skin around the eyes, it can help prevent the formation of future wrinkles. Apply to your whole face, making sure to blend it in well around your eyes and mouth, where fine lines tend to appear first.

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Various Projects Albino Pigeon

If you've always loved the underdog team, or if you've always adopted the smallest and scruffiest kitten of the litter, or if you've always felt like people just didn't ever quite understand you, well, we think you'll find a wonderful friend in this Albino Pigeon ($60) from Various Projects.

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Stripes and Plain-Colored Apron

Try as you may, your dinners always turn out... brown-ish. Or yikes, sometimes even gray-ish. Oh, they taste okay, but they look a bit bland and uninspired. Maybe tying on Zara's Stripes and Plain-Colored Apron ($26) will prepare you to expand your meal expertise. Instead of tearing open a frozen bag of oven-ready chicken tenders, you'll tackle roasting a whole chicken dressed with lemon and herbs. And hey, if it doesn't, oh well. At least you look good while you're plating up your tenders, tots, and squirt of ketchup.

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kate spade new york ♥ Gap Bow Ballet Flats

If your kid is the greatest gift you've ever received, you should slap these Bow Ballet Flats ($50) on her precious little feet to remind you of that sentiment the next time she's having a major meltdown because you won't tell her what her Christmas presents are three weeks in advance.

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Plane Awesome Paper Airplane Card

When we say that the Plane Awesome Paper Airplane Card ($7) by Ladyfingers Letterpress has everything, we mean it. The front boasts a compliment, a pun, and perforated paper airplane pieces so that the recipient can build their own plane. The inside is blank so you can fill it up with totally personailzed well wishes and happy thoughts. Top that, Hallmark!

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Buxom Mascara Bar

Do you wish your stubby little eyelashes were three times as long? Or maybe you've got killer length, but you wish your fringe was fuller. No matter what your lash woes, Buxom's new Mascara Bar ($22) has you covered. Each order comes with a bottle of Vanity Lash Mascara that's enriched with provitamin B5, shea butter, vitamin E, and Olive Oil, and then you get to pick from one of seven different brushes: Full & Fabulous, Big & Bushy, Curl & Contour, Thick & Defined, Strong & Long, Itty Bitty, and Lush & Lifted. We kind of want all seven!

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Cat Fight Embellished Tee

Two hundred plus dollars is way too much moolah to pay for a mere T-shirt, isn't it? Usually, we'll admit, but we're having a hard time letting go of the idea of owning this Cat Fight Embellished Tee ($212). Because, come on! Those are kittens! And they've got sequined lighting bolts coming out of their cute little paws! That's pretty darn priceless if you ask us!

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Party On Bottle Opener

Well, obviously. Any time someone cracks open another cold one, the party continues! Okay, unless they then stumble into your side table and knock over a lamp. Then it may be time to call it quits for the evening, or at least declare last call and then hide the Party On Bottle Opener ($25).

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Emilia Taupe Cashmere Travel Set

We're not saying that this Emilia Taupe Cashmere Travel Set ($395) is anywhere near affordable, but think of it this way: if you're traveling regularly, first class upgrades are bound to get expensive. And while there's no substitution for extra leg room and top shelf booze options, settling into a long flight underneath a cashmere mask and blanket sounds pretty dreamy. Just don't forget to pack your headphones so you can tune into some soothing music, too.

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WeekDate Academic Calendar

We might have web jobs, but when it comes to our planners, we still think the pen is mightier than the cursor. But the most tiring task of a real, live, physical calendar is having to add in recurring events like accordion lessons and Taco Tuesdays. But the WeekDate Academic Calendar ($23) is the solution for that: when you open the planner you can see what's going on this week, plus a static schedule that you only have to fill in once. Trust us, it's cool - their video explains it a lot better than we can.

Full disclosure: Outblush received a free sample of this product.

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