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Delft Skull Stationary

Why should expressing your goth side be reserved to one month of the year? This Delft Skull Stationary ($50) makes a touch of the gruesome appropriate whenever the mood strikes you. Stamped with a shimmery gold skull iron rendered in woven branches and leaves, these colorful cards are both cheerful and vaguely spooky. Use them for eerie invitations or over-the-hill birthdays.

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Lambskin Leather Circle Skirt

Über-cute, this American Apparel Lambskin Leather Circle Skirt ($150) comes in a ton of different colors for you to choose from. We adore the sea foam, but bet the the black would look amazing with tights, a long sleeve top, a tail, and some kitty ears for a quick and fun Halloween costume. It's not exactly Mean Girls, but it comes close!

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Bullet Cocktail Shaker

Does this Bullet Cocktail Shaker ($20) look to anyone else like something that should be hidden in your sock drawer?

We thought so.

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High Desert Magic Carpet Yoga Mat

Yoga is all about transcending ordinary consciousness, expanding your perception, and connecting you with the omniscient and all-loving mind of the universe. What better place to practice it than on this trippy High Desert Magic Carpet Yoga Mat ($89)?

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Black Cat Cupcake Toppers

Top off your treats and baked goods with a few black cats ($4 per dozen) and you'll be taking the coolest-looking dessert to your office Halloween party. Err, actually... you may want to take in your cupcakes and then add the toppers when you get to the break room. There's no telling what can happen if you try the commute with a dozen black cats in tow. Even if the old tale is true, and bad luck comes only from a (real) black cat crossing your path, it's always better to be safe than sorry (and standing over a dozen dropped cupcakes!).

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Zara Poncho Coat

We think it's perfectly acceptable to wear a cozy wool blanket wrapped around your shoulders around the house while you fix yourself tea, make a bowl of popcorn, and then snuggle back onto the sofa to read, but you'd look like a crazy person if you wore it out into the real world. It's always such a bummer to leave the warm cocoon of a blanket to fit into a sleek little jacket, but we found a way you can be incredibly stylish while still being covered in plenty of warm material - with this Zara Poncho Coat ($249)!

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Mongolian Pillow

No, it's not a furry new pet. But this Mongolian Pillow Cover ($139) might be even better. Zip it around your favorite cushion, and you can rest your head on it, cuddle with it on cold nights, and even pet it when you're feeling lonely. All that and no litter box - what's not to love?

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Doubtblush: Just Female Diva Blouse

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything.

We were almost convinced by the unique texture of the Just Female Diva Blouse ($149) (so much girl power in that product name), which is really more of a sweater than a blouse since it's made from 30% wool. But while we're down with some fringe, some shag, and even some quilting and faux fur (showing that we're not afraid of texture), we realized that we had seen this texture somewhere before: our bathroom rugs. So while we acknowledge the unique qualities of this top, we cannot get down with something that costs that much and could be confused with something we wipe our feet on after a shower.

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Birch Bark Cuff

This Birch Bark Cuff ($148) is like a little piece of nature wrapped around your wrist... one that can't grow, bite, decay, or reproduce.

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Cruising Attitude

At first, we almost didn't want to read flight attendant Heather Poole's book, Cruising Attitude: Tales of Crashpads, Crew Drama, and Crazy Passengers at 35,000 Feet ($10). We've traveled enough to be automatically annoyed with just about everything connected with commercial flights. But once we started in on the first chapter, we were hooked. Poole serves up readers a tell-all memoir, recounting tales of dealing with horrible passengers (and sometimes horrible co-workers!), the demanding schedule, and other insider information with plenty of wit and humor. It may make you want to take to the skies... or it may strengthen your resolve to travel by train instead!

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Dior Nail Artistry Box

Comparing this Dior Nail Artistry Box ($60) to other nail art kits is like putting a Civic in the same category as a Bugatti. Packaged along with Dior's fab gel topcoat and a sample-size bottle of Vernis Chrome polish - which together are worth around $40 - it also includes two sheets of playful stencils and a set of reusable Swarovski crystal accents. You'll even have the option of branding your thumbs with the signature CD initials. How posh is that?

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nancy drew-l.jpg

The Official Nancy Drew Handbook

Do you have any idea how many Nancy Drew books there are? Go ahead, guess. We'll wait.

175! Were you even close? We weren't, we thought maybe 80 or so...

With that many mysteries solved, our favorite femme super sleuth has certainly learned a few lessons, so of course we're going to pick up a copy of The Official Nancy Drew Handbook: Skills, Tips, and Life Lessons from Everyone's Favorite Girl Detective ($13). Maybe it'll help us solve the Mystery of the Always Empty Wine Fridge.

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ASOS Quilt Cross Body Bag With Cat Ears

Do you think you could fit a little kitten inside of the Quilt Cross Body Bag With Cat Ears ($34) from ASOS? Not totally inside, but with its sweet furry head sticking out of it? We really want to try because the cuteness factor would be through the roof, but for some reason, no one wants to volunteer their kitten to our cause!

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Cape Cod All-Season Doormat

As much as we hate to admit it, the season of slush is nearly upon us. While ordinary doormats fall apart under the salty, muddy pressure, this Cape Code All-Season Doormat ($35-149) is built to kick ass and take names when winter gets nasty. Each one is handwoven with tough-as-nails polypropylene rope in the land of salty streets and icy ocean winds. Resistant to insects, mildew, and fading, it'll soak up the worst your boots can offer and keep coming back for more.

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Shirred Tee Dress

This oh-so-casual Shirred Tee Dress ($117) from Monrow clings to your curves in all the right places (and slouches in all the right places, too!). It accentuates your lovely hips, but hides the fact that you may have eaten a bit too much of that loaded nachos plate at happy hour last night. Wear it with simple shoes and jewelry, or totally jazz it up with a bright scarf, bangles galore, and your prettiest patterned purse.

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