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Athleisure Pieces You Can Wear Anywhere

By Tanya Sharma

Perfect whether you're a hardcore athlete or more the leisurely sort, these clothes are as stylish and comfortable as they are sporty.

You've seen enough commercials, Instagram pictures and good ol' real life to know that wearing athletic clothes all the time is definitely a thing. Sometimes it looks totally chic and acceptable; at other times, it borders on sloppy. While athleisure attire may get a slightly bad rap for its hyper-casual stylings, it's truly the foundation for any solid wardrobe. What else would you wear to yoga, Starbucks, campus and the mall--all on the same day?

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The Best Places To Buy Real Vintage Clothing Online

By Carly Zinderman

Buying vintage is super tricky, especially when you're searching for the real thing. Real vintage doesn't come cheap, unless you're lucky enough to live in a ritzy neighborhood with a Goodwill nearby.

Be prepared to pony up, but the
pieces that you'll find are totally worth it.

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Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipstick

Buxom's Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipstick is the perfect solution for when you want a good matte lipstick that won't feel too thick or sticky. It has an amazing creamy texture that'll leave your lips feeling amazing, and the moisturizers in it will smooth them out and hydrate them. It comes in 12 shades, including Criminal (black violet), Devious Dolly (sultry mauve), and Instigator (toasted fig).

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Pacific Exfoliating Cleanser Proves That What Your Skin Needs Is Mushroom Extract (Yes, Really)

Every bottle of Pacific Exfoliating Cleanser from True Pacific contains a patented mushroom extract that softens skin while it exfoliates away the grime of the day. Are you a bit put off by the mushroom thing? I don't blame you; fungi can be freaky! Thankfully, when you pump out the cleanser you aren't hit with a spongy, rotting smell. Instead the fresh, earthy scent invigorates your senses while you wash. Your skin will thank you for the TLC, especially if you remember to wash your makeup off every night before you hit the hay (a lofty goal, I know!).

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Lupita Nyong'o Gives Us Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

By Rebecca Howard

We know by now that she's no shrinking violet, but in her appearance on Late Night with Seth Myers in this blazing Balmain pantsuit, Lupita Nyong'o really outdid herself. This lady can do no wrong when it comes to fashion, among other things. Not sure too many could pull off this much orange without looking like a pumpkin, but on her, it's amazing.

If you're brave enough to go this bright,
here's how to add some zing to warm up your Spring:

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10 New and Essential Drugstore Beauty Products

By Tanya Sharma

Score big on the hottest (and most affordable) drugstore beauty products of the moment.

You've scoured Sephora enough to know that spending a small fortune is pretty much the last thing you want to do. Fortunately, stocking your makeup bag with beauty booty is as simple (and affordable) as paying a visit to the drugstore.

Here are 10 of the newest,
most essential products to add to your routine now.

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Iron Fist Cycloburger Flats

So I went to Dead Right Horror Trivia last night and realized how underdressed I was -- half of the people were dressed to the nines as 90s horror characters, and the other half had these amazing prints splashed across their shirts. When I go back next month, I can do them one better by wearing these Cycloburger Flats from Angry, Young and Poor. They're 100% vegan, have a pointed toe, and feature a crinkle-cut french fry print on the inside lining.

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Have The Sweetest Of Dreams With The Morgan Lane Lanie Flowers Eye Mask

Sleep easy with Morgan Lane's Lanie Flowers Eye Mask. The silk mask will help you settle into a deep and peaceful sleep by shutting out the day and any extra blinking lights that seep in through the blinds or plague your phone at all hours. It'll also give you a reason to rest well because Morgan Lane donates $60 from each mask sold to The Pink Agenda, a non-profit organization raising money for breast cancer care and research. That means you'll be spending a small amount of your moolah on a sleep mask and a larger portion of it on a worthy cause--definitely earning you a good night's sleep!

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Lena Dunham Won't Allow Magazines To Photoshop Her--And It's Inspiring Change In The Industry

By Cailyn Cox

Lena Dunham recently called out Spanish publication El Pais Tentaciones for Photoshopping her image. Turns out she was wrong. They hadn't, what they had done was simply crop the image down to scale for their magazine, however, it was Dunham's reaction to a photo that she thought was edited that was admirable.

It's no secret that the fashion and entertainment industries have long Photoshopped images, not only changing the lighting but removing all imperfections and shaving down models' thighs, calves and arms (among other things). 

But people like Lena Dunham are taking a stand, 

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How To Achieve A Supermodel Glow

By Tanya Sharma

Smooth, supple, glowing skin can be yours in just a few effortless steps.

You may not be walking the red carpet anytime soon, but that doesn't mean you have to commit to anything less than a fabulous beauty routine that rivals your favorite supermodel's regimen.

Here's how to achieve the golden glow of your fantasies.

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Bring The Beach With You In The Off Shoulder Dress With Rope Tie

Got a great sunless tanner you've been dutifully applying over the past few days or weeks? Awesome! Share your favorite brand with Outblush in the comments and then show off your faux spring break glow when you wear the Off Shoulder Dress With Rope Tie from ASOS. You'll get to display your gorgeous gams as well as your "sun-kissed" shoulders. And if your tan is real because you've spent the last week in Aruba, I'm jealous, but still think you should flaunt it as often as you can, and a cute, loose-fitting, woven dress is the best way to keep the island life alive!

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Turn Your House Into A Home with Homey Oh My!

By Rebecca Howard

Who among hasn't looked around our house and felt dismayed that its shabbiness is falling short of being chic? I am constantly frustrated by my belongings' uncooperative nature in organizing themselves into displays worthy of a Pottery Barn catalog. Yes, I want to have a home that makes antique farm implements and old film canisters look like an inspiring and artistic collection instead of just a bunch of old junk. But have you seen the price of those copies of 'antique' replicas at those big-name décor stores? I can't afford that kind of splurge, so I was super-excited to come across the DIY projects at Homey Oh My!

Blogger, DIY queen and lifestyle guru Amy is your guide to home improvement projects made cheap and easy. Follow her step-by-step instructions, with pictures, to create amazing little touches to make your home feel 'done.' And when visitors ask who did your house, just leave them wondering when you mysteriously answer, "Amy."

Since its beginning in 2013, Homey Oh My! has featured a variety of projects and tips designed to improve your lifestyle. Update your décor with monogrammed mugs, copper-dipped vases and homemade yarn wall hangings. Take your style on the go with a no-sew beach bag, a bold grid-patterned cosmetic pouch and leather keychains. Homey Oh My! makes all of these projects so simple that any beginner can easily accomplish them. The blog also features unique and creative home decorating tips and advice so you can transform your space from 'what?' to 'wow!'


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5 Tried And True Ways To Style A Denim Jacket

By Tanya Sharma

You've probably got one hiding out in your closet. Time to pull out that denim jacket and make the most of it.

It's cool, it's chic, it's comfortable. Obviously a garment with so much clout has to be the easiest thing in the world to wear, right? Actually, the humble denim jacket often poses a sartorial conundrum--at least if you want to style it in a fresh way.

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Tarte Tarteist Blush Palette

Tarte Summer 2016 is underway, and this Tarteist Blush Palette is a worthy entry into the summer collection. It's got four warm, beautiful, limited-edition shades of Amazonian clay, and the mirrored palette looks amazing enough to take everywhere. It works splendidly for all skin types, and it smooths and moisturizes while keeping you glowing.

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Plus Size Cage Match: High End vs. Fast Fashion

By Ryan Boyd

The fashion industry is permanently scrambling to figure out how to incorporate plus size clothing into their selections, and although there's a slew of new options in 2016 (everything from clothing box joints like Gwynnie Bee to about a million online sites with fair-to-great plus size collections), plus size pieces don't get nearly the same treatment by fast fashion. It can frequently come down to either settling for decent-I-guess clothes from retail outlets or shelling out for custom-made clothing in styles that don't come standard.

So how does plus size fast fashion stack up against against its pricier counterparts?
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