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Alpha Industries Adrienne Parka

It's the best time of year to shop for a coat! No, really... you should really think about purchasing one now while this season's styles are on sale. Take this Alpha Industries Adrienne Parka ($39, on sale), for example. It's nearly 75% off, and while it may not keep you toasty warm on super frigid days, it is the perfect in-between coat for the spring and early fall.

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Kiava Endurance Bra

Love the look of Lululemon's gorgeous line of sports bras? They maintain the right balance between sporty and fashionable. Of course, they also cost an arm and a leg. Enter Kiava. The sports brand has an aesthetic similar to Lululemon and functions just as well (if not better!), but the prices are a little more budget-friendly. We like the Kiava Endurance Bra ($34). It keeps the gals safe and secure, distributing the weight evenly thanks to the four crisscross straps. Want to show it off while you work out? Kiava's tops complement their bras perfectly.

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Bentgo Kids Lunch Box

While you're shocked that your kiddo made it this far into the school year before breaking/losing his lunch box, you knew you'd have to replace it eventually. This Bentgo Kids Lunch Box ($28) is a good second investment. Like a traditional bento box, it's got several separate compartments for finger foods, but is paired with a rubber seal and rubber edges to prevent leaks and withstand the roughness that comes with being tossed around in the cafeteria. If it's brought home slimy and messy anyway (and they always are, right?), just stick it in the dishwasher for a no-fuss way to clean.

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Monogram Marley Clutch

You already have enough pajama tops and dainty clutches embroidered with sensibly sized monograms; you want something bold. You want your initials in big pink letters, because you're just that fabulous. This Monogram Marley Clutch ($88) will print them on a generously sized blue suede clutch, perfect for carrying around your heirloom jewelry and pearls or favorite designer makeup.

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Altered Antique Plate

Indulge your eclectic side and order a few of these Altered Antique Plates ($44-69) to don the walls of your dining room (they're strictly decoration - please don't eat off of them!). If you're also a bit of a gambler, you can go ahead and order via the website and A&G Merch will ship you a surprise design. Of course, if you simply must have that Admiral Walrus plate, then call the store to order.

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Everyday Bobbis

When pinning back your hair, you can go one of two routes: either you choose bobbi pins that match your hair color so that they blend in with your 'do, or you reach for a set of pink or gold Everyday Bobbis ($12) from and add some boldness to your coif. We prefer the latter option, especially for the spring. The 26 bobbis come nestled in their own carrying case, too, so you won't lose them to the black hole that is your vanity drawer.

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Hexagon Stud Tote Bag

Roomy and slouchy, this Pins And Needles Hexagon Stud Tote Bag ($69) defies category. It's a little boho and a little edgy. It can be worn on your arm or across your chest. It's also vegan (which is just kinda fancy terminology for synthetic). With plenty of pockets, you'll be able to keep all your personal items organized. Mostly, anyway. It's inevitable that you'll lose your keys in the bottom somewhere at least once, but that happens with every purse you carry.

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Soppy: A Love Story

Need a dose of feel-good today? We hear ya. It's February and it's hard to stay cheerful. Your remedy is Soppy: A Love Story ($12) by Philippa Rice. Even if you aren't familiar with Rice and her webcomic, My Cardboard Life, you'll enjoy this collection of comics that follow Rice's quiet and charming relationship with her boyfriend. Each little vignette depicts a simple, daily interaction - real, heartfelt, and totally identifiable. After a few panels, you'll want to set the book down and go give your other half a big, appreciative hug.

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Folk Unicorn Scarf

Something about this fabulously moody Folk Unicorn Scarf ($48) from Snoozer Loser makes us want to drape it over a black tee and dark denim skinnies before heading off to a dimly lit cafe where we'll sip Americanos and pull out our knitting or shuffle through a journal of half-written poems. It's predictable and cliché behavior, sure, so we're counting on the unicorns to set us apart from the crowd.

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Halo Lace Strapless Underwire Bra

We're used to strapless bras being a utilitarian wardrobe staple, but that doesn't mean they have to look the part. This beauty ($44) from Wacoal proves that a supportive strapless bra can be both excellent at giving the gals a boost and keeping you feeling sexy in your underthings. The nude color seems like a practical purchase, but if you're feeling a little more racy, or plan on wearing your strapless with your fav LBD, go for the sultry black shade.

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Estwing Leather Handle Claw Hammer

DIY projects may start small... and then you realize you've committed yourself not just to dusting off an old wooden shelf, but also to sanding it down, re-staining it, adding braces and brackets, and hanging it. This small and sturdy Estwing Leather Handle Claw Hammer ($32) will be an essential tool in your go-to DIY kit, along with lots of paintbrushes, oil cloths, spools of embroidery thread, and yards of clearance fabric.

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Giant Grow Kits

These Giant Grow Kits ($14), or, as we like to call them, "gardening for dummies," are going to be the easiest thing you plant in an effort to beautify your home this summer. All you need to do to get a big bush of basil, a pile of pretty zinnias, or a bouquet of sunflowers, is dig a hole and toss in the bag. Yes, the whole thing. The burlap is biodegradable and in a week or two, your new garden will be sprouting.

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Voyager Stone Flight

Sometimes we need our chocolates to stand out a bit, and we're not talking about switching from classic Hershey's Kisses to Hershey's Kisses with a caramel center. We're talking about splurging on a Voyager Stone Flight ($16) frm Lock & Key Confectionery. The five palm-sized chocolates feature refreshingly different flavor profiles, like champagne, blueberry, peach, mint chip, and piña colada. They're a horse of a different color, and we can't wait to savor every last iota.

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Natalia Dress

We hope you've been saving up, because if you find this dress anywhere as irresistible as we do, you'll be out a couple hundred bucks very soon. The Natalia Dress ($228) is made from creamy silk georgette with a black and white print, and it's this sweetness and softness contrasted with the deep V back and sassy slit in the skirt that makes it so appealing. It's ready for the workplace (maybe wear some tights), and ready when you want to take off that blazer at a fancy restaurant in the evening.

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Aurora Pendant Lamp

This handmade Aurora Pendant Lamp ($750) from Niche Modern outshines its competition. Sleek and - dare we say it about a light fixture? - sexy, it'll illuminate your room while also providing a focal point, drawing the eye upward and creating the illusion of higher ceilings and a bigger space. It comes in eight different shades so you can mix and match a few over the kitchen counter, or just order one to coordinate with your dining room drapes.

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