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Multicolored Striped Shorts

Striped shirts, striped shoes, striped backpacks... striped shorts? It's all good until you get to the shorts, unless they look like this pair from Zara ($60). If there are stripes going across our bottoms, we demand that they be vertical. It also helps that this pair is made to be worn loose and casual. We'd wear them with a slouchy black top or get experimental with a horizontal striped crop top (as shown on Zara's website).

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Sheep Organic Baby Shoes

It seems that the interpretation of the 2015 Lunar New Year's animal varies from sheep to goat to ram, so we suggest just picking one furry animal and sticking with it. Sheep are the cutest, and look darling on new baby items, like these Sheep Organic Baby Shoes ($26) by Charlee Oh Creations. They'll make for cute and thoughtful baby shower gifts for all of your friends who are procreating this year.

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Soleri Dress in Rose

We're not advocating vegetable theft, but the pockets on this Soleri Dress ($148) are perfect for stashing cherry tomatoes and snap peas from the farmers market. This entire linen confection is actually perfect for a lazy Sunday morning - lightweight and rendered in a lovely rose ombre, it will look extra fab with a straw hat and sandals (and maybe some greens hanging out of those major pockets).

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Ovenly: Sweet and Salty Recipes from New York's Most Creative Bakery

We will neither confirm nor deny the allegations that we purchased this cookbook ($22) from one of Brooklyn's most revered bakeries because the cake on the cover made us salivate. We're pretty sure you can guess the truth. And while we haven't tackled said cake just yet, we have tried out the recipes for Ovenly's Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies and their Whole Wheat Raspberry Drop Scones. We're giving both two thumbs up (because our mouths are full of deliciousness!).

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Dailey Embellished Sandals

We can't wait to get our feet into a pair of Dailey Embellished Sandals ($130) by Sam Edelman. The cowhide uppers make them a soft, flexible choice and the rhinestones bring the bling factor. Our only concern? Making sure we don't skip a pedi appointment because our toes will need to be in tip-top shape while we're parading around the park in these beauties.

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Eylure Katy Perry Feline Fierce Lashes

We know your attention during the halftime show was 100% on dancing sharks, but did you know that in addition to her Hot Dog on a Stick uniform, Katy Perry was also wearing her own line of falsies? We got to try out Eylure Katy Perry Feline Fierce Lashes ($7) and if you're a fan of fake eyelashes we think you should too - they come in a handful of shapes and styles, are reusable, lightweight, and easy to apply, include adhesive (!!!), and come at a price point that's hard to beat.

Full disclosure: Outblush received a free sample of this product.

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Boheme Ceramic Candle

The winter keeps us all shut up in our homes, where the air gets stale and smelly until we can all throw open the windows on a mild day. While we wait, we'll have to do the next best thing: cover the lingering last-night's-dinner smell with a fresh and indulgent scent. This black coconut and amber candle ($31) from Paddywax looks as good as it smells, and in no time at all, you'll forget those takeout containers are still funking up your kitchen garbage can.

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Rhodes Ceramic Utensil Caddy

Design blogs and websites make it sound like tiny galley kitchens are both adorable and totally functional rooms, but let's be real... they're seriously limiting. You have to get creative in order to keep all your kitchen clutter organized. If you've got a small bit of countertop to spare, consider using a Rhodes Ceramic Utensil Caddy ($59) to store your forks, spoons, and knives. That'll free up a drawer so you can fill it with larger miscellaneous serving spoons and kitchen shears. Or a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Your choice.

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Mom Life Tee

We're sure moms are total experts at knowing how to TCB in the mornings, but this Mom Life Tee ($26) from Jumping Jack Jack can really describe most of our lives between the hours of 6 and 8 am (or 6 am and 3 pm if we're talking weekends!). The biggest difference between women who have kids and women who don't may be the fact that moms never get to drink their coffee hot, so we feel for ya, moms, and hope you find yourself with a mid-morning bathroom break that is miraculously uninterrupted by pounding on the door or wails of discontent from the next room over.

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Martha Stewart Whim Collection Sheet Sets

These Novelty Sheet Sets ($120 for queen) from Martha Stewart prove that you don't have to give up your funky and fun bedding once you pass the age of twelve. Seriously, why did we all start purchasing plain sets?! Doesn't it sound much more awesome to settle into bed at night under sheets with zebras on them? Yes. The answer to that question is yes!

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My Magic Mud

Skeptical that a pricey vegan product will transform your mouth by whitening your teeth and strengthening your enamel? Yeah, we understand. But we also know that you've tried oil pulling so you shouldn't have too many qualms with using a bit of My Magic Mud ($25) to brush at the end of the day. Dip your toothbrush into the powder, dampen, and brush as per usual. The combo of activated coconut shell charcoal and calcium bentonite clay will revitalize your teeth and the mint extract will give you the fresh taste you're used to when brushing.

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Delight Me Dress

Saint Patrick's Day happens to land on a Tuesday this year. You know what that means... Wednesday morning work hangover. Err, we mean, you'll have to leave the office on Tuesday and head right to the festivities. Wear this pretty-as-a-picture Delight Me Dress ($90) from Effie's Heart to the office with a cute cardi and then zip over to drink a few green beers with friends before crashing for the evening. Oh, and make sure you've got some Hangover Tonic on hand.

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Homecoming Gift Box

As a baby shower attendee, we usually come bearing gifts for the unborn babe. But by the end of the party, those babies usually have a bigger wardrobe than mom, and most of the onesies will probably be only worn a handful of times before the babies grow out of them. Treat the expectant mom instead with this Homecoming Gift Box ($200). Once she gets back to the hospital, the last thing she'll think about is pampering herself, and the luxurious bath salts, lotions, and elixirs in this box will provide a little reminder that her well-being is still super important! It also includes a sweet little stuffed critter to show that you didn't forget about baby.

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Pom Pom Kimono Jacket

Around 99 percent of the time, your Target shopping is done on the fly. You walk into that big, beautiful box store and start grabbing at all the pretty, shiny things. The exception happens when you spot an item you can't believe is a Target piece, like this Pom Pom Kimono Jacket ($23). It's cute, well-constructed, and lightweight - an ideal billowy layer to wear in the spring. You run the risk of not catching one at your local store, or worse, finding it's sold out in your size, so you'd better nab it online while you can.

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Blue Nellie Bowls

Digging into your bowl of breakfast cereal won't be a boring affair if you're using these funky Blue Nellie Bowls ($60, set of 6). Or eating Cocoa Puffs, of course, because even though you like to think you're a cool and collected adult, you just can't seem to buy Fiber One in lieu of your favorite kid flavors. Don't worry, you're in good company. Pass the Cookie Crisp, please!

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