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Fountain - The Beauty Molecule

Most of us try to get our gorgeous going from the outside in. But what if we could boost our beauty from the inside out? Fountain - The Beauty Molecule ($28) is a nutritional supplement designed specifically to get you looking fabulous. The formula combines powerful antioxidant Resveratrol with vegan hyaluronic acid to help fight the signs of aging. Try tossing a teaspoon down with your morning OJ.

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Community Rasa Bra

This fashion forward Community Rasa Bra ($30) isn't going to cut it for those HIIT workouts or a 5k, but it will offer plenty of support during your yoga or barre workouts. We're not saying that those classes aren't a ton of work, but they're also kind of a fashion show in the way that a boxing class isn't. We're always down for some hot pink, but this versatile top also comes in five other colorways, including basic black.

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The Little Hiptionary

When somebody offers to fix your wagon, do you look for your Radio Flyer? Think a butterface happens when you get sloppy while eating toast, or that ballin' has something to do with baseball? Get yourself a copy of The Little Hiptionary ($10) and start studying before you reach for a beer opener when someone threatens to bust a cap at you.

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Triangle Back Detail Earrings

Ear cuffs are definitely on the way out - we doubt you'll see them on red carpets during awards season next year - but designers are still finding new ways to embellish your run-of-the-mill studs and drop earrings. These Triangle Back Detail Earrings ($21) take the embellished cuff and flip it ninety degrees, so that decorative row of crystal-studded triangles now floats just under the earlobe. Magical!

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Moon Juice Fermentation Kit

Fermentation: It's not just for beer. Controlled rotting turns all kinds of foods and beverages into delicious, nutritious treats. This Moon Juice Fermentation Kit ($85) will get you started cultivating your own culinary science projects.

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Grow Gorgeous Hair Serum

Know anybody who needs less hair on their head? We didn't think so. While plenty of us would sell our firstborn to eliminate scraggly chin hairs and happy trails from our lives, it's hard to find someone who wouldn't love thicker and more luxurious locks. Grow Gorgeous Hair Serum ($35) is a fabulous formula that gives your follicles a healthy kick in the pants, working to make your hair grow longer, thicker, and more voluminous.

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Shakedown Long Sleeve Mini Dress

You just can't go wrong with this Shakedown Long Sleeve Mini Dress ($48). Wrap dresses are flattering on virtually every lady, so if you've got the cojones to wear a dress this formfitting, you're sure to sell it with aplomb. We love this less common forest green color, but it's also available in black and blue.

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Really Mermaid iPhone 6 Case

Your iPhone is clever, prone to blurting out snippets of song at inappropriate occasions, and lacks legs. We figure that makes it practically a mermaid, which makes this Really Mermaid iPhone 6 Case ($35) even more appropriate. Just don't try taking it under the sea with you.

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You Tell Us: Birkenstock Arizona Shearling Lined Sandals

We're going to lay down a couple facts: Sandals are for warm weather. Shearling lining is for keeping warm. So why on earth, and at what time of year, does one wear these Birkenstock Arizona Shearling Lined Sandals ($108, on sale)? (Of course they're on sale - everybody's confused!)

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Carpenter Watch

You're exposed to so much metal throughout the course of your day - via your computer, your phone, your car (or bus or train) - you need some wood to ground you. Not only is the stylish Carpenter Watch ($150) made from all-natural maple, having the time on your wrist will keep you from looking at your phone to check the time - all the more time away from those metal elements!

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Want to know an easy way to get an ethereal glow? It's called Doubleglow7 ($25), and it is a secret agent of sorts, though its mission is not to take down the baddies, but to take down dull skin and dark patches. It provides a touch of dewy gorgeousness wherever you want - on the bridge of your nose, your brow, your cheekbones, or your décolleté.

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Poppy One-Piece

The majority of this Poppy One-Piece ($132) is so sweet, it's easy to breeze by the fact that the neckline on this is so va-va-voom. That's a deep V! It goes all the way down to the top of the floral high-waisted "bottoms"! Although we acknowledge that it's a hard look to pull off, channel your inner Amy Adams in American Hustle and go for it.

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Hand to Heel Softening Salve

Everyone can benefit from a little extra skin TLC, but your guy? His elbows and knees are turning into scouring pads and cuddling has become painful. Hand over a tin of Hand to Heel Softening Salve ($29) and (nicely!) ask him to rub in a little each day. The calendula should be tough enough to start softening his rough spots and adding moisture to the dry areas. You can snuggle again without needing to wear protective gear.

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Toile Gingham Vintage-Inspired Apron

While we fail to see the practicality in wearing something as lovely as this Toile Gingham Vintage-Inspired Apron ($35) while we're cooking up a storm, we admit to be awed by its charms. It makes us want to try our hands at something complicated and French, like macarons. Even if half the meringue ends up on the front of this apron, it'll have been worth it (and the cotton is washable, so no harm done!).

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Good Vibes Spray

Wouldn't it be great if this Good Vibes Spray ($12) really could reset the mood? Just imagine the possibilities. Spouse acting cranky? Squirt 'em. Boss driving you nuts? Squirt 'em. Kids restaging Battle Royale over control of the remote? Squirt 'em. Though this product might lack CIA-level mind control, its light, refreshing blend of eucalyptus, lavender, and grapefruit just might take you a step closer to happiness.

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