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Heat Sensitive Prisma Envelope Wallet

Oh great, just what we need. A clutch wallet that exposes our nerves by reacting to our hot, clammy fingers and palms by turning bright pink with exposure to warmth. Although we find the use of heat-sensitive technology on this Alexander Wang wallet ($450) interesting (and, when not in the shape of fingers, quite pretty), we're not going to let our sweaty selves near this pricey item.

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Hi I'm Mat Doormat

It could just be the fact that we haven't yet had enough coffee today, but this doormat ($20) had us laughing for a good five minutes. Okay, so it's definitely the lack of caffeine, but you gotta admit that it's clever, and we bet your guests will think so, too.

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Maglus Stylus

The epic name might suggest that the Maglus Stylus ($36) is some sort of Roman god. It's not - but it is a pretty nice stylus for your tablet. We got to try it out and like its nice hefty weight and ergonomic shape. And it doesn't hurt that it's very accurate for important things like swiping people on Tinder and illustrating strangers in the French Girls app.

Full disclosure: Outblush received a free sample of this product.

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Faux Fur Throw

Add texture and warmth to your bed by draping the Faux Fur Throw ($80) across your duvet. Of course, you'll have to finally kick that bad habit of snacking in bed lest you find yourself staining your new blanket with the drippings from a pint of Ben & Jerry's Phish Food.

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ForYou2 Red Chair

You've been talking big talk about jazzing up your joint by getting some colorful accessories and furniture pieces, but so far, you've managed to secure... a throw pillow. That's a good start, but why don't you make a bigger statement by purchasing this ForYou2 Red Chair ($99). The price tag is surprisingly affordable and the chair, while maybe not as comfy as something plush, will look excellent brightening up your office or living room. Of course, if you're totally committed to bold, order a whole set to put around your dining table.

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Roxy Sun Empire Polka Dot Dress

When you wear the Roxy Sun Empire Polka Dot Dress ($49), you probably will go around holding out the hem of your dress, looking down at it and exclaiming, "Why, what an adorable dress I have on!" (Just like this model.) Its adorable polka dots and empire waist will surprise you every time! Shock yourself further by changing it up for the weather - this dress isn't just for long walks on the beach, it'd also look great with some thick textured tights and some metallic accessories.

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Drink Up Words Coasters

Fact: Coasters get soggy. Additional fact: there is nothing classy about a wet piece of cardboard on your coffee table. These Drink Up Words Coasters ($38), on the other hand, are made of durable, washable porcelain. With their stylishly rendered slogans, they're ideal for dressing up your cocktail hour.

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I'd Rather Be: The Princess of Twee

While a Personal Shopper can give you what you need for real life, I'd Rather Be sets you up for fantasy lives you didn't even know you had. Because sometimes a new shampoo isn't enough for a whole new you. (Want us to outfit your alter ego or your alternate reality? Just say the word!)

Some things you just don't grow out of. And the deep down feeling that we were meant for the life of a princess is one of them. While we have no interest in waiting on the arrival of a hapless prince, there's still a part of us that longs for impractically flouncy dresses and the power to enlist woodland creatures to do our bidding. Yet the phrase "princess costume" tends to conjure up images of weirdly phallic conical hats and one size fits no one dresses crumpled in plastic bags at your local CVS. Put an updated spin on this Halloween classic that's less "Reniassance Faire attendee" and more "Belle & Sebastian concert royalty."

Blush with Destiny Dress ($169)
ASOS Beaded Hair Crown ($23)
Fling Flats ($50)
I Kissed A Frog Multi Clutch ($328)
Marquis Earrings ($18)
Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Space Cowboy ($20)


Happy Mail Stamp

No one is ever sad to open up the mailbox and see an Amazon package waiting for them. Okay, and likewise, a happy mail day includes cards, letters, and notes from friends and family... basically, anything that isn't a bill or a catalog. Get your note's recipient even more psyched to open her mail by using the Happy Mail Stamp ($10) on the envelope. The sweet and creative touch will definitely make her day!

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Felicity the French Bulldog Shirt

There are so many couples we know that wear the exact same glasses, it's only a matter of time before their dogs start getting in on the thick-rimmed trend as well. But let us just say, they look a lot better on Felicity the French Bulldog than they do on that one friends' try-hard boyfriend.

Felicity the French Bulldog Shirt ($26)

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Rocking Hammock

The little boy lying in this Rocking Hammock ($90) reading a book is being awfully good, isn't he? Maybe if you buy one for your son, he'll instantly stop hitting his brother, grab a book, and go hang out quietly for longer than 32 seconds. Or... not. But it can't hurt to try, right? Even if you have to drop 90 bucks!

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Put the phone down and back away slowly. Just because your fridge looks like an arctic wasteland does not mean you need resort to Pizza Hut. HealthyOut (Free) is an app that will guide you to delicious, good-for-you delivery or takeout options, whether you're supposed to be eating vegetarian, low-cal, paleo or carb-less. Filter options by cuisine, ingredients, or diet, and get full calorie counts and nutritional info for every option. It even suggests health-boosting options like getting your salad dressing on the side or skipping those included breadsticks... though honestly, anyone with the willpower to turn down breadsticks is probably a robot.

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Triangle Back Singlet

The Triangle Back Singlet ($13) is almost as simple as it gets, but we're sure you'll find ways to take full advantage of a shirt that is modest in front but showing plenty of skin in back. It looks like a plain little camisole under a blazer, but when it gets hot on the bus (or on your date or in da club), you'll be ready.

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Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Series

He might not have RDJ's flash or Cumberbatch's touseled curls, but what Jeremy Brett lacks in sex appeal, he more than makes up for in sheer intellectual power. Brett's portrayal of Arthur Conan Doyle's immortal, socially inept genius is hailed as the most faithful adaptation of the original tales ever made.

Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Series ($159)

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Delft Skull Stationary

Why should expressing your goth side be reserved to one month of the year? This Delft Skull Stationary ($50) makes a touch of the gruesome appropriate whenever the mood strikes you. Stamped with a shimmery gold skull iron rendered in woven branches and leaves, these colorful cards are both cheerful and vaguely spooky. Use them for eerie invitations or over-the-hill birthdays.

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