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I'm Sorry for What I Said Tea Towel

We've all been there - lunch was a sorry affair consisting of a 4th cup of lukewarm coffee and a package of cheese crackers while you hustled to finish one work task or another. Now it's dinner time and you're positively starving. Your breadsticks burn in the oven and you let out a string of curse words that, while not specifically directed at your SO, ended up finding him as the target. When your takeout arrives and you finally get to eat your fill, issue a meek apology. You can't be held responsible for what you say when you're hungry, but an "I'm sorry" should help smooth ruffled feathers!

I'm Sorry for What I Said Tea Towel ($10).

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Lime Crime Zodiac Glitter

Want to let the world know you're Gemini with Pisces Ascendant? Please don't get a tattoo. Instead, accent your look with a blend of Lime Crime's Zodiac Glitters ($13). Each shade is inspired by its signature sign, helping you create an out-of-this-world look appropriately aligned with your stars.

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Gap Plaid Shirtdress

Straightforward in design and pattern, Gap's Plaid Shirtdress ($70) is a versatile fall staple. Toss it on over bright mustard tights and a pair of oxfords, top with a knit scarf and a denim coat, and you've got a comfy look that'll keep you warm while looking cool. If you prefer a little more edge, we bet a heeled ankle boot, leather coat, and fedora would be pretty badass.

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Telegram Notes

There's no point denying it. Sending actual mail is now officially an anachronistic activity. So why not do it by way of a tribute to an even more old-timey mode of communication? These Telegram Notes ($4) look just like something you might have seen back when Western Union was for more than rescuing friends reportedly stranded in Nigeria.

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Gold Butterfly Chair Cover

That Bed, Bath, & Beyond accordion chair you bought for your first college apartment has certainly seen better days. You don't really want to blame anyone for its current state of ruin, but your fluffball kitty isn't quite as innocent as she looks. Since the frame is still in good condition, why don't you just replace the fabric seat with a Gold Butterfly Chair Cover ($69) from Plum & Bow? It'll give new life to an old standby and also elevate your room's decor. Toss a few geometric-patterned throw pillows on it and tell kitty to find a new place to snooze.

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Head Jog Heat Wave Brush

What's so special about the Head Jog Heat Wave Brush ($8)? It lets you know when your hair has had too much heat and is at risk of being damaged. When the red strip glows yellow, it's time to switch that blow-dryer to the "cool" setting for a few minutes. Available in five sizes, there's a perfect brush for your particular cut and style!

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Check Marley Mini Skirt

You have a date. It's a date with this skirt, a pair of tights, and some perfect fall boots. And some red wine (just in case you were worried about going on a date with no alcohol). Get to know its plaid pattern, its exposed back zipper, and its subtle leather piping around its front pockets - we guarantee that you and the Check Marley Mini Skirt ($62) are a match made in heaven.

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Davines Hair Building Pak

We tried bodybuilding for a hot second, until we remembered how much we hate squats and sweating. Hair building, on the other hand? That's a hobby we can get into. Thanks to this intense conditioning treatment ($34) we can finally get the tresses we've always dreamed of. The best part? It requires nothing more than letting it sit on wet hair for 10 minutes and rinsing. Goodbye sculpted glutes, hello strong and shiny hair!

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Wolf Toddler Backpack

Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf? Nobody, when it looks as adorable as this Wolf Toddler Backpack ($25). With fangs, ears, and a big red tongue, it's a more delightful than dangerous place for your tiny person to stash their favorite toys or treats. Use it to make the cutest person in your life look even more painfully adorable.

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China Glaze Ghoulish Glow Nail Lacquer

You're not totally comfortable heading to work in costume, but you still want to show a little holiday spirit on Halloween. Instead of breaking out your trusty cat costume on the 31st, paint your nails with this Ghoulish Glow polish ($8). The eerie green color brings to mind ghosts and goblins, but you won't have to awkwardly hold your tail every time you have to pee. Plus, it glows in the dark so your kids will be mad impressed when you take them trick-or-treating.

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Peruvian Kaniwa Grain

Farro, rye, and millet not good enough for you? Up your crunchy, whole grain cred with this Peruvian Kaniwa Grain ($26). Similar to quinoa but without the bitterness, this protein-packed seed makes a great base for salads and pilafs. Use it to impress your health-conscious friends.

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Cesarino Hat

We've never met a profound headpiece before, but we're pretty sure this Cesarino Hat ($22) is trying to tell us something. Get deep and keep your ears warm at the same time.

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Cashmere Ribbed Beanie

A beanie is a beanie is a beanie, but this particular beanie from Orwell + Austen ($102) is one of the finest beanies around. Not only does it come in this unlikely and lovely lilac color, it's also made from the fur of some of Nepal's top Cashmere goats. Just be sure not to ever take this hat off if you're not at home - even if your head is sweating after coming in from the cold, you don't want there to be any chance that you could leave it behind in some grody bar.

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Not Soap, Radio "I'm not here, I'm really...vacationing in a quaint seaside village" Solid Parfum

It's Monday morning, and you'd rather be anywhere than stuck in your cubicle listening to Sally from human resources recount every detail of the Brazilian wax she got over the weekend. Reach into your bag, apply a few dabs of this solid perfume ($15) to your pulse points, and repeat, "I'm not here, I'm really vacationing in a quaint seaside village" in your head until you start to believe it or Sally gets freaked out by the look on your face and leaves.

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Jour Blanc Eon Green Scarf

Wrap yourself in a magical quilt of a scarf with this psychedelic accessory from Jour Blanc ($241). It looks like it was splattered with both stardust and wisps of smoke. And maybe it was, and maybe it's magic: the top-of-the-line silk scarves are printed at the same place in Lyon, France that makes the silk for luxury fashion houses like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Jean Paul Gaultier.

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