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Woodland Creatures Notecard Set

The more specific a stationery set gets, the less useful it is. That's why we're drawn to this Woodland Creatures Notecard Set ($15). There's no occasion that these cute, animated animals aren't appropriate for.* Use the blank cards' insides to pen birthday wishes, expressions of gratitude, or even apologies.

* Well, maybe skip the deer one when writing condolences to a friend whose mother has passed away, as it may conjure images of Bambi.

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Brusho Crystal Colors

Brusho Crystal Colors ($17) are paints packaged in a way you've never experienced before. Just add a little H2O to the vibrant crystals and watch them turn into some of the most enchanting watercolors you've ever had the pleasure of using. It's also fun to just let a moist crystal melt onto a canvas - some beautiful designs will emerge in ways that even an artist's imagination couldn't dream up.

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Kammock's The Roo

You may think you know how to camp like a pro, but here's a secret: real campers don't even bother with a tent and sleeping bag. Kammock's The Roo ($99) securely hooks between two trees to provide campers/hikers with comfortable, off-the-ground rest. Considered a top product amongst serial outdoorsmen and women, it's a great purchase for those who want to look like seasoned veterans out in the woods.

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Anna Sui Beauty Tray

Your bathroom is in desperate need of decor, but you're working on a tight budget. Despite what Pinterest would have you believe, there's no need to buy a bunch of tchotchkes to artfully display on the back of the toilet. Instead, use what you already have - your brightly colored makeup! Throw it in this pretty (and inexpensive!) tray ($23) from Anna Sui, and you're on your way to a gorgeous space.

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Buddy Squeegee

Hey, buddy, be a pal and wash my windows!

Alas, the Buddy Squeegee ($10) is not an autonomous being, but he is happy to help you get the job done if you grab him by the torso. Keep this little fellow in your trunk and you'll always have him to wash away the bugs and bird poop that amasses on your rear windshield. That's what buddies are for!

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Flared Short-Sleeved Dress

Do not do like all the other flowers do and start withering away at the end of summer. That's no fun! Wear your browns, your rusts, your goldenrods, your navy blues, sure, but don't forget about the rest of the spectrum. This Flared Short-Sleeved Dress ($100) from Zara will provide much-needed concentrated pigments for any gloomy days ahead.

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Aroma Sense Vitamin C Shower Head

Though you always come out of a shower smelling nice, the same can't normally be said when you enter the shower. Make sure your nose is a happy camper from the moment you turn the water on with an Aroma Sense Vitamin C Shower Head ($80). The head includes a vitamin C cartridge with health benefits for your skin and hair, plus natural oils with a pleasant smell to make showering an altogether pleasant experience for all of your senses.

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Geo Copula Mouse Pad

Okay, so your home office space has been gorgeously spruced up with a new desk and a a few pretty prints on the wall... you're almost there! The key to a happy and productive work space is all in the details, so don't overlook the small stuff. Grab a new mug for your pencils and switch out your have-no-idea-how-you-acquired-it mouse pad for this one ($20) by Think & Ink Studio. Ahh, perfect.

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Common Sense Solid Perfume

Your friends all say you lack common sense - well, you'll show them! Rub on a bit of this solid perfume ($21) and amaze your pals when you suddenly dump your loser boyfriend, start paying your bills on time, and stop blowing your paychecks on shoes. Or... just amaze them by smelling like mango, peach, and lychee when they have to come pick you up because you locked yourself out of your car for the third time this month.

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Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 7.54.05 PM.png

Perfectionist OCD Cutting Board

The recipe said to mince the radishes into quarter-inch squares, and we'll be damned if a single bit of radish is 0.3 inches long!

Do you find yourself getting compulsive about things you probably shouldn't? The Perfectionist OCD Cutting Board ($26) will indulge your obsessive tendencies. After all, they wouldn't specify in the recipe if you could just cut them whatever size you want. What kind of monster chops in a non-uniform fashion?!

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Victoria's Secret Eau So Sexy Eau De Parfum

Be fearless every time you walk out your front door and let it be known. Spritz the exciting new Victoria's Secret Eau So Sexy Eau De Parfum ($52-68) on your wrists and neck for a super sexy scent and feeling. Visit Victoria's Secret and for a limited time, you can score a free Fearless deluxe fragrance sample with any Eau de Parfum purchase of 3.4 oz. or larger (code BEFEARLESS). This coupon expires Friday, September 12.

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You Tell Us: License Plate Flipper

Sweet! That License Plate Flipper ($445) you added to your car will sure get you out of some sticky situations. With a push of a button, your plate automatically switches to a second plate, thereby throwing people off your scent.

Wait. Why the hell do you need this gadget in the first place?

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We never realized the extent of our Starbucks problem until we did the math and realized we spend at least $100 there a month! We're finally ready to steal a tip from our friend and just start brewing coffee at home with an AeroPress ($32). It brews rich-tasting coffee fast, plus it makes the closest thing to espresso you can brew at home (short of actually having one of those gigantic and expensive home-espresso makers).

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Corn Kerneler Kitchen Tool

Grandpa loves his corn fresh off the cob... but the poor old guy's teeth aren't all that cooperative. Rather than taking the time to cut off the kernels one section at a time, the Corn Kerneler Kitchen Tool ($13) will strip that cob naked with one quick push. Use the donut-shaped device to get some gums-friendly corn goodness that both you and grandpa can share.

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