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The Petal Blouse In Spanish Rose Is Proof You Can Never Have Too Much Floral Anything

It's possible we might have a slight obsession with florals. They're fun, they're feminine, and there's just something about breezing one's way down the sidewalk covered in pretty flowers that makes you feel like a fertility goddess. And while it might seem like our closet already has a few too many of these prints we might have to make an exception for the flowy, fitting Petal Blouse from Rifle Paper Co. The unique, illustrated flora is against the dark blue background of the slightly loose-fitting blouse is so utterly charming we can't help but add it to our collection--no--bouquet.

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Have Your Lunch and Wear It Too With the Peanut Butter And Jelly Eye Shadow Collection

When you think about an eye shadow palette made in the likeness of a PB&J sandwich, I bet you feel a little underwhelmed (and possibly confused!). But when you see the Peanut Butter And Jelly Eye Shadow Collection from Too Faced with its vivid shades and rich pigments, a lightbulb goes off and you suddenly understand how amazing the combination really is, even in makeup form. Use the creamy, peanut buttery shades to make a beautifully neutral base and then smooth on the jewel-colored jelly and jam shades to add a vibrant pop of modern color.

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Skelotim--Makeup for Junk Food Junkies

By Rebecca Howard

Most of us have had thoughts along the lines of "Oh, Hershey's Kiss, I love you so much, I just want to eat you all up," but have you ever been so enamored with your snack food that simply eating it wasn't enough - you actually wished you could BE it?


 Well, that is the provenance of one makeup artist extraordinaire, who calls himself Skelotim, and his Instagram feed will leave you hungry for more. As Skelotim himself puts it, this is where "When 'you are what you eat' comes true."


 Check out his cool photos and how-to videos for examples of matching your makeup to your snack foods (I especially love the sprinkled donut eyes and lips). He truly has a look for every craving, from Fritos to Bud Light, and has even made himself up to match his orange Keurig brewer. Now that's devotion.


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Benefit's POREfessional Balm Minimizes Pores, Helps Makeup Stay Put, Might Just Be Literal Magic

By Angela Germano

Benefit's products are something that I've always had good luck with, to the point where they've even made it possible for me to (somewhat) master doing a passable cat eyes. Their POREfessional pore-minimizing primer was a very exciting prospect to me, because it would essentially replace several products and treat my biggest skin concerns (excess oil, over-sized pores, and makeup loss) all in one go!

Online reviews mention multiple things that
you'll notice as soon as you open the tube.

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Freshen Up Your Skin With Fresh Seaberry Skin Nutrition Cleansing Oil

It shouldn't be a struggle to find a beauty product that does what it says it's gonna do; if a cleanser promises clean, healthy skin, it should deliver just that. So thanks, fresh, for giving us the Seaberry Skin Nutrition Cleansing Oil. Gone are nights of scrubbing with three different makeup removers, toners, and cleansers just to get off a coat of waterproof mascara. Wash up with a small amount of this oil, rinse clean, and add a moisturizer. You'll be amazed at how clean your skin looks and feels--no additional products or scrubbing needed.

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Butterfly Motifs Are Fluttering Their Way Into The Fashion World

By Cailyn Cox

Remember the 90s when butterfly clips were all the rage? Well, butterflies are gracing the fashion world again, but this time they can be found on everything from boots to embroidered outerwear.

When speaking about the season's top prints the ones that come to mind are often stripes, checks and botanical blooms, but fashion lovers have tried all these classic prints out before and found themselves wanting more.

So designers have risen to the challenge.

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Why You Should Try Wearing Orange

By Cailyn Cox

Red? Check. Saturated yellow? Check. So why are so many women not in love with orange yet?

Orange is an attention-grabbing color which compliments every skin tone, and every woman should have it in her wardrobe; and the only reason it isn't is because of the confusion over how to wear the color.

Colors to wear with orange:

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Crying Men Magnets

Look at these Crying Men Magnets. I don't even have to make a sales pitch for them, because for God's sake, it's a bunch of magnets with sobbing dudes on them - some fully fetal, others clutching roses and phones. You put these on your fridge, and suddenly the sun's shining every time you need to rummage in the crisper drawer.

Crying Men Magnets. CRYING MEN MAGNETS

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Use The Mimosa Diagram Glasses To Add some Fizz To Your Weekend Breakfast

In a perfect world, you'd be waking up slowly each morning to the sun shining, birds singing, and a mimosa fizzing at your bedside. Unfortunately, you're usually swatting at your phone's snooze function and moaning about the poor-looking weather that's peaking through the curtains. You still deserve a breakfast mimosa (or two, or three!) on occasion, and these Mimosa Diagram Glasses will help you remember your ratios if you're out of practice. Pour two glasses and share one with a special someone over weekend waffles covered in whipped cream.

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Steal the Stunning Styles that Ruled the Red Carpet on Oscar Night

By Rebecca Howard

Hollywood's biggest night is not only the event of the year for movie buffs, but also a chance for fashionistas to lust after the gorgeous gowns going down the red carpet. The spotlight shone on the brights of Olivia Munn's one-shouldered orange and electric blues sported by Brie Larson, Reese Witherspoon and Tina Fey. Jennifer Lawrence and Chrissy Tiegen made us swoon in romantic lace numbers, while Kate Winslet and Rachel McAdams were the carpet's big winners, taking metallics to a whole new level. No Oscar invite this year? No worries.

Here's how to adapt the trends seen onstage
so you can look equally stunning in real life.

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6 Nails Trends to Jump on This Spring

By Meagan Morris

Designer Prabal Gurung said it best: "Nails are the period at the end of the sentence. They complete the look."

He's right; your manicure--or lack thereof--can make or break your look. Going with the same solid colors weeks after week can get really boring. There really is no excuse not to experiment, especially with Instagram and YouTube right at your fingertips.

We've rounded up some of the best manicure
trends that are making the rounds on social media.

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Quay Australia My Girl Mirror Cat Eye Sunglasses

The sun is finally starting to come around again after a long and unforgiving winter, and you're especially likely to have noticed its blinding comeback if you're living on the West Coast. You need a good pair of sunglasses - one that won't get lost like all the others, you know? A special pair that's too cool to forget at a sandwich counter. These Quay Australia My Girl Mirror Cat Eye Sunglasses are probably the coolest pair of sunglasses you'll ever own, and aside from looking amazing, they're comfortably padded enough to wear all day without pinching your nose.

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The Fridge is Your Canvas When You've Got These Snug.Studio Magnets

You're too mature for magnetic poetry fridge magnets, and too kid-free for blocky plastic alphabet magnets, but you still need something to brighten up your fridge (and maybe hold onto a stray memo or takeout menu). These gorgeously geometric Snug.Studio Magnets are your answer. They add a pop of color and style to your kitchen, whether you decide to arrange them into cubes, stars, or hexagons. They're fun, playful, and they keep your space looking modern and design-blog ready ... you know, just in case an Apartment Therapy photographer was to stop by.

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How To Wear Slouchy Trousers

By Cailyn Cox

Favored by all the hottest celebs and easy to find in virtually every store, slouchy trousers are making fashion lovers rejoice.

They're a great alternative to skinny jeans and leather pants, and they're the perfect combination of stylish and comfortable.

But the cut is also very intimidating if
you don't know how to wear it correctly.

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The Pointy-Toed Shoe Trend Is Here: What You Need To Know

By Cailyn Cox

Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw understood the power of a good pair of shoes, and we do too. No outfit is complete without them. Footwear has the ability to compliment and transform any outfit which is why we're particularly excited to see what 2016 has in store for us.

While it's not the most exciting or daring shoe trend out there, pointy toed shoes are the footwear trend that women everywhere want to be trying out.

Because when you've found something
that works there's no use giving up on it.

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