Special Guest Post by Natasha at Glo: Ask Natasha

September 21, 2010
By Outblush
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Today's guest post is brought to you by dating, sex and relationships enthusiast (read: obsessive ponderer) Natasha Burton, the Relationships Editor at Glo, a recently-launched lifestyle e-magazine for women. She'll be bringing you her picks of the best products, accessories and books for your love life, or lack thereof. Today? It's Ask Natasha time! The question: "Hello ladies, I'm catching your lovely posting about the Afterglow Candle and have a question to forward along to your lady Natasha. I separated from my guy after 10 years (six of which were married) and, after a year and half of dating all the wrong guys and having way too many flings, I finally found one to open my heart back up. Timing in life, however, has proven that we will likely not work out, but rather than be sad about it, I am happy to know I am capable of letting another love into my life. The first night we kissed he gave me the "glow" that I had been missing for a long time and I could not stop smiling for days. That feeling is simply amazing and has given me so much inspiration lately. Any suggestions you may have my dear Natasha to keep that "glow" going so a single girl can feel moved to stay optimistic on and find that next magical night would be great! Kirsten" Natasha says: First of all, good for you for getting back out there, even if you found yourself dating some bonafide Mr. Wrongs. And, can we say yay for rediscovering that first-kiss glow?! So lovely. How to keep that good-feeling going? It really comes down to making every day full and fabulous, whether it's through spending time with your girlfriends, taking on a new hobby or starting to volunteer for a cause you really love. Seems like the same typical advice, but that's because it works! Being the best possible you -- first and foremost -- is what will keep that glow going. And when you do begin your next relationship, it will be that much more wonderful because you'll already be a fully-satisfied, radiant woman. I've also come across this great new book, Seeking Happily Ever After ($12, out on 9/23/2010) that's filled with tips for being secure and happy with yourself, as well as gearing up for the next love of your life. Good luck -- and keep glowing! P.S. Lovelorn? Loveless? Loved too much? (Ow!) Natasha's here to help! She'll be answering your questions in future posts, so send us a message, and you just might get an answer!

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