Special Guest Post by Loren Ridinger: LBD Motives Nail Candy

September 25, 2009
By Outblush
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We're ringing our beauty bell with our newest gorgeous Guest Blogger, Loren Ridinger. As senior vice president of Market America and creator of Motives Cosmetics and Cellular Laboratories, we're lucky to have been penciled into her schedule. Loren is an advocate of custom formulated cosmetics in the chase after ageless beauty on a budget. Her line is infused with specific nourishing antioxidants and vitamins that engage natural deflection of lines and creases to literally empower our skin. Motives has gotten special attention for its Custom Blended Foundations, which puts L'Oreal True Match Foundation to shame. We want to feel beautiful, confident, and expressive in our own skin - thanks for the reinforcement, Loren. For breaking news, check out her blog, Fashion Cents... it's been added to our favorite bookmarks, that's for sure. Fashionistas will attest black nail polish is nowhere near over! In fact, I would like to go on record claiming black as the new red. It exudes a classy and simultaneously edgy vibe -- when done properly, of course. And by "properly", I mean short, square-shaped, and chip-free. No self-respecting fashion maven over the age of 13 would be caught dead on the runway strutting the wannabe punk look a-la Avril Lavigne. That's why Motives by Loren Ridinger has developed the perfect chip-resistant, toluene, formaldehyde and DBP free shade of black to complement the fall color palate. "Little Black Dress" Motives Nail Candy ($5) is a gorgeous versatile plum-based shade of black; apply one coat for a hint of deep purple and two coats for a true black finish. This formula stands up to OPI and Essie for a fraction of the price, so I'll be wearing it with everything in my closet, from my chocolate browns this fall, to my winter whites next season. Oh, and just a note to the trend-followers out there: if you want more purple, less black, try "I'm a Vamp" Nail Candy ... if not for the color, for the name alone.

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