Personal Shopper: Workout Clothes for Sella

July 29, 2010
By Outblush
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Sella writes: "I've been going to the gym religiously but I'm sick of wearing the same plain pants and tank tops. I don't understand why workout clothes are so expensive! I was wondering if you could find me some cute workout clothes with matching tops like the ones has but nothing that breaks the bank. Thanks for your help!" Hi, Sella, this is Trajano! I like to look put together at the gym as well, and I also don't love the idea of spending a fortune on clothes dedicated to sweaty pursuits. I found a variety of work out gear of a purply-blue persuasion (all the pieces come in other colors so if you're more into red or yellow you can change it up). I have a bunch of the Asics Tanks and they're fantastic - they have a light, comfy fit and keep their shape wash after wash. 1 - Lucy Spa Hoodie ($48) 2 - Asics Tank ($20) 3 - Tuxedo Cami ($20) 4 - Udaya Tank ($25) 5 - Nike Track Running Shorts ($34) 6 - C9 Champion Capri Pants ($22) 7 - Athleta Reversible Flip-Side Pants ($24)

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