Personal Shopper: Jackie O-Style Skirt Suits for Taniya

September 8, 2010
By Outblush
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Taniya T. wrote, "I'm a mess, I'm trying to figure out what are the Jackie O suits called? Elle Woods wore the pink tweed suits and just recently the character Devya off of Royal Pains wore a Jackie O style suit for her engagement party and I'm stumped on where to purchase one. I would like one to wear to work. Any ideas on what they're called and where to get one? This is what I'm looking for, well something similar. And here's Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in this style of suit. Thank you. --TT" Taniya, I don't think (though I could be wrong) that this specific style of suit has a name; Chanel defined the (tweed) skirt suit as we know it today, and it's a classic style that's fairly easy to find, although usually expensive. I've rounded up six ladies-who-lunch suits for you. Enjoy! 1 - Tahari 3/4 Sleeved Jeweled Skirt Suit ($150 on sale) 2 - Kate Spade 'Sandie Picnic' Tweed Jacket & Skirt ($375 jacket, $295 skirt) 3 - DKNY Appliqued Suit ($345 jacket, $175 skirt) 4 - Collections for Le Suit Skirt Suit with Scarf ($40-45 on sale) 5 - Allyson Cara Women's Shantung Skirt Suit ($30 on sale) 6 - Tahari Bow-Detail Belted Skirt Suit ($150 on sale) Frustrated in your search for that perfect leather handbag, red stiletto pump, or whatever makes your heart go thump in the night? Send us a request and we might do the shopping work for you in a future Personal Shopper feature!

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