Personal Shopper: Indoor Plant Stands for Elizabeth's Husband

November 14, 2011
By Outblush
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Elizabeth writes: "Dear Outblush, I'm writing on behalf of my husband, he is very fond of his plants, we have tons of them in our patio but it's October and we live in Chicago so needless to say they have to come inside fairly soon. I managed to bring some into our tiny condo and place them in some areas but there's more left outside. I was wondering if you could help find some modern plant stands so we can make the most out of our space but still bring all of those lovely plants inside. Thanks so much! Elizabeth" Hello Elizabeth, I'm Found of You! Although I don't have any indoor plants, I can definitely appreciate a nice plant stand as a space saving device, and I have two on my back porch that I use to grow small pots of herbs. Here are some ideas for fitting plants into your condo while srtill having some space for yourself! If these seem too expensive, hit up your local flea market or some garage/estate sales for vintage finds. That's where I got mine. Tall racks are great, because you can store plants vertically and they won't take up as much floor space. This works best for small, short plants, and you might want to tether them to the wall at the top for extra security. Try #1, the Folding Piper Tiered Bakers Rack Plant Stand ($130) or #2, this Panagea Trading Plant Stand ($175) Bleacher style plant stands are better for slightly larger plants, and they can be used to create a really attractive display. Check out #3, the Panacea Products Gothic 3-Tier Nesting Plant Stand ($124), #4, this Cordova Tiered Plant Stand ($114), or maybe #5 the Vifah V499 Tiered Plant Stand Potting Bench ($76). Buy a bookcase that fits your plants. In the spring when your plants go back outside, you can put books and/or framed photos on the shelves! #6, the Winsome 4-Tier A-Frame Wood Etagere Bookcase ($95) would be perfect for displaying both plant and non-plant items. Go high tech with #7, the Urban Garden Solutions 2-Tier Plant Growing Stand w/ Grow Light ($200)! It has a very modern industrial feel, and it has grow lights to help your plants photosynthesize like whoa all winter long. Frustrated in your search for that perfect leather handbag, red stiletto pump, or whatever makes your heart go thump in the night? Click here to check out our requests for you, the reader, and to contact us, and we might do the shopping work for you in a future Personal Shopper feature! Screen shot 2011-09-28 at 10.01.54 AM.png Found of You here: Rather than find you the perfect LBD, look to me for the perfect accessories! As an accessorizing whiz, I can style your "What do I wear with it?!" clothing, dig up awesome maternity and nursing clothes (I'm a Mommy!), and make your tootsies look perfect in fabulous flats (or pumps, or sandals). Oh, and if you need to give someone (ME!!) a gift, I say buy 'em food and books, and I'd love to help you find just the right stuff.

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