Personal Shopper: Daring Dearwilliams Demands Duds

June 27, 2012
By Outblush
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Dearwilliams writes: "Wear can I get the pink and black motorcycle outfit that Carly Foulke wore on the T-Mobile commercial. (The latest commerical). I would like to get one in red and black." Dearwilliams, if you happen to be heading to any rallies (cough cough STURGIS!) wearing any of these pieces (which are all street legal and actually meant to be worn on a bike), please inform Charlie Hunnam that we dressed you and that we'd appreciate an autograph in return. Have fun riding! 1. Xelement Tri-Tex Fabric Vented Motorcycle Jacket with Level-3 Advanced Armor ($60) 2. AGVSPORT Venus Leather Jacket ($270) 3. Power Trip Women's Harlow Leather Jacket ($255) 4. Alpinestars Stella GP Pro Womens Racing Suit ($1350) 5. Scorpion Women's Savannah Pants ($159) 6. Icon Women's Hella Leather Pants ($235) atribution.jpgMagzilla here: When I'm not busy eating my way to the bottom of a ginger candy bag, I'm tweezing my eyebrows. I prefer the hard core body modification scene but can also appreciate a ruffle or bow when I see one. Beauty and barrels of maternity/kid crap are my specialties. When you need help finding the right shade of eyeliner to match that new shade of "I haven't slept in days" tint your skin gets after a baby or four, call on me. Loudly. Frustrated in your search for that perfect leather handbag, red stiletto pump, or whatever makes your heart go thump in the night? Click here to check out our requests for you, the reader, and to contact us, and we might do the shopping work for you in a future Personal Shopper feature!

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