Personal Shopper: Comfortable flats for Michelle to teach in

September 22, 2010
By Outblush
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Michelle F. wrote, "Hi Outblush! I am in desperate need of some shopping help! I'm a new teacher and I LOVE cute shoes, but none of them are ever comfortable enough to make it through being on my feet ALL day long. Every pair I've bought that have seemed comfortable at the store end up leaving me about to die in the middle of the school day! I'm looking for any kind of cute flats that are super comfortable and supportive, preferably under $100 (or even less if possible!). I'm a size 8. THANK YOU! Michelle" Michelle, we polled some of our teacher pals, and they recommended Clarks, Merrell, Naturalizer, Hush Puppies, and Lands End brand shoes, plus looking into some good, comfy gel shoe insole inserts. Here are six pairs of cute flats and booties to help you get through recess and beyond! 1 - Hush Puppies Tottenham Boots ($75, in 2 colors) 2 - Clarks Privo Desire Love Flats ($80, in 3 colors) 3 - Clarks Privo Paddie Mary Janes ($70, in 2 colors) 4 - Land's End Classic Ballet Shoes ($40, in 6 colors) 5 - Naturalizer Casper Loafers ($60 on sale, in 4 colors) 6 - Naturalizer Mitzy Flats ($60 on sale, in 7 colors) 7 - Clarks Twinkle Mary Janes ($85) Frustrated in your search for that perfect leather handbag, red stiletto pump, or whatever makes your heart go thump in the night? Send us a request and we might do the shopping work for you in a future Personal Shopper feature!

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