Personal Shopper: Carly Foulkes T-Mobile Dress for Lauren

February 10, 2011
By Outblush
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Lauren R. writes, "I'm sure some of you have seen the recent T-mobile commercials, featuring the same actress in a variety of adorable pink dresses. I'm on a quest to find a dress like the one in one of these commercials, and I would so appreciate your help! I love the cut (the swingy-ness, kind of retro but not too retro feel), the polka dot print, and of the course the color, so anything you can find that is close to this would be great. If you could figure out the original designer, that would be amazing too! I'm between a 4-6 in dresses, and for a good look-alike, my budget is around $150, but I'm willing to go higher for a really great dress, so don't feel too limited. This dress would be perfect for my upcoming one year anniversary with my boyfriend (it happens to be Valentine's Day... total coincidence) so I would be really grateful to hear back soon! Thanks so much Outblush!" Hi Lauren! Happy Anniversary! We uncovered some info on the T-Mobile girl and her series of gorgeous dresses for you. The actress, Carly Foulkes, is a model who hails from Canada and the dresses she wears are designed by Debra LeClair, the stylist who worked on the T-Mobile commercial campaign. As of yet, neither the dresses nor the design are available to the masses. Boo! We've rounded up a few similar styles for you in hopes that one of them will be a good substitute for Valentine's Day. 1 - Never underestimate the powers of Etsy Alchemy! Alchemy lets you give the specifics and price range, and etsy sellers can bid on your project. You then work with your creator of choosing to get just what you're looking for! 2 - Delia's Polka Dot Dress ($45) 3 - Spotted Around Town Dress ($68) 4 - Stop Staring! Classic Vintage Cover Girl Dress ($125) 5 - Pacific Plex Satin Halter Sundress ($40) 6 - Custom Made 1950's Halterneck Polka Dot Dress ($74) The seller will custom make this dress to your measurements, and you can pick the polka dot pattern (There's a pink with small white dots option!) Frustrated in your search for that perfect leather handbag, red stiletto pump, or whatever makes your heart go thump in the night? Click here to check out our requests for you, the reader, and to contact us, and we might do the shopping work for you in a future Personal Shopper feature!

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