Insects Know Their Lives Painting

January 27, 2010
By Outblush
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If we decided to decorate our walls with the joyful colors and mesmerizing geometric power of Maya Hayuk's Insects Know Their Lives Painting ($450), we probably wouldn't regret it. This acryilic and ink piece pulsates with energy and its title implies some connection to bugs of the world. A visionary language of triangles here could reference exoskeleton structures or something bigger and more all encompassing. It's abstract, so you can decide. The work of Maya Hayuk seems to be delivered from a bright cosmic place that we have no access to. The Ukrainian born artist was exposed to embroidery, photography and painting at an early age, and since as become a poster girl for muralists with street cred. Based in Brooklyn and San Francisco, she creates vividly colored pieces in the milieu of punk rock tinged skateboard culture with the spirit of youthful summer liaisons. If you're curious, check you the Fecal Face interview or watch the Handmade Portrait video for a glimpse into her vibrant work.

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