Dear Kate Fancy Collection

February 1, 2013
By Outblush
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You have a few pairs of panties that you save for that very special time of the month, not wanting to ruin another pair of pants thanks to faulty "leak protection" tampons. What are you? Fourteen? No. You are a grown woman in need of some grown-up underwear. Dear Kate created a line of lingerie meant specifically to help women out during their periods, offering an alternative to the same cotton undies that have been on monthly rotation for at least half a decade. Their fancy collection ($36-135) ranges from sexy little hipster panties to full sets of lined underwear, all of which prevent leakage. And you all know what kind of leakage we're talking about here. Dear Kates can hold up to three teaspoons of liquid in the tri-layer black fabric. No more embarrassing seven-year-old cotton things in your laundry bag, no surprise visits in the crotch of your khakis. Sexy underwear that goes undercover to save your wardrobe. Dear Kate, we think we're in love. Full disclosure: Outblush received a free sample of this product.

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