Dali Lips Sofa

November 19, 2009
By Outblush
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The historic Dali Lips Sofa ($Inquire) has been reappropriated by Barcelona Design as an indoor or outdoor piece equipped with weather resistant polyethylene upholstery. If you can't afford to inquire, the Mini Lips Sofa ($14) is a cost-effective, smaller alternative. Whether in the grandiose full scale or cut down to pocket size, the sensuous lines are super seductive. The precedent for the design goes back several decades to the original 1936-37 version, inspired by the lips of 1930s femme fatale, Mae West. The first Lips Sofa was commissioned by Surrealism supporter Edward James and crafted by the great Salvador Dali as a part of the Mae West Room. The 1970 reproduction is now showing at the Museum of European Art, New York's Metro Art 2009 presentation, the Homage to Dali Exhibition.

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