Curve Appeal: Lushly Lacy Plus-Size Tights for Rebecca

August 26, 2011
By Outblush
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Rebecca commented on our Aristocrat Lolita French Lace Pantyhose post, saying: "Why, oh why, is everything only for the skinny girls?!?! I love these, but every time I find them somewhere, they are only for the teeny tiny. Arghhh! Oh well." Rebecca, Janetor here, and as a proud size [redacted], I know how you feel. We tend to get shafted when it comes to stuff like funky tights, jeans that aren't either meant for tweens or grandmas, and, well, a whole lotta stuff. Finding awesome, unique plus size clothes is a bit of a challenge, but it's one I'm happy to help my fellow curvy ladies out on. So, I went on a hunt for cool, lacy, racy tights that come in sizes not limited to those with toothpick-sized thighs. Best part? They're all on the (fairly) inexpensive side. Enjoy showing off those be-tighted gams! 1. Avenue Open Scroll Tights ($15) 2. Black Diamond Fishnet Tights ($15) 3. Torrid Black Blossom Crochet Tights ($15) 4. Spanx Tight-End Tights in Chain Stripe ($42) 5. Avenue Diamond Textured Tights ($15) 6. Torrid Black Floral Crochet Tights ($15) 7. Avenue Diamond Link Tights ($15) 8. Avenue Sheer Swirl Applique Tights ($15) 9. Comfort Choice Textured Footless Plus Size Tights ($13) 10. Hips & Curves Open Weave Tights ($18) 11. Lane Bryant Parisian Scroll Control Top Tights ($19)

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