Culture Club: Boom Necklace

June 3, 2011
By Outblush
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Nerds unite. Comic-con attendees and fan-girls alike will like the Boom Necklace ($25), if they don't mind a boatload of graphic color. Other gals who wanna pose to get geeky guys (I know, they're too cute), be warned - you might be expected to know some things. Comics have come far from their broadsheet origins; they took an educational turn, teaching kids how to understand onomatopoeia from the 1930s onward. Hell, it looks like comics are fully merging with pop culture at this point. So if you're wearing this necklace, and a comic book junky comes up to you to chat at Borders, at least know the difference between DC and Marvel. The Avengers (a massive flick for DC) is coming out in 2012. Go see Thor (it's ok), and have fun studying.

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