Buff Headwear

July 6, 2012
By Outblush
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We know. All of you are probably like, "Outblush, seriously, what the hell is this?" And honestly, we weren't sure at first either. It's just a tube of fabric. Or is it? Buff Headwear ($20 and up) is the do-everything, be-everywhere headpiece/neckwarmer/headband/blindfold/wristband/balaclava/lazy turban/pirate kerchief. We wear ours to clean the house, to the beach, on date night, to cookouts, on ski trips, and basically anywhere we are. And on top of all of that, there are also the Slim Fit, the Hoodie, the Polar Buff, the Combi Buff, the Visor Buff, the Angler Buff, the Junior, and the Baby Buff. OMG, there's a dog buff?!?! We can be a whole Buff-y family!!

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