Zadie Smith's 'Swing Time' + 4 More Things We Love This Week

November 17, 2016
By Heather Jackson
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Swing Time by Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith, arguably one of the most important voices in modern literature, delivers readers a new novel, Swing Time, and critic reviews are highly favorable. The plot, while fresh and different from Smith's previous storylines, still maintains a familiar feel; the intricate prose and detailed character relationships are Smith staples. The narrator follows the lives of two old friends, from their formative years through their adulthood, as they manage their dreams of dancing with the realities of their limitations, both personal and economical. Don't expect to read this one in a quick sitting; Smith tackles many difficult and nuanced topics including class, race, identity politics, and privilege.

Sticker Clock

Who's got time to break out the hammer and nails, the stud finder, and the... the... whatever else you need to hang a clock (can you tell I'm a total pro)? This minimalist Sticker Clock by designer Jamie Wolfond takes all the work out of tossing time up on the wall. Ideal for renters, the fabric strips, and basic clock parts sticks to many different surfaces without leaving behind damage or residue. Stick it directly onto your wall or put it on the backing of your choice--like a funky marble tile, a wooden board, or even a favorite art print. At just ten dollars a pop, you can afford to get creative and put one up in each room of your home.

Santal 33 Eau de Parfum

I used to be the type of person who bought a large bottle of a favorite perfume and wore it daily as my "signature scent." Truthfully, it got a little boring, and the first time I got a whiff of Le Lobo fragrances, I changed my tune. Now I prefer to change my scents seasonally. As the days shorten and we approach the winter equinox, I spritz a bit of unisex Santal 33 eau de parfum onto my pulse points. The notes are incredibly intricate--deep and smokey with hints of spice, musk, and even a sturdy floral. It embodies the best parts of the winter: the warmth of a fireplace-heated room and the richness of leather and smoke.

Buffalo Check Upstate Skirt

Buffalo plaid is this winter's humble print of choice with the familiar red and black print, usually reserved for trapper hats and cabin blankets, getting glammed up and made into fun fashion items. One of my favs is Madewell's Buffalo Check Upstate Skirt. The wool-blend mini skirt looks fabulous when worn with boots and tights and your cutest cropped jacket. Don a beanie and head out to do your holiday shopping in festive style.

Flat Circle Dangle Earrings

Flashy earrings are fine for much of the time, but when you're looking to simplify, you can't get much more minimal than a pair of Flat Circle Dangle Earrings, made by Michelle Chang Jewelry. The sterling silver circles have a barely there dangle and a diameter of just three-eighths of an inch. If you aren't sure you can go without at least a little bit of bling, you also can order a pair with tiny, sparkly diamonds embedded in the circles.

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