Valentines Day Gift Guide: The Hipster Guy

February 1, 2011
By Outblush
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You love your hipster guy because of his individuality, but damn, that makes him hard to shop for. He's trendy without being on-trend, his style is more thrift store than J. Crew, and his independent, artistic spirit means he's more likely to make something himself (or find a friend to do so) than try and find it at the mall. Hopefully one of these slightly unusual gifts will be as unique as he is. 1. Wewood DATE Watch ($119) 2.101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die ($20) 3. Squirrel Underpants Painting ($39) 4. Tinysaur Kit ($16 - $18) 5. DC Comics Covergirls ($15) 6. Minox Leica M3 digital Camera ($225)

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