These Cutest Cactus Studs Plus Four More Things We Love

June 7, 2017
By Heather Jackson
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Scenic Route Cactus Studs

You can rarely go wrong with pieces from Kate Spade's summer time collections. They're always vibrant, whimsical, and ultra preppy. Case in point: this pair of adorable Scenic Route Cactus Studs. The antidote to a gray day, the little green, and pink earrings will add a dose of fun and sun to everything from statement tees and cutoffs to floral sundresses. If you can't get enough of the cutesy cacti, then consider rounding out your collection with the matching ring and pendant necklace.

Get It On Organic Bodywash

There's a body wash made to help you achieve just about every state of enlightenment--from relaxation to invigoration — and the Get It On Organic Bodywash from Plant Apothecary has you covered for when you want to get in the mood to, you know, get in the mood. Grab your main squeeze and suds up together. The sensual scents of sultry sandalwood, sexy cedar, and spicy ginger will have you ready for a romp in no time!

Banana Leaf Bookmark

You just spent a boatload of cashola on summer beach books and are eager to dig in. Save your pages from the dreaded dog ear and toss your old Target receipts in the garbage where they belong; this Banana Leaf Bookmark will see you reading in style. The thin brass leaf fits beautifully between pages, saving your spot so you aren't re-reading the same six paragraphs over and over again. After all, you gotta find out if Lola ever reconnects with her missing sister and smile smugly when Diana stops fighting against the magnetism of Andrew (even though he seems wrong for her, you know he's oh so right).

Tassel Tie Waist Dress

Yellow is a hard color to wear. It has to be just the right shade to show off your summer glow without crossing the line and making you look sorta sickly. LOFT's goldenrod Tassel Tie Waist Dress meets the mark. The tone accentuates your skin's natural warmth. The dress's silhouette is also becoming on most body types. Drapey and flowing, it cinches in your waist without showing off any lumps or bumps (a definite plus since wearing shapewear in the summer is such a chore, ugh!). Dress down this frock with leather sandals and sunglasses for a backyard party or wear it to the office under a cardigan to keep that always-going air conditioning from giving you the midday chills.

Rose Metallic Draped Top

Sure, that price tag is a bit steep, but this Rose Metallic Draped Top from Anine Bing is destined to become a staple in your work wardrobe. The neutral-colored top has a little shimmer to it to keep things interesting. It looks chic under a fitted blazer and gives you great shape by sitting at your natural waist and flaring out in a peplum-style hemline. Just double check before you leave the house that the deep v isn't too revealing; a little bit of basting tape ought to keep you feeling confident that everything is in place.

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