The Nope Necklace + 4 More Things We Love This Week

February 21, 2017
By Heather Jackson
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Nope Necklace

Some days are just ... nope. Alas, you still have to drag yourself out of bed and face things you would rather not. Dress your best, give yourself a pep talk, but also make sure to wear the Nope Necklace from In God We Trust. It makes a subtle little protest against, well, anything you want it to. Gotta listen to an HR presentation at work? Nope. Gotta do spin class during your period? Ugh, nope. I mean, I know you'll suck it up and TCB ... but your heart (necklace) doesn't have to be in it!

Traveler Pullover

On St. Patrick's Day, we can't all wear plastic beer mug glasses and green tees with suggestive sayings. Some of us have to keep it classy, especially since it's a workday. If you feel like getting festive, but don't want to be a walking (stumbling?) cliché, then slip on the Line & Dot Traveler Pullover. It comes in a few soft shades, but the kelly green is positively stunning, especially since it's paired with a flattering v neckline and wide arms that gather at the wrists. Tuck it into a structured maxi skirt or wear it more casually with jeans and a shamrock pendant for the boozy holiday.

Classic Gold Mule

This pair of Marais Classic Gold Mules aren't terribly practical in February weather, but I am lusting after them anyway. Dry sidewalks and warm pavement are right around the corner, after all. Perhaps by then I'll have found a way to justify spending tax refund money on them ... and a new summer wardrobe. Oh! And a swimsuit ... and a floppy hat. Probably a pair of red heart-shaped sunglasses, too, because gold sandals and red hearts go together like summer time and the beach!

Hair Perfume Mist

The other day, at lunch time, I opened my leftover curry and it spilled and splashed on my shirt and into my hair. An immediate shower was out of the question, but if I had stashed a bottle of Herbivore's Hair Perfume Mist in my purse or desk drawer, I might have spent the rest of the afternoon smelling a bit fresher than three-day old Thai takeout. I'm going to hope you never need a hair mist to mask such pungent odors, but honestly, catching a whiff of rose-, jasmine-, or apricot-scented essential oil blends in your locks is always welcome.

Bestie Necklaces

I can't help highlight more necklaces this week, especially since this pair of Bestie Necklaces from Band of Weirdos is so fun. Forget jagged hearts, the future is in space (and I'm not saying that because I finally finished binge watching the first season on The Expanse on Amazon Video)! Keep a half ringed planet necklace for yourself and give the other half to your BFF, just like you used to when you were in middle school ... except, instead of getting together to do bestie things in study hall, you can get together to do bestie things at happy hour. Sometimes, being a grown up is as fun as you imagined it would be!

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