Sparkly Donut Ornaments + 4 More Things We Love This Week

December 12, 2016
By Heather Jackson
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Sparkly Donut Ornament Trio

Pinterest is full of 9-foot traditional trees, home to a bazillion twinkling white lights, oversized glass balls, and layers of twisting ribbons. In real life, your tree is sorta short and wide and strung with strands of lights that all seem to not work on one side. But you know what? Your tree is still beautiful, and it deserves a trio of sparkly Donut Ornaments from 8 Oak Lane to finish off it's eclectic, one-of-a-kind look. Take care to keep the merry, frosted treats out of the reach of the cat and kids, though. They're fragile!

Take Out Pajamas

'Tis the season to wear the comfiest pajamas you own. For me, it usually means a pair of yoga pants (that I've never actually worn to yoga class), a thermal undershirt, and an oversized hoodie but, in an effort to not constantly look like the laziest version of myself, I recently invested in a cute pair of PJ Salvage's Take Out Pajamas. The flannel jams are still super comfy-cozy with a loose fit and an adjustable drawstring waist. And the take out container print? It's much more clever and cute than my usual sleep tee which sports the name of my favorite college bar across the front and a growing hole in the armpit.

Brunch Money Zip Pouch

Yikes! Brunch with the ladies is getting pricey. You could stop after just one Bloody Mary or you could save your singles all week and toss them into this Brunch Money Zip Pouch from Reason Clothing. I'm going to encourage you to do the latter, and even suggest nabbing a few to hand out to your gals at your next get together. They will surely insist on ordering another round to toast your thoughtfulness and generosity!

Octopus Hook

Thing Industries has brought a new level of whimsy to your standard wall hook. Their Octopus Hook cleverly capitalizes on the general population's consensus that double-pronged hooks look like drunk octopuses ready for a scuffle. With the addition of a cute little smile and scalloped edges, the mint-colored sea creature is happy to help you hang your hat. Unless he doesn't like the cut of your jib, and then you better put 'em up and duke it out!

Grapefruit Creme De Corps Whipped Body Butter

One of Kiehl's newest limited edition items is this tub of Grapefruit Creme De Corps

Whipped Body Butter. The invigorating scent ought to help wake up your senses on the cold, dark winter mornings ahead. Plus, your dry skin will thank you for the added moisture. Grab a few tubs, if you can, and use them as gifts and stocking stuffers this Christmas. With each purchase, 100 percent of the proceeds (up to $100,000) go to providing needing people and families with meals through Feeding America.

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