Our New Favorite Way to Do Ruffles Plus 4 More Things We Love

April 24, 2017
By Heather Jackson
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Amella Cotton Blend Top

Twitterpated. That's how I feel every time I look at Ted Baker's Amella Top. It effortlessly blends preppy blue and white stripes, romantic ruffled sleeves, and a structured body to create the ultimate modern blouse. With all that going on, it still manages to be versatile. You can tuck it into a floral midi skirt, leave it untucked over a straight, cropped pant, or even use it to dress up a pair of high-waisted, flare jeans. Whatever you do, don't crush those pretty sleeves under a coat or cardigan; let them be the focal point of your entire outfit.

Two Tone Round Sunglasses

Sure, I spend a lot of time drooling over chic, overpriced designer sunglasses, but I never buy them. I need inexpensive pairs (yes, multiple pairs!) that I can step on, lose at the beach, sit on, lose at the beach again, and generally mistreat all summer long. This ultra-trendy pair of Two Tone Round Sunglasses from LOFT is a killer find. The pink-rimmed shades are modestly priced but still make me look like a thousand bucks. If you're in the same boat as me, stock up during one of LOFT's many sales; you can nab these for even less than their already affordable price point.

Velvet Midi Skirt

Often, velvet is restricted for cold weather months, but I feel like this Velvet Midi Skirt by Genuine People was perfectly made for spring time. Much of the country is seeing consistently warm temps and days full of sunshine, but if you live in a more fussy climate, you're probably still wrestling with moderate weather and the occasional stormy day. This velvet skirt will keep you warm against the chill and drizzle (it's lined, too!) while its great mint green color ought to keep your spirits up; spring really is here, and you'll definitely look the part in such a soft, sweet shade.

Not the Mother I Remember

With Mother's Day approaching, I find myself picking up a lot of books about mother/daughter relationships, and the memoir, Not the Mother I Remember by Amber Lea Starfire, has been my favorite read thus far. Starfire alternates between writing about her interesting — but often tumultuous — childhood and relaying pieces of her mother's own past and feelings via journal entries she finds after her mother dies. The women's ever evolving relationship with each other is complex and full of completely identifiable feelings of fierce love, disappointment, forgiveness, frustration, and ultimately, acceptance.

Crossbody Pouch

Large enough to fit an afternoon's worth of essentials, Cuyana's Crossbody Pouch in sunshine is an ideal companion on a lovely, sunny day at the Farmer's Market. Keep your keys, wallet, phone, and lip gloss in it, swing it over your body, and enjoy hands-free shopping. Or, take a tote with you, too, and put all your purchases in it. That way you've got a big bag for your raw, local honey, micro greens, and carrot bunches, but you won't loose your cash at the bottom of it each time you need to pay a vendor.

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