Merlot Lillipops Plus 4 More Things We Love This Week

June 19, 2017
By Heather Jackson
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Merlot Lollipops

The only way to find out if these Merlot Lollipops from Lollyphile will give you a wine buzz is to try them. I'm guessing not, but I ordered a few anyway. A lightly fruity, earthy merlot flavor is always welcome, even if it doesn't come with actual alcohol content. I bet these would make an adorable party favor at your next shindig. And brides? Tuck them into your bridesmaids' gifts for a little added sweetness. They'll be a crowd pleaser on your big day (but are probably safer than toasting with real merlot over your pristine white wedding gown!).

Vanilla Road Rounded Sunglasses

Goodbye wayfarers and hello round frames! Okay, wayfarer-style sunglasses aren't losing in popularity, but at the same time, shades with rounded frames are making a comeback. I wouldn't run out and buy a pair that resembles Kate Hudson's iconic glasses from the Almost Famous movie poster just yet, but Gentle Monster's Vanilla Road Rounded Sunglasses make an excellent bridge between the two styles. The plastic frames are thicker than wire — and so cute with all those colors--but the mirrored lenses are distinctly round. Invest in a pair and you'll be ready for whichever way the trend tips.

New Seaside Pant

What kind of pants feel as comfortable as your favorite sweats but keep you looking chic and put together at the same time? J.Crew's New Seaside Pant. The crisp linen pants have elastic at the waist and at the ankles so you can customize your look. Wear the leg cuffs pushed up and throw on a plain v-neck tee and sneakers for a casual sporty look, or let the cuffs fall to your ankles, slip into a button down and add heels for something a little dressier. Either way, these pants will have you looking great and feeling just as relaxed as if you were curled up on the couch in your only-in-the-house-yoga pants.

Mondo Hoop Earrings

This chunky pair of Mondo Hoop Earrings, designed by Lila Rice, is a bolder version of the classic hoop. The thick burnished gold will make a big statement when you sweep your hair into an updo and let them take center stage. They can take a classic, modest outfit and turn it into something extra special, or finish off a trendy look when you're meeting the girls downtown fora few drinks.

Aloe Vera Powder

Ye-ouch! At least once over summer, you'll make the costly mistake of getting too wrapped up in your fun in the sun to reapply your sunscreen. When you get a monster burn and need to baby your skin ASAP, keep a bottle of Aloe Vera Powder from S. W. Basics within reach. Add a little water and the powder reconstitutes into a gel. It'll provide instant relief when you rub it onto your angry skin. The teeny-tiny bottle of powder should last you ages, and can be used to soothe other minor cuts and blisters — or even the dreaded razor burn. Make it a medicine cabinet staple.

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