I'd Rather Be: Lisa Frank

July 25, 2012
By Outblush
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While a Personal Shopper can give you what you need for real life, I'd Rather Be sets you up for fantasy lives you didn't even know you had. Because sometimes a new shampoo isn't enough for a whole new you. (Want us to outfit your alter ego or your alternate reality? Just say the word!) If you were in elementary school in the eighties or nineties, then you know Lisa Frank, and you love her whimsical products. We'd give anything to go back to when every school supply we owned was adorned with rainbow unicorns, pink dolphins in love, and piles of purple and yellow kittens frolicking in sparkly meadows of happiness. Better yet, we'd like to be Lisa Frank, or the version of her that we've created in our minds. So let's turn up some happiness-on-steroids type music and get our Lisa on...
  • A rainbow My Little Pony wig ($95) will cover up your decidedly unLisa natural hair.
  • Then you can wiggle into this Singing in the Rainbow Dress by Motel ($65)...
  • ...and slide your lovely feet into these Jeffrey Campbell The Sporty Shoes in White Fabric and Rainbow ($79). Now your uniform is complete!
  • When it's time for lunch, sip something sparkling and sweet from this Purple Tie Dye Turtle Drinking Glass ($14)
  • Whip up this Strawberries and Avocado Pink Heart Salad ($ingredients) and get your veggies on, girl!
  • For dessert? You'll always have something jiggly, sugar-y, and preferably rainbow-hued around. Use The Magic of JELL-O: 100 New and Favorite Recipes Celebrating 100 Years of Fun with JELL-O ($15 and up new) to inspire your creations.
  • Every afternoon, you'll sit in your Patrick Norguet 2000 Rainbow Chair ($12,964) and write in your...
  • ...Lisa Frank Light Up Diary ($15), because if you don't get all your overwhelming feelings of delight out on paper, your heart will explode, which means hours of cleaning up rainbow glitter, which is what you bleed now.
  • When it's time to send pics of the new litter of green and purple puppies your pink and blue doggie just had to your best friend the Pink Orange Peace Princess Frog Figurine with Gem Heart Decoration ($21), use your iPad, but make sure it's covered with...
  • ...a "Colorful Fireworks" design SmartSlim Graphic Hard Shell Case for iPad 2 and iPad 3 ($11).
  • When it's beach time, leave a note on the fridge with these Three by Three Seattle Color Dots Magnets ($16)...
  • ...and bound off through a cloud of rainbow bubbles into the technicolor sunset in this Rainbow Zebra Stripe String Bikini ($40). Your new life of sweet, sweet sensory overload and eternal neon of the technicolor mind? It'll cost you around $13,335... or $371 if you skip the chair.
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