Caroline Hadilaksono Harry Potter Travel Posters

August 30, 2011
By Outblush
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Our dream vacation? Running headlong into the barrier between Platforms 9 and 10 at King's Cross Station, then boarding the scarlet Hogwarts Express to jaunt off to Hogwarts for a magical semester. *sigh* Even though that will (probably) never happen, we can't help but dream, and artist Caroline Hadilaksono's gorgeous Harry Potter vintage travel posters ($22 for a set of 3 postcards, 18x22.5" prints $50 each) will keep the dream alive. Until then, we'll settle for making butterbeer & pumpkin pasties at home, practicing our spells with the wand we bought at Ollivander's at Universal Studios Florida (shuddup), and re-watching our DVDs again and again.

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