A Pair of out of This Galaxy Earrings + 4 More Things We Love

April 3, 2017
By Heather Jackson
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Galactic Hoop Earrings

This pair of Galactic Hoop Earrings by Sibilia takes a traditional hoop and adds a futuristic element with the addition of a medallion coated in splashes of color and splatters of paint. No pair is the exactly the same. Wear yours to add some zing to basic blacks or boring work attire and then keep them in for date night when you change into something lacy and sexy. They're a versatile accessory for your busy days; you'll find yourself searching your jewelry box for them with frequency.

Crochet Lace Tie Belt Dress

I am so grateful for warm weather! I prefer to live in dresses and skirts and the snowy season does its best to inhibit that inclination. But now that the weather is inching toward mild, I'm scouring my favorite shops for some sturdy, wardrobe staple-worthy dresses. GAP's Crochet Lace Tie Belt Dress made the cut. It's a lightweight cotton blend that falls nicely around the curves. The belt cinches at the natural waist, which is ultra figure-flattering, and the fun hemline and crochet top add effortless style. I can toss this one on, add a pair of strappy leather sandals, and look ready for the day.

Sunlight Showcase Swimsuit

Have a body? Awesome! Spend the summer rocking any swimsuit you want on the beach and in the water. I'm partial to the Sunlight Showcase Swimsuit from the High Dive by Modcloth line. It features a cheerful Liberty floral print and a trendy bustier top without sacrificing coverage for cuteness. The sexy vintage shape will play up your curves and ought to increase your confidence that all your parts will stay securely where they should, even when you're spiking the winning blow in a game of beach volleyball.

Tito Table Runner

You volunteered to host Easter brunch? You brave soul! I can't help you with your ham, but I can introduce you to the stunning Tito Table Runner from Dana Haim. It makes a great base layer for your tablescape (since that's totally a thing now and everyone will be expecting your dining table to be whimsically styled with moss and colored eggs). Lay it down over the center of your table, add a few cheerful vases of Trader Joe's flowers and maybe some candlesticks, and call it festive enough. Now you can concentrate on those bunny-shaped rolls you saw on Pinterest.

Silk Sleep Mask

The only downside to spring and summer is the early morning sunrises. Perfect for days when you need to wake up and get your tired butt to work, it becomes a curse on weekends when you want to indulge in a little extra sleep. It's time to invest in a quality sleep mask, like this Silk Sleep Mask from Slip. The silk is gentle on the skin and hair while providing you with a total blackout while you sleep. No nagging phone notification blinks, no sunshine creeping around the edges of your eyes, and no sudden artificial light surges when your partner wakes earlier than you do and hits the hall lights. Ahh, blissful, undisturbed sleep!

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