Why Super High Heels Are Going out of Fashion

April 6, 2017
By Cailyn Cox
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For decades footwear and comfort haven't really gone hand-in-hand. We've seen more women than we'd care to count stumbling around in their sky-high heels because they can't walk in them, and we've suffered one too many blisters because of our poor footwear choices.

Which is probably why there's a footwear revolution happening right now. Women have finally said enough is enough and it's now all about finding the perfect balance between fashion and comfort. So, is the sky-high heel trend coming to an end? We certainly think so.

Aside from the fact that these heels tend to be impractical and extremely uncomfortable (there's also evidence that suggests these shoes can cause long term damage on your foot and ankle muscles), it seems the pendulum has swung and designers have shifted their focus from narrow, stiletto type styles to flats. In recent seasons there's been more emphasis on wearable shoes, with the "ugly" footwear trends like Crocs, Birkenstock-inspired shoes and kitten heels having their moment to shine.

Sneakers have also been given a big stamp of approval, and so have regular flats like the sandals and boots, with many women opting for these shoes in favor of heels. It seems as though it was the natural progression, and with flats dominating the runway more women are likely to try out these shoes in favor of their heels — it also means that there is more diversity and an overall higher quality of flats available.
But are flats just a trend and next season we'll be forced to almost cripple ourselves again while opting for sky-high heels? Maybe, but this is one footwear trend we hope sticks around, because right now we're all about death to the super high heel.
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