8 Reasons You Need to Change up Your Skinny Jeans This Season

April 5, 2017
By Cailyn Cox
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Skinny jeans are a style that have become a wardrobe staple, and it's no surprise why: they're comfortable, fitted (so they show off your curves) and they tend to flatter almost every body shape. And the best thing about skinny jeans? They go with just about everything you can possibly imagine, as well as all footwear.
But after wearing skinny jeans season after season they can get a little boring, which is why it's important to change up the classic style and pair it with current, modern pieces to keep you on trend and renew your love affair with the jeans.

1. Go formal

To create a contrast, pair your skinny jeans with a formal top and a dressy pair of shoes — this produces an unexpected clash.

2. Wear a bright sweater

Brighten up classic black or dark washed skinnies with a bright sweater and a colorful pair of shoes.

3. Denim-on-denim is not dead

Denim-on-denim had it's moment in 2016 but the trend is not going anywhere. Wear your skinnies with a matching colored denim jacket (choose a chunky style with big pockets and interesting detailing), or if you really want to make a statement wear different color denims (like a black wash and a light washed denim).

4. Prints

Make a statement with your skinnies by pairing them with bold prints and bright ankle boots. The combination of a classic and simple cut when paired with something daring creates a modern update on the look.

5. Graphic tees

Opt for a more casual look by wearing skinny jeans and a graphic or slogan T-shirt. For the cooler weather throw on a bomber jacket or a cropped biker jacket, and finish the look with a pair of pointed flats.

6. Be monochromatic

If you want to create a more sophisticated look then stick to a single color (like black) or opt for a classic black-and-white combination (accessories included). Limiting the colors of your outfit creates a more sleek, streamlined effect and looks effortlessly elegant.

7. Choose a pair of skinny jeans with interesting finishes

To change up your skinny jeans choose a pair with interesting elements like a large pocket, zippers, unique rips or cuff details.
8. Texture it up

Nothing says "interesting" like an textured fabric: wear skinny jeans with plaids, tweeds, leather, cashmere and satin to toughen up or soften the classic denim.

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