6 Style Faux Pas to Avoid on Valentine's Day

February 14, 2017
By Cailyn Cox
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Valentine's Day is the commercial day of love, and thus it also happens to be a day for dates. Whether you're going out for a romantic meal with your longtime partner, or catching a drink with the guy you met on Tinder, it's important to avoid a few things.

1. Leave the complicated lingerie at home

Lingerie brands try really hard to boost their sales on Feb. 14 with seductive adverts and specials, but the truth is complicated lingerie is neither comfortable nor practical, and if you want to get out of it at the end of the night it can be a real mood killer when your date has no idea how these pieces work. That, and a lot of super frilly pieces don't tend to compliment your date night outfit (they leave all sorts of lumps and create awkward lines).

We're not saying a pretty pair of panties isn't a must, we're just saying leave those super-complicated corsets and bow-clad one-pieces at home.

2. Super-high heels

Comfort and fashion don't always mix, and we know that there's a price to pay when it comes to sacrificing your comfort in order to rock the latest trends, but as far as heels go there's a rule here: sky-high heels are a big no-no, you want to be able to walk and enjoy your night, not be stumbling around.

3. Overboard on the love prints

Definitely wear red on Valentine's Day, or white, or a combination of both. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a patterned top (heart prints are super cute for Valentine's Day) just be sure not to go overboard as this will look costumey. Avoid wearing prints or red items from head-to-toe, and instead compliment the look with solid, neutral separates.

4. Anything too tight

We get that you want to flaunt your curves, but wearing clothing that's too tight will not only have you tugging at it the whole night to adjust it but it also just doesn't look good. Wear slim-fitted clothing instead, and ensure that you're comfortable.

Remember, there is nothing more attractive than confidence, and when you're constantly worrying if your dress is riding up, or your cleavage is spilling out, you won't be able to enjoy yourself.

5. Go easy on the perfume

You want to turn heads when you enter a room because of your confidence and great style, not because everyone is gasping for air from the smell of your perfume. Don't overdo it, a little will have a much more desirable effect.

6. The same boring old outfit

We're not saying you have to spend a fortune trying to impress your partner on Valentine's Day, but why not use this as a day to be a little more adventurous with your style and steer clear of your wardrobe staples. Make it more of a special occasion by wearing something they haven't seen you in before.

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