5 Ways to Channel the 90s That Are All That and a Bag of Chips

April 4, 2017
By Cailyn Cox
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The fashion industry was heavily influenced by the 90s in 2016, and the popularity of trends like chokers, ripped jeans, crop tops and velvet have continued well into 2017 -- and for good reason.
Many of the 90s trends are edgy and cool, and, unlike some of the other decades that have influenced fashion, they are extremely easy to wear. So, if you're wondering which of the 90s-inspired trends to adopt to create that sweet style with ease, below are some of the best.

1. Ripped jeans: The style is incredibly popular already and you can find a pair of jeans in every color with a wide selection of different rips in different places, but if you want to stay true to 90s style then opt for a light wash pair with rips across the knees — think Kurt Cobain.

2. Turtlenecks: These comfy sweaters are not only practical (they keep the wind chill off your neck and chest) but also super stylish, and we have the 90s to thank for this. For a true 90s look team a turtleneck with ripped jeans and a flannel jacket.

3. Slip dresses: There's something sultry about slip dresses — thank you, Kate Moss — and it's no surprise that they have been favored by countless celebrities. While the style looks super cute when worn over a simple tee for a daytime look, or over a turtleneck in the cooler temps, we much prefer them to be worn without anything. This will make the dress the focal point of the look.

Pair it with platform ankle boots or strappy sandals and complete the look with a leather biker jacket or a dark-washed denim.

4. Puffy shirts: This style hasn't got half as much attention as it should have, but puffy shirts were a 90s staple, and they're a wardrobe must right now, too. When we say puffy, we really mean ruffled, and while these shirts have been a hit with retailers like H&M and Zara in recent months — coming in a wide selection of different colors and styles — the classic white button-down shirt with ruffles down the center of the shirt of around the necklace is a great piece to start with because it's crisp and feminine.

5. Don't forget accessories: To pull any 90s-inspired look together all you need is accessories. Chokers have enjoyed immense popularity within the last year, and they're a great necklace choice for when you want something stylish yet laid back. Also if you have long hair don't be afraid to try out a scrunchie.

As for the footwear department? Make use of flatforms, platforms and chunky boots.

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