3 Reasons Why You Don't Have to Give up Sparkly Clothing After NYE

January 11, 2017
By Cailyn Cox
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Most women would probably say 'yes' but that's just not the case. If you know a few style tips you can wear that perfect new year's outfit all year round — because who wants to spend all that money on an outfit that you can only wear once, right?

1. Tone it Down

Sequins are a loud trend, but they've been around since long before the 31st of December in 2016, and they're going to stay around long after. The key when it comes to wearing sequins in your normal day-to-day outfits is to keep the rest of your look as simple and muted as possible.

Let the sequin piece make the statement, but compliment it with solid tones and simple accessories — all black tends to be a great combination, so pair your sequin skirt with a black blouse, black heels and a simple black choker for a chic ensemble that's perfect for a date night or cocktails with your friends.

Metallics are a little easier to embrace after the holiday season ends than sequins, and that's because there tends to be a bit more of a variation. The key here is to pick pieces that are in deeper shades like a rusted bronze or an emerald green, as these tend to look more sophisticated. The second thing to remember when wearing metallics is to choose pieces that are basic, yet offer the wearer a more feminine silhouette, like a pleated skirt or a midi length dress. Again, tone down the look, and let the metallics make the statement.

2. Mix Patterns and Sequins

Of course, the easiest way to wear sparkles after New Year's Eve is to pair them with solid, neutral tones, but if you want to create a completely unexpected look, then patterns and sparkles are a great mix. The key here is to not go overboard: introduce a small amount of pattern into your outfit (for example, if you are wearing a metallic blouse pair it with a pair of plain, dark washed jeans and checkered pumps). The pattern should offset the sparkles, creating a nice balance.

3. Wear it With Similar Tones

Another way to tone down a sparkly piece is to wear it with similar colors, creating a more sleek and streamlined look. This also makes the sparkly piece blend into your look, and it becomes much less of a statement.

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