Mood Lipstick Is a Thing and Here's Why You Need It, Now

August 26, 2016
By Meagan Morris
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You probably don't wear your rings anymore, but you're going to feel totally nostalgic for them when you get your hands on MAC's new collection. Tender Talk Lip Balm is a five-piece collection that MAC says are "smart lip conditioners" that "create a personalized tint"—aka they work with your body's chemistry to make the color, much like mood rings change depending on your body temperature, not your actual mood (sorry to burst your bubble on that). Colors range from a light pink to a deep rose and will set you back $20 each when they launch on June 16.

I've been out of the mood color scene for a few years now, so I was totally pumped to hear about the new MAC colors. What surprised me: These aren't the only color-changing lipsticks out there—not by a long shot. I like to think I'm pretty in-the-know when it comes to makeup (since it's my job and all), but apparently not.


One big name in the mood lip game is MOODMatcher—all they do is make lipsticks that change according to your body's unique chemistry. The colors are formulated with aloe vera and vitamin E and are said to last for 12 hours. MOODMatcher offers many more color options than the Tender Talk collection, including their Split Stick Lip Colors that are two shades in one. I'm dying to see how the purple/silver and the dark blue/yellow look on my lips, so they're on my must-have makeup list.

The best part: They're only $6 a tube.

Lipstick Queen

If you're like me, you'll be a little worried when you first spot the green hue on Lipstick Queen's Frog Prince Lipstick. The frog-green hue (housed in a pretty pink tube) doesn't look good for everyday use, but once you layer it on the color gets to work and changes depending on your skin chemistry.

And it works.

"Not sure what sort of sorcery Lipstick Queen is up to with this one, but I've tried a number of products that adjust based on your pH level and Frog Prince is by far the best!!" one reviewer said. "It is a beautiful 'my lips but better' so it isn't a full-on pink explosion and I'm glad for that because I hate pink lipstick."

The only downside is that it's $25 a tube, but can you really put a price on amazing lip color that no one else can get (because no one else is exactly like you)? I don't think so.

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