3 Skincare Truths You Should Know From a Girl Who Never Used to Wash Her Face

September 14, 2016
By Carissa Simons
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Full disclosure: I never used to wash my face. No joke. From 18 till about 23 I slept in my makeup and DGAF'd my way through my early twenties. I hardly had acne as a teen and I was sure as hell it wouldn't come at me during what was supposed to be, "my prime." You know? That's not how it works. Wong... oh so wrong.
I remember the time vividly. It was a month before my 24th birthday that my skin started to hate me. It was clearly over me and therefore decided it was going to seek full revenge. Deep, cystic pimples started to appear around my chin, along my jaw line, and right around my (gasp) lips. Rude right? How was I supposed to wear red lipstick with confidence?
I began a frantic Google search and before I knew it, found myself nine pages deep in a message board dissecting skincare with strangers. I was finding out meaning to words like, "retin-A," and "glycolic acid." So, needless to say, after scouring the web, I'm now a self-proclaimed know-it-all of skincare. At least I like to think so. I have acquired quite a bit of info on the subject of acne and I'm here to share my wealth of knowledge.
Here are the 3 skincare truths I swear by, and why they're important. Take note!
1. Double Cleanse

Just do it and don't question it. I'm serious. The key to a bacteria-free and a nearly imperfection-less face is in the cleanser you're already using. You should have to do it twice. By "double cleanse" I don't mean go out and drop hard-earned Benjamins on two different cleansers. No, they don't have to be different, but they could. There are no rules here. You just need to cleanse, and then you must follow it up with a second cleanse. Simply put, your face needs a round two to really get that dirt out of there. This secret is simple but so, so important.
2. Sunscreen

How sick are you of hearing about sunscreen and the importance of it in skincare? I'm pretty over it myself tbh, but it's so key that I just had to go there. According to The American Academy of Dermatology, "UV rays account for 80% of the skin ageing process." That's a truth bomb and one that should not be taken lightly. I still have friends who lay out in the sun completely bare faced and I literally cannot handle that. It's the fastest route to wrinkle city. Protect thy skin.
If you're like me and loathe that extra step of blending a thick, pasty cream on your face (sunscreen isn't the smoothest consistency), then invest in a spray-on sun block. Most brands offer a spray option you just have to do your research. A couple squirts in an "x" pattern across the face and you're out the door.
3. Retinol

Last and possibly most important, the holy grail product of anti-aging, retinol. This stuff is costly, and for good reason. If maintaining your youth is of importance in your skincare routine, (duh) then pay extra close attention to this one. Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A which explains why is works to combat almost any skincare concern out there. Retinol is used to diminish fine lines, age spots, wrinkles, helps to rebuild collagen, the list goes on. For those of you who are extremely impatient (*raises hand*), retinol starts to take effect almost immediately which means instant gratification. A thing of importance if you're a fellow millennial. Retinol is both nourishing for the skin while simultaneously works to rebuild the dermis (the skin surface below all those layers). The ultimate recipe for a flawless complexion. Get you a product that can do both.

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